Decondition Your Human Design

With Energy Work

You know what your human design, but so far it is not helping that much

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What if I told You There was a Better Way

My Story


I kept seeing myself make the same mistakes over and over again

Despite my HD learnings

Despite trying my best not to fall slave to it

The first night I used this infusion, I woke up feeling just normal

But as the day went on, I noticed I stopped pushing


Every time a voice in me said I had to initate

And I started making grand plans for the day

A small whisper said don’t – you are not here to initiate. You have to wait to respond

Relax. Meditate. Have fun with kids

And so I did


As the day went on, I started noticing things that I could respond to

I finished recording an offer in 2 hours

Completed sales page in 30 minutes

And this was all in 1 day.

Suddenly things didn’t feel so desperate anymore. 

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Kind words about Reiki Infusions

I implemented the use of the Schumanns Binaural she provided to center my thoughts throughout this course. That alone helped greatly. – Dan

Felt and saw huge shifts right away. Thank you. – Drago

I especially love the bonus audio to help further rewire the subconscious! <3 – Heidi

Thanks for the valuable information and guidance with helpful tips!! Appreciate the hypnosis! – Alta


Reiki Deconditioning
Energy Infusions


This Reiki Infusion infuses you with Reiki energy and powerful subliminal messaging that bypasses your conscious mind and allows you to come back into your zero state The state you were born with

Here's how it works

You place an order by selecting your human design type

Your energy infusions will be sent to you instantly

Start listening to it right away and experience groundbreaking changes

The Deconditioning Infusions flood you with Reiki energy paired with powerful subliminal messaging and brainwave entrainment that bypass your conscious mind and allows you to come back into your zero state The state you were born with

The Results?

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Hi there!

I am Poonam

I am a Human Design Expert, an Energy Healer, and a Udemy Bestselling Instructor.
As I started learning human design, I got a powerful downlaod on how to use energy healing with human design

Using human design as an awareness tool and energy healing as a lifeforce healing modality, I bust through all my blocks and started showing up as the most powerful version of myself to build a business that I always dreamed of.

Now it's your turn to

Step into the power of your design


One payment of


Frequently Asked Questions

In a few minutes depending on your internet connectivity.

Usui Reiki Energy, Human Design Based Subliminal messaging, and different levels of Brainwave Entrainment technology.

As much as you want or as little as you want. Obviously the more you listen, the stronger the effects. The great news is that these are passive audios – you can play it in the background for while you are working or when you are sleeping. It is recommended that you use earbuds for these.

Please check with your healthcare provider to make sure these are safe for you. You will also receive a raw audio without brainwave entrainment for those have a history of epilepsy, seizure or is pregnant.

Yes – you need to know your human design chart. You can get this information by running a free chart on my website.

Due to the digital nature of this product, there are no refunds. Please read through the sales page carefully before buying.

If you’ve still got questions or want to chat, please DM me on Instagram at @humandesignwithpoonam

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