About Me

About Me

I am Poonam, a Certified Human Design Coach and a Trained Energy Healer

I empower women to discover their purpose and build profitable businesses in alignment with their Human Design. 

With a wealth of knowledge acquired through advanced human design literature and doing hundreds of readings, I offer a transformative blend of undiluted Human Design wisdom and powerful energy tools.

Just a few years ago, I remember putting my 2nd baby to bed and then running to my basement to pack subscription boxes – sleep-deprived, fingers bleeding from paper cuts, and miserable. I was drowning in losses, felt completely overwhelmed, and in a state of disarray.  

The business that was supposed to make me feel happy and give me time back was taking it away from me with minimal returns. After 4 failed attempts at trying different businesses, I knew I needed to be honest with myself and follow my gifts. This is when I found human design. I finally understood what I was doing wrong and started a business that was designed for my energy, aligned with my purpose, and started making passive profits every day.

 I use my 3 step process that uses human design, and energy work to bring both your conscious, unconscious gifts and blocks to light objectively so you can find your purpose and clear your money blocks to start monetizing it asap.


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