About Me

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About Me

I am Poonam, a Human Design Expert and Energy Healer

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Credentials and Major Coursework

– Certified Sacred Success Coach by Eden Carpenter (Human Design & Gene Keys)

– The Ultimate Human Design Reader Resource by Taylor Eaton

– IHDS courses and books

– Intuition Coaching with Christie Marie Sheldon

– Usui Reiki Level 1, 2, and 3

– Reiki Solas Level 1, 2, and 3

– Antojai Quantum Reiki Master Practitioner

– Money Mentality Makeover by Amanda Frances

– Transformational Manifestation Babe Academy by Kathrin Zenkina

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For years, I went from course to course, from business to business, trying to figure out my purpose.
It was when I found Human Design that everything finally clicked. 

As I started diving deep into the world of human design, I had  an intuitive download that helped me connect chakras and energy healing to human design. 

As a Line 2, I am here to do things that come naturally to me. My analytical and energy healing skills fall in that bucket.

My mission is to help entrepreneurs who feel lost and unsure to not only find themselves, but to help them unravel their highest potential. 

I excel at providing your human design as a map of where you are right now to the highest potential you have, and then provide awareness and energy healing to get you there.

What my students say about the courses

“I personally learned a lot. I completed Ms Mehta's "Heal Your Root Chakra" course and implemented the use of the Schumanns Binaural she provided to center my thoughts throughout this course. That alone helped greatly.”

Dan P.

“after watching this everything starts to make sense . I can apply these all in my daily life thank you so much, sister you"re amazing.”

Dhruv V.

"Very inspirational, and easy to understand."


"The instructor who is engaging and the course is well laid out. I really enjoyed the course and hope to take the sacral one when it comes out."

Josie T.

Transcendzen | Human Design & Energy Healing