48 Shocking Limiting Beliefs That Are Blocking You From Achieving Your Goals

This article reveals 48 of the most shocking self limiting beliefs that may be blocking you from achieving your goals. Learn how to uncover your top, domino limiting belief and the techniques that will help you release them.

What are self limiting beliefs?

cutting the "t" or limiting beliefs out of "I can't" on paper
Is something blocking the flow of abundance in your life?

If I were to tell you that you can have anything you want as long as you set big goals for yourself and know with certainty that you can accomplish them

Would you believe me?

There was a time I would have never considered that I would be making a consistent 6 figure income, but the minute I realized my worth and started standing behind it, it happened within a few months.

The key is self-worth, but the “blocks” are what we call limiting beliefs.

As long as you think those blocks are the real you, you will not get to those goals.

In this article, you will learn more about limiting beliefs and how they stop you from achieving your dreams.

If you become good at this, you can do the “impossible”

Let me show you how you can identify your top blocks and work through them.

Do you think you are good enough?

Lets say you decide you want to be a multi-millionaire

But right away, you think that thought, you will have 10 different thoughts pop into your head telling you why you cannot be one.

This could be anything.

You are not as good

YOu are not as smart

You as not as young

These thoughts are self-limiting beliefs – beliefs that your mind holds on to. These beliefs hold you back from pursuing your true potential. The biggest kicker is that these limiting beliefs are not true.

They are just false beliefs or stories that we like to tell ourselves – Stories that our subconscious created and embedded into our belief system when we were very little as a survival mechanism so that we could survive in the environment that we grew up

What is the Subconscious mind?

 Our subconscious mind plays an important part in our life. 90% of how we do things are very unconscious.

This is why you have a quite different way of working than I do. All of that has to do with this unconscious programming that is running our loves – that comes from your subconscious minds – a great chunk of which comes from our limiting beliefs.

These are the beliefs we are decided true – they have the power to shape our world and our life negatively if we give them the power to.

Effects of Self Limiting Beliefs on your Life

mindset equals positive and negative beliefs

The actions that we take come from our belief system. If you think that an action that you’re going to take will result in success, you’re more likely to perform that action. But if you feel that it’s going to be hard or not successful, you will not even be motivated to take action.

The reality is that you’re amazing and you’re limitless. You have the 100% potential to be successful in the execution and achievement of the possibilities in front of you if you truly believe in yourself

 Limiting Beliefs affect your moods, relationships, job performance, self-esteem, physical health, among other things.t

48 Most Common Negative Self Limiting Beliefs

A starting point is to go through this example list to see which limiting beliefs jump out for you. So with that, let’s get started with the list.

  1. I don’t think I can do it
  2. It may be too much for me
  3. I am too old, too young, too…
  4. They can do it, but I can’t
  5. I am not smart enough
  6. My abilities are not enough
  7. It can happen for everyone except me
  8. I am not good enough
  9. Good things do not happen to me easily
  10. I am afraid I will fail
  11. Everything in life is a struggle for me
  12. I do not know how to get there
  13. There is no way I can do all that
  14. What will people/ my family think?
  15. I do not want to be visible
  16. I don’t want to be famous
  17. That will take so much time
  18. I am not comfortable with being vulnerable
  19. No one will care
  20. I am afraid of being successful because I want this ___ area to stay the same
  21. What if I mess it up
  22. What if people make fun of me
  23. What if I change my mind?
  24. Rich people are greedy/evil/unhappy
  25. People like me can never be rich/successful
  26. Things are always hard for me
  27. It is not safe to pursue this career/business/goal
  28. I don’t have enough time/money
  29. My family never had money/Being poor lies in our family
  30. everyone is a kind person can cause you to be taken advantage or to get
  31. . I’ll never be successful. 
  32.  I don’t deserve to be loved. 
  33. . I will never find another partner. 
  34.  plenty of room for you and me and anybody else who wants to dive in.
  35. I am not good enough. 
  36. I am not smart enough.
  37. I am too young/old
  38.  I don’t have enough time/money.
  39. Bad things always happen to me
  40. I am not a lucky person
  41. Things are always hard
  42. I am not likable
  43. I am incapable of such things
  44. I have a business idea, but nobody understands my vision
  45. No one will support or encourage me.
  46. Being honest leads to rejection.
  47. I am not worthy of success
  48. I will be happy when ‘x’ happens

How to find your CORE limiting belief

Most of our limiting beliefs come from this one core limiting belief.

