Money Blocks Energy Clearing (1:1 Session)

Become an Energetic Match for your Goals

The thing with affirmations and visualizations is that you have to produce the real feeling that you can manifest the money.

Only then do you become an energetic match for it.

It is the certainty behind the outcome. That no matter what it is going to come to you.

So if you are low vibrationally, there are 2 things that are going on with you

1. subconscious beliefs stopping you. these are instances from your childhood that are running the show for you. Because someone rejected you in childhood, you feel that others will do the same. subconsciously. and that stops you from taking action. Some become arsonists, where they burn the whole thing down when they have a good thing going etc.
2. And then, there is something beyond subconscious beliefs – instances that leave an energetic imprint on you. Sometimes you can copy energy from someone else and store it into your template. If you believe in past lives, you can imagine the amount of stuff we have stored within us.

Energy clearing is like taking a shower for your aura. It will cleanse the gunk and undo the energy behind that belief.

If you have had times where you are sitting for inspiration and yet nothing comes. Or maybe it does, but you feel as if you are manufacturing it.

It is because it may be coming to you, but you are filtering it via your blocks. So this inspired action will not provide you with the results you are looking for.

How many times have you tried to take “inspired action”, and put your all into it to see nothing? I know I have.


1:1 Energy clearing sessions are now available. In these sessions, I will find the blocks in your energy field and clear them so that you can become an energetic match for their desires

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