Become Receptive to Money, Flow, and Productivity with Ease.


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Have you been working harder than ever, yet you struggle with getting the money you desire?

Here is the trend that I have been observing in the healing world that does not seem to want to go away

  1. People either only focus on their third eye Chakra to open their clairvoyance (which is extremely dangerous!) OR
  2. People only focus on the masculine chakras like Root or Solar Plexus because they feel that are not productive enough

Here is what you will miss out on if you just focus on your masculine chakras

& continue to ignore the power that lies in your Sacral Chakra

What would a balanced Sacral Chakra look like


My Sacral chakra story

Hi! I am Poonam Mehta

I am a Human Design and Chakra Expert, an Energy Healer, and a Udemy Bestselling Instructor

I had always been the go-getter, the initiator, getting things done.

Yet I was so further away from my dreams – I felt depressed, not good enough, and it killed my confidence

Then came a point in my life where I realized my unhealthy attachment to work. 

Even with spiritual alignment, I had turned it into a chore. And it showed! In my demeanor, in my energy, in my work.

I found the thing that was stopping my ability to receive money and clients.

My Sacral Chakra was completely off-balance. I had lost my zest. I had lost my ability to magnetize money to me.

Balancing my Sacral Chakra was a game changer for me.

While Root Chakra makes you a money magnet, Sacral Chakra takes that gunk and grime off that magnet so that abundance can flow INTO your life, rather than lose contact.

Everything became easy. I finally went back to the reason why I had started my business in the first place.

it was not to struggle and hustle and “force” myself to do things. But to ALLOW it all.

To allow the intuition, to allow the flow, to let the universe be my muse.

And ultimately to receive it all. 

If you struggle with receiving money, despite the hard work that your put in.

If working on your projects is challenging for you and drains you then this course will change your life.

You will be introduced to a new way of living – one that you have been fighting to get to




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What's included

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Reviews from Clients

This course is way beyond my expectations! The course is very informative and inspiring. It is structured, with all the knowledges being simple and straight-forward. Every section involves practical activities with simple steps you can follow easily to actually improve your life. I enjoyed every minute of this course. It makes me feel more energetic.
Super informative and very actionable steps and easy to understand. Really recommend this course if you feel drawn to it.
After I discovered Poonam’s ‘the’ Root Chakra Course on Udemy, I got her Sacral Chakra Course. A lot of details, examples and simple, realization exercises. It was amazing, just like the Root Chakra Course. Besides all the valuable information, what makes her courses so special is the way she tells. It’s like magic! One sentence can change everything. I mean everything! Suddenly, how I see my whole life shifts to totally a different perspective. And she has many magical sentences like that throughout the course. I didn’t know how much my Sacral Chakra needed help. So, you can imagine how much she has helped me. I’ll listen to her courses all over again every year, so they can be a natural part of my life. 😊 countless thanks from my heart. Oh yes, she is so sweet and loveable, I can listen to her days and nights. I can’t wait to see her next chakra course.
OMG! I love this course. The instructor is so great, explaining the course straights to the point and stick to the most important things. I just wish she more courses on other chakras as well.
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You are the perfect fit if...

You succeed in making some amount of money but end up spending it all.

You reach out for instantly gratifying things even when you know you have things to work on

You work hard but rarely see the reward for it. You are not a good receiver

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