1:1 Business Coaching with Poonam Mehta

Embrace Your Infinite Self.

You have a destination, a desire, but you don’t know how to get there.

There are missing pieces, and you need the resources and the understanding

You want to offer something to the world

But you don’t recognize the what and the how

You are not sure if you can do it. You are not sure if the world will receive it the way you want it to. You don’t think it can make the ripples. 

And so you hide, you stay comfortable, and you stay static

As your coach, I will guide you to use your human design to get your there, to overcome your fear, push you and get you to your next level

With this coaching, you will explore your purpose, your prosperity blocks and codes and permanently embed them in your being and business

You will be coached to listen to your intuition, embody your human design, and act on your guidance. 

Old layers will be shed. The upside: Results

Ready to become aligned, consistent and for the next phase of your life?

Book a 15 minute mini session or invest directly


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Investment: $3000 for 3 months*

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