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Holosync Meditation Review - Key Points
Holosync review zen monk

I fell in love with this program when I first started using it. The soundscapes were beautiful, and this meditation was an absolutely treat to listen to. It automated meditation for me and started making me very productive and consistent. However, over time I started noticing some side effects. Negative emotions started resurfacing. They indicate that such side effects are normal and eventually subside because holosync brings and resolves emotional trauma to surface. You are instructed to add 15 more minutes to the meditation, which helps with this. But unfortunately, I was at a stage in my life where I did not have the luxury or the additional time to withstand negative side effects because my emotions affected everyone around me, including my little ones. I use another meditation program that I find is a better fit for me than Holosync. Having said that, if you can withstand the side effects, Holosync is a powerful meditation program and will over time give you many benefits. It is the best fit for someone who has a tough time meditating. It automates the meditation process for the user - zero focus needed.

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Is it possible to meditate as deeply as a Zen monk?

The Creators at Centerpointe claim that the Holosync meditation can do just that.

It has been found that the brainwaves of a monk who has had decades of meditations under his belt are quite different than regular meditators.

In fact, it is said that many monks show delta brainwaves in their waking state along with an extraordinary synchronization of gamma brain waves.1

The truth of the matter is that as an advanced meditator, I found that meditating without any tools had created the best results in my life.

Nonetheless, with all the raving reviews that this program has received, I wanted to give it an honest shot and write a genuine Holosync review.

This Holosync review will give you my opinion on the effectiveness, ease-of-use, and value for money based on my personal experience with using this program.

I will also compare it against other Brainwave Entrainment programs that I have used in the past such as Zen12 (that I used years ago), iAwake, and Brain Evolution System along with my research on why Holosync works the way it does.

Does it truly do something to your nervous system or is it a marketing gimmick?

What is Holosync?

The Holosync Program is marketed as one of the most advanced meditation programs on the market. Holosync was created in the Centerpointe Institute by Bill Harris. It uses proprietary brain wave entrainment technology created by Bill Harris of Centerpointe Research Institute that allows you to reach levels of deep meditation not possible with traditional methods.

Holosync has multiple levels. The first level, Awakening Prologue, has two different tracks – Dive and Immersion. Dive uses brain wave entrainment to bring your nervous system from alpha slowly into a delta state and Immersion keeps it there for an extended period of time. You can use this program in conjunction with other forms of meditation or as your sole form of practice if desired.

Does The Holosync Program Use Binaural Beats?

Yes, Centerpointe research uses Binaural beats. This is why I believed Holosync would not work for me because I have used them before.

I am also aware that Binaural beats are considered to be slightly obsolete as compared to others such as isochronic tones and monaural beats. Yet there is still so much about our brains that we do not know.

So the question remains: Are binaural beats truly obsolete?

How do you use Holosync?

The first thing you need is an MP3 player or laptop that lets you put in your earphones because the meditation tones can’t be heard with speakers. You then have to download the audio sessions from their website which takes hours to do but once it’s done, you’re set!

girl listening to meditation music in bed
You need Headphones and 30-60 minutes to listen to Holosync every day

The next step is finding 30-60 minutes during your day when no one will interrupt you and sit down comfortably with your eyes closed. It really helps if you listen to it first thing in the morning or right before bed.

My Personal Experience and Holosync Review

As someone with a defined Ajna in Human Design, I was pleasantly taken aback by Holosync.

If you know anything about human design, someone with a defined Ajna has a very hard time meditating.

This is one of those programs that I didn’t have any hopes for, but it did blow my mind initally.

In fact, I replaced my routine of Transcendental meditation with Holosync audio at the time. That is when I also recorded the video below after I used it for a few days.

Immediate Benefit

The immediate benefit that I noticed with using Holosync was that I could find my center instantaneously.

When I find my center, I become an observer and all stress leaves my body. Not only that but I experience positive feelings, and physical, and mental benefits.

I have experienced very deep feeling feelings of meditation without any effort on my part. I was able to find my center with Holosync within the first few minutes, which to me was amazing.

One of the other things that I was surprised with was that Holosync uses nature sounds with crystal bowls. I personally do not like either because the tones can be abrupt and I find that I lose my center when I used such tracks.

But the nature sound is that of consistent soft rain and if anything it adds to the process of feeling centered. Not only that, I found that the crystal bowls took me 1 level deeper each time they were played. It is such as beautiful experience – I have started looking forward to meditation and to listening to these tracks.

Girl meditating by lake

The Huge Changes That I noticed at first

Holosync takes you to the deep delta level and holds you in this state. This is what changes you from within.

One of the biggest, life-changing benefits that I experienced with Holosync was something completely unexpected. I have struggled with procrastination ever since my teens. I am also guilty of the shiny object syndrome. For the first time in years, I have found my focus. I have found that I wake up on time and I stick to my to-do’s. And this motivation is not coming from something external or forcing me to stick to my goals, but rather something completely internal.

