The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to the Human Design System

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What is the Human Design System? Human Design is a channeled body of knowledge that combines ancient and modern science along with western and eastern esoteric and empirical knowledge systems. On the practical level, It is a precise tool for providing life guidance and advancing the body’s consciousness and evolution through the study and application. […]

How to overcome Procrastination with Human Design

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Why overcoming procrastination using traditional techniques is not enough? Often times, we start working on our fears and shadows to address procrastination without going back to the basics. Have you ever wondered why despite journaling on your fears and shadows for hours, you are still procrastinating? The answer is simple and lies within human design […]

How I found Human Design

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If you’re not familiar with it, human design is a system that looks at how we are designed and how we interact with the world.
Human Design shows us our gifts and challenges and helps us to understand how we are designed to do this. I found human design by accident years back but did not do much with that information. This time around, I felt called to get deeper into it.

Book Your Human Design Reading

Book Your Human Design Reading Discover the powerful system that give you the missing pieces you have been searching your entire life Book Now Have you ever felt as if there was something wrong with you?¬† You know you are supposed to be different, yet you feel different in all the wrong ways¬† Does this […]