And if you tackle that domino limiting belief first then all these other little limiting beliefs around that core belief will tumble down on their own

. Many call this is the Domino limiting belief.

For me, I did not realize that this was a thing. I was working on my huge list of limiting rooms and getting overwhelmed by them.

Then, I came across a Quiz known as the Abundance blocker quiz.

And I didn’t think much of this quiz. I took a quiz and answered the question. And the answer that popped on my screen was not something that I was expecting. My main core belief was that was not enough.

As I started really targeting all my personal development efforts towards this one belief, I noticed a huge shift in my life. This one core belief was affecting everything – it was affecting my relationships, my friendships, my confidence, and my business. And it all came down to me thinking that I was not enough.

Best Techniques to find your other limiting beliefs

There are various techniques to help you in your search, but the most important thing is to start raising awareness around personal self-limiting beliefs.

If there is any thought in your head that tells you that you cannot have what you want then that is the limiting belief.

These beliefs are so deeply embedded into our subconscious that we are sometimes not even aware of them. For example, something may have happened in your childhood. And you interpreted that in a certain way.

As I indicated before, these beliefs will be stuck in your way. The stronger your belief, the higher your chance of failure.

Here are the best ways to uncover your false stories

Childhood Conditioning and Faith

Many of your limiting beliefs will come from your family, religion, community, or school. You want to try to go back to all of these circumstances from when you were little.

Check to see if there were any limiting or negative stories that were taught to you that you started believing. But you know that they’re not true, but yet you hold on to them and try to jot them down.

Assess your behavior

Look at how you respond to certain things in a not-so-good way. Is there? Have you noticed that you have a trend of storing things but not finishing them? Or do you notice that you sometimes take action out of fear, so for example, in order to avoid public speaking, you will do things a lot harder? Right? So, look at those types of behavior traits you’re exhibiting and try to see if they come from limiting beliefs and stories you have been telling yourself.

Ask Good Questions

This is where journaling and meditation come in. Ask yourself why you were doing the things you’re doing so that is not serving you in your highest good. Deep, deep hole, go to the origins. Ask yourself, why exactly do you feel this way? Where did this come from? Why do you feel that way? Did it come from something that happened in your childhood? Did it come because you saw someone else go through it? And then ask yourself, “Do you know someone else who had similar circumstances but was still able to do the things that you feel you cannot do?”

This will help you poke holes into these limiting beliefs and convince yourself that it is not the ultimate truth. The truth is what you decide the truth should be.

Go Through the List of Limiting Beliefs

Go through the list of beliefs in the earlier section of this article and check if any resonate with you.

Take the Quiz to help you find your CORE limiting blocker

Take the abundance blocker quick to uncover your top limiting belief.

How to overcome your limiting beliefs

Now that you have your list of beliefs and your core belief, the question is how exactly can we overcome those and what action you have to take in order to overcome it.

The reality is that you’re not going to talk yourself out of his beliefs in an instant. But there’s also the truth that you’re stronger. With enough practice, you will be able to silence these limiting beliefs. As you start working on it, you will start to gather more evidence and instances of why this belief is just a belief and not the truth. And you will come up with ways of looking at things in a much more positive way.

As a beliefs clearing practitioner, there are so many different techniques that you can use. I’m listing down some of the most powerful ones that are worth looking into.