It feels as if something within me has shifted, and all my energetic “kinks” are being straightened out. I don’t know how to explain it, but I feel like a different person. All the things that I knew but could not put into action – well, I put them into action now.

my holosync experience infographic
My Holosync Review Infographic

The end of my Honeymoon period with Holosync

I started getting intense side effects with Holosync. While I loved the other benefits, I was getting with Holosync, it was not worth the side effects for me. Click here to learn about my full experience.

What I have learned is that many meditations that focus on the delta state can cause a subconscious upheaval, which require release work and patience.

Also, meditations that automate the meditation process for you are not the best for someone looking for inner calm and mindfulness because it does not exercise our brains the way a traditional meditation does.

One of the other concerns with Holosync was that some research had shown that isochronic tones are superior to binaural beats. I do think Holosync is quite powerful, and the truth of the matter is that there is so much about our brains that we do not know.

Holosync has had success and loyal customers who have been using its products for decades. I have used isochronic tones in the past and yet I found Holosync to be way more powerful than many other products.

What makes Holosync different?

When I first realized that I was getting some miraculous results with Holosync, I dove into deep research before writing this Holosync review. I became obsessed with finding out what made it so effective. I also picked up Bill Harris’ book Thresholds of the Mind.

what are beta brain waves focus and motivation with beta brainwave entrainment
Most Common Brainwave states

Our brainwaves for the most part are found in 4 different brainwave states

  • Beta – This is the state that we are in when we are awake and alert. Being in the high beta state can cause feelings of anxiety and stress.
  • Alpha – This is the state that we are in when we are relaxed or in meditating. Alpha waves  also act as a natural anti-depressant by promoting the release of the neurotransmitter serotonin2
  • Theta – This is the state that we are in when we are drowsy or in deep meditation. In theta, you have the ability to rewire your internal programming by giving suggestions. This is the state that hypnotherapists use because your brain is very suggestible in this state. Theta brainwaves also produce GABA, the neurotransmitter that controls the electrical rhythms of the body and that produce a calming effect2
  • Delta – This is the brainwave state that we are in when we are on deep sleep. It is next to impossible to reach this state using traditional meditation. Zen monks sometimes show delta brainwave patterns in their conscious states. In fact, it is said that, unlike the Theta State, the Delta state is so powerful that it does not need any “suggestion” to overwrite your programming. By simply accessing it in your waking consciousness, you can trigger some powerful changes within you. Delta is associated with the production of serotonin.2

What I found in my research was that Holosync was bringing me down to the Delta state and using its proprietary technology was able to keep me in Delta state for a long time while I was still awake. And this is the reason why it was effective for some of my stubborn habits that were not changing with tools such as hypnosis. However, I quickly learned that there is a con to staying in this state in such an abrupt manner and it can cause intense subconscious upheaval.

One other brainwave that is less talked about is the mysterious Gamma brainwaves that we know very little about. This brainwave is a part of the Level 3 of the Holosync Awakening Program.

  • Gamma – We see spikes of this mysterious brainwave during those bursts of inspirations and creativity, feeling of compassion and oneness with the world. Research has shown that Alzhiemer patients have very low level of Gamma brainwave activity. Holosync has a Gamma Compassion download that can be added to the Holosync practice after the first 30 minutes. This is said to create feelings of love and compassion and thus increase your gamma waves and concentration abilities. Users have reported feeling extremely focused, inspired and wired up after using these.

How many levels of Holosync are there?

From what I could find there, the Holosync technology is divided into three stages, namely, “Awakening,” “Purification,” and “Flowering” and each stage has 4 levels.

cds of all holosync levels
Levels within Holosync Meditations

Holosync Awakening Prologue

Holosync Awakening Level 1, 2, 3, 4

Holosync Purification Level 1, 2, 3, 4

Holosync Flowering Level 1, 2, 3, 4

This may sound like a lot of levels but as someone who has meditation successfully and then “hit a wall”, I think it makes complete sense. I do think at every level, it takes your brain tep deeper and evolve the meditation practice.

In ancient India, Rishis would do meditations indoors in the beginning and then move into outdoors and then subject themselves to uncomfortable conditions to be able to deepen their “tapasya” or meditation.

Each new Holosync level is progressively stronger because of the lower carrier frequency we use in each new level. The Immersion track, which is the 2nd part of the meditation that keeps you in the Delta state takes you into a lower Delta range with each level.


  • Altered state effects: I have experienced more presence, increased memory, less stress, and inner peace in my life than ever before.
  • Completely effortless: Most meditations require a method of focus. With Holosync you do not need one. The program does it for you. You will be able to center yourself fairly instantaneously.
  • Experience Delta in Waking States: Has the ability to “touch” your Delta state triggering a series of powerful changes within you.
  • Multiple Levels are a plus: Multiple levels so that you do not get “immune” to the meditations.
  • Transparency – Centerpointe makes their research materials and numbers readily available to whoever requests them.


