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Imagine having a personalized 70+ page Human Design Primer Report in your hands – a roadmap to unlocking your fullest potential and aligning with your authentic self.

My Human Design Story

I remember stumbling upon the world of human design and running my chart for the first time, which left me feeling seen and understood, yet overwhelmed.

Some of which I could make sense of made so much sense. I had never felt so seen before.

And some elements - just downright confused me.

This is when I decided to try to make sense of my chart.

I figured I could make sense of it all on my own through the different sources I found online.

But there were issues

- It took me way too long
- I still did not understand the mechanics, which is essential when you are putting together your (or someone else’s) chart together
- There is a lot of incorrect information out there.

This is why I offer the Human Design Primer.

This is your human design map for you at a low-cost, affordable price point and an easy way to have all your information at your finger tips.

🔮 The Primer goes into Human Design basics and beyond. Here's whats included 🔮

🌟 Human Design Basics: Empower yourself with a crystal-clear understanding of your design and questions you had about how energy flows in your design. 

🌟 Your Gates: Identify your innate talents and abilities. Leverage them to achieve your goals and dreams with greater confidence

🌟 Your Profile and Your Gate lines: Learn how you express your profile and each gate. Your report doesn’t just provide insights – it offers red flags that will inform you when you are steering away from your path

🌟 Variables and 4 Transformation Keys : Experience profound transformation and deconditioning to unleash a life filled with purpose, authenticity, and success

🌟 Select aspect of Gene Keys: Recognize when you are experiencing the shadows of your design

🌟 Other keynoting that is not easy to find online

🌌 Personalized Insights:  For every report, I provide personalized analysis at the end of every report sent to you. 


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