Mirror Technique

girl kissing the mirror

With this technique, you stand in front of the mirror, and tell yourself why this belief is just a belief. you give yourself a pep talk and start building yourself up. This is one of the hardest techniques to master. But once you do, the results are so freaking powerful, because your eyes are a window into your subconscious This technique will help you look into your inner soul and tell yourself why this belief is just a story


journal with pen and coffee on bed

Journaling is my go-to technique for self limiting beliefs. If you ever catch yourself procrastination or in a state of indecision, take out your journal and journal on why you may be doing this. Perhaps the reason may be a past failure, childhood beliefs, or trauma. Journaling will help you with going into your backstory and into the origins of your belief. From here, you can look at the cause from an unattached place. You can reason with it and prove to yourself that this is not the ultimate truth because this belief has an origin. It is a story that you have made up to protect yourself. And that there are other people who have been through this, but yet were able to accomplish the things that you want to accomplish.

Acting As if

Girl with shadow of a super girl

Now, this is something you can use if you are short on time. I don’t think this is super effective as the other techniques, but it can work for some of the beliefs that are not as strong in your life. The reason for this is when you’re acting as if, you’re really doing it at a conscious level. This is why you have to do it many times for the subconscious to start accepting the suggestions. However, if you do repeat it enough is a conscious will start accepting that you will be able to start silencing.

Standing in front of a mirror and assuming a power pose can help with this. Raikov effect is a great tool for this as well.

Brainwave Entrainment

Some powerful brainwave entrainment programs can increase your confidence levels by removing domino beliefs such as inadequate self-image using brainwave entrainment technology and affirmations, which result in changes in brain chemicals


Hypnosis is the most effective, powerful way to get rid of the limiting beliefs, especially the technique RTT. Once I started using hynosis, I overcame my core belief in a few days, as compared to the months that I had to try it using manual techniques and conscious mind.



When we are a victim mentality, we cannot achieve bigger things because we start using it as a crutch. Being a victim is a disempowered state and a limiting belief that is going to stop you from propelling you towards higher goals.

Use this technique to forgive others and come out of the tendency to blame others.



Sometimes it takes an outsider to see what your limiting beliefs can be. Some of your behaviors are so automatically programmed that you probably do not realize that you’re doing these things. And this is where coaching really helps.

I had a huge limiting belief around authenticity. And my coach picked up something that I was doing. And she said Poonam, I really think that this ties back to a belief that you cannot be yourself in front of people. That one was my biggest aha moment because up until then I was operating at that default setting and completely unaware of it.

Coaching for me was a game-changer. In general, when you have unhealthy habits, we tend to be easier on ourselves, but a coach will be able to tell you about certain behaviors that you’re not seeing in yourself as problematic.



I do not suggest EFT for starting out, but it is a great alternative to journaling once you understand how the limiting beliefs work works. The thing with limiting beliefs is that they do not go away. You become better at silencing them and you become better at reprogramming yourself.

The noise becomes less and less. With EFT, if you feel that belief coming back into your life, you can do a quick EFT session and help you get out of the spiral.


money affirmations to start your day

With any of these techniques, they will dig deep into your self-limiting beliefs and they will help you tell yourself that is not reality. But then you must take these negative beliefs and reframe them into positive beliefs.

Then, you must repeat these positive statements to yourself over and over again until your subconscious accepts them. This is where affirmations come in. It is not just enough to explore your limiting beliefs. But then you also have to do the work of affirming to yourself how much this is possible.

Wrap Up

Once you start consciously working on your limiting beliefs, you will see a difference in your life. This work is SO important. Believe me – I could not manifest until I started doing this limiting belief work.

But once I started looking at my beliefs, nothing could stop me. Things just started shifting and changing. I have learned that there are limiting beliefs at work at every level. At every stage, it requires you to go into the past and unlearn this programming. I was the queen of compartmentalization and wanted nothing to do with my past. But now I realize that that was just my survival mechanism.

I have noticed that working on my limiting beliefs on a daily basis brings me into an empowered state. The intuition I hear and the action that I take from this state are like none other. Not only that, my energy becomes different and I show up differently. People react to my energy in a different way. In short, life becomes easy when you do things from this state rather than from a state of fear or separation.

Once you start working through your limiting beliefs, the next step is to hold your vibration high and waiting for your intuition to give you the next steps. Check out my blog post to learn more about how to tap into your intuition.

girl trying to tap into intuition

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