My Mind Movies Review: Is It Worth the Price?

woman wearing 3D glasses for mind movies vision board

This is a review for Mind Movies By Natalie and Glen Ledwell in 2022 I’ve spent 20+ hours reviewing and have actively used it for the past few months. If you want to know: If Mind Movies is superior to other visualization techniques Who is the creator behind Mind Movies How to get a discount […]

How To Tap Into Your Intuition in 9 Powerful Ways

girl trying to tap into intuition

Intuition is a powerful force that can be channeled in order to obtain knowledge that you don’t have any other way of obtaining-it’s the power of knowing without being able to explain how you know. In this article, I have outlined 9 different ways to get in touch with your inner voice.

The Morry Method Review – Quantum Confidence system with TMM

scientist with enlarged quantum particle

This is a review for the Quantum Confidence System with The Morry Method in 2021 I’ve spent 20+ hours reviewing and have actively used this system for the 6 months. If you want to know: How Quantum Confidence System with TMM compares to similar programs How to get a discount for Quantum Confidence Syste What […]

My Experience with Marisa Peer’s RTT Hypnosis

marisa peer rtt review card

This is a review for Marisa Peer RTT (Rapid Transformational Therapy) hypnosis in 2021 I’ve spent 10+ hours reviewing and 2 years implementing the premium training materials for the popular rapid transformational therapy courses and audios by Marisa Peer, known as RTT If you want to know: How Rapid Transformational Therapy Audios (RTT) compared to […]

71 Powerful Affirmations To Start Your Day

71 affirmations text on dandelion seed wishes in a mason jar in fields

Affirmations are a powerful way to maintain a positive and peaceful state of mind. I have included 71 of my favorite positive affirmations in this blog post that put me in a state of flow, abundance, and creativity. What Exactly Are Self Affirmations? A Self Affirmation is a positive, motivational statement that helps our minds […]