Personalized Human Design Report

Your Human Design Primer

Want to learn more about your human design but don’t have the time to scour through hundreds of websites and facebook groups?


Then the Personalized Human Design Primer Report is what you need.

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This primer gives you the foundational elements of human design that can change the trajectory of your life.

It will give you the ability to live life with ease, flow, and authenticity without trying.

It will allow you to show up in your highest vibration day after day. This is magnetism embodied.

It will also give you the red flags that are sign posts of when you are not being your true self and therefore repelling.

Are you ready to get started on the journey of your life? 

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What you get

Your unique PDF report

Comprehensive PDF report that is personalized based on your chart. Created manually by me.

Focus on your areas of interest

Need more insight on certain issue(s). Include those in your order so that I can answer it in the report

Foundational elements

This are the foundational elements that you cannot afford to miss. You’ll learn about your type, strategy, authority, and how to make the right decisions

Advanced analysis

You will also get the major themes of select aspects of your chart as they relate to what you are looking for.

Get ready for alignment, authenticity, and effortlessness like you have never seen before.

The Human design primer offer a wealth of personalized insights that can help you understand yourself better than ever before. You’ll learn about the blueprint that makes up your human design code. This is information you can use to start living a life that’s more in line with your authentic self. 

This Human Design Primary PDF report is a low cost investment that allows you to get started on your human design journey.

Please note that this report is manually prepared by me. It will take 3-5 business days for delivery once you place the order.

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