Human Design, Chakras, and Energy Healing

Ready to Unleash Your Most Powerful Self?

When you know your Human Design code, it unlocks a world of possibilities for growth and change. With this knowledge, you can finally understand why some things come easily to you while others seem like an uphill battle. Get ready for transformation – it starts with understanding your unique blueprint.

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About Me

I am Poonam, a Human Design Expert and Energy Healer

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My name is Poonam. I am a Certified Human Design Reader and Coach, a Chakra Wisdom Healer, a Reiki Practitioner, and a Udemy Bestselling Instructor.

Human Design Energy Healing is the most effective way to clear energetic imbalances and unleash your inner power. This unique form of healing uses your human design map as a guide, so you can get the most out of it.

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Human Design

Dive Deep into all aspects of your human design


Understand how Chakras and subtle body techniques work 

Energy Healing

Decondition your human design and heal your chakras

What my students say about the courses

“I personally learned a lot. I completed Ms Mehta's "Heal Your Root Chakra" course and implemented the use of the Schumanns Binaural she provided to center my thoughts throughout this course. That alone helped greatly.”

Dan P.

“after watching this everything starts to make sense . I can apply these all in my daily life thank you so much, sister you"re amazing.”

Dhruv V.

"Very inspirational, and easy to understand."


"The instructor who is engaging and the course is well laid out. I really enjoyed the course and hope to take the sacral one when it comes out."

Josie T.

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Free Guide - Sacred Decision Making

Master the art of Sacred Decision Making using your Human Design Type, Strategy, and Authority with this 17 page guide.

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