  • Effects wear off in 2-3 hours at 1st level: Automating meditation without focus comes at a cost. The centered/peaceful feeling wears off in a few hours. Having said that, long-time holosync users have reported long lasting effects. Keep in mind that you will have to get to the higher levels to get here.
  • Side Effects: If you have mood disorders or tend to be on the moody side, you may experience some side effects with this meditation because the focus is on the delta state. This can result in subconscious upheaval.
  • Too many levels – I like this, but some people may view this as a negative
  • Time Commitment: You have to dedicate an hour every day to this meditation.
  • Pricey: It is pricier than standard meditations and the deeper levels cost even more.
  • Strict Instructions: You have to read the instructions clearly. Not doing so may end up overstimulating you.

So Can You Meditate Like a Zen Monk with Holosync?

As I indicated earlier, Zen monks show a highly usual synchronization of gamma waves. The initial levels of Holosync do not have any Gamma brainwaves, but research shows that being in the alpha-theta states can cause gamma spikes naturally.

I have had plenty of creative insights in the middle of meditating with Holosync. I am assuming that these were a result of the gamma wave spikes, but it is hard to know for sure without a measuring device.

In the Awakening Level 3, you get the Gamma Compassion soundtrack. I am not sure how this works because I know that binaural beats do not work well for Gamma brainwaves.

For me, the meditation experience was beautiful, but it was too intense for me and the stage of life tha I am in. Mindfulness and being in a state of calm is top priority for me, and a different program worked better for me in that regard.

Having said that, Holosync automates the meditation process like no other program that I have seen. You could be in a state of complete chaos and just listening to the track will bring you to your center. It is absolutely amazing.


Please check out my round up review post on meditation to get a list of all my top recommendations for your meditation goals

woman meditating near river

Zen12 vs Holosync

Zen 12 focuses on different levels of alpha state and uses isochronic tones. It is good for relaxation, feeling focused and centered. Holosync is advanced and at a different level. It focuses on all brainwaves, especially delta. This is what causes certain altered state effects. If you are a complete beginner, I would recommend Zen12 because it is just 12 minutes long and not too intense. In such cases, Zen 12 meditations are a good brain entrainment meditation alternative. Check out my Zen12 Review here

Iawake Profound 3.0 Vs Holosync

iAwake meditations are 20 minutes long and on my to-be-reviewed list next. It is very good, but like Holosync, the effects don’t last through the day. You are asked to do them multiple times a day. However, it also the automates meditation process. If you are someone who just wants to relax, then I recommend iAwake over Holosync because it is cheaper and includes multiple levels in one package. In addition, it is powerful and uses superior technology compared to Holosync. It includes brainwaves such as gamma and epsilon as well whenever you are ready to explore them.

Check out my comparison review here.

Brainwave Evolution System Vs Holosync

My favorite meditation. I am on my 5th month and still loving it. It is 30 minutes long and exercises your brain the way a regular meditation should. It uses nature sounds with pattern interrupts, which help you develop focus. Holosync does not need you to “focus” as you would in traditional meditation. In Brainwave Evolution, you are asked to use your focus. If your goal is mindfulness, then this is the best option. The feeling of centeredness lasts throughout the day and it makes me a better human being. Not only that it is just 30 minutes long and has 6 levels.

This is not an easy meditation by any means, but completely worth it. Check out my full Brain Evolution System review here.

Transcendental Meditation (TM) Vs Holosync

Meditating with Holosync is effortless compared to TM. With TM, I found the technique a little annoying. Being home with 2 kids where there is constant noise, TM felt like a chore because of the mantra-based technique that it uses. And it is was a hit or a miss. If I found my center, it was amazing and the “noise” associated with TM was forgotten because of the benefit I received. However, if I did not find my center with TM, I felt worse than I started. Now I am not bashing TM, but I do think Holosync makes it easier. But I will say that the effects of TM will last longer because it exercises your brain.

My Final Conclusion

Despite my negative experiences with Holosync, it is a very powerful brainwave entrainment meditation. I saw some evidence of it while I was using it.

It is not the best meditation for someone whose meditation goal is inner peace and mindfulness right away. You still experience that with Holosync, but it takes time to get there. It is a better fit for someone who is OK with the discomfort that accompanies subconscious upheaval and has the luxury of time and money to work through such things.

It is an even better fit for someone who has trouble meditating – as I indicated before, it is completely effortless.

The soundscapes are beautiful. Holosync is like crystal bowl meditation on steroids.

For me, it felt as if it was ironing out the imbalances within my system. Imbalances that I have tried to use Reiki on, tried hypnosis, crystals, and everything else. For this meditation to resolve that within a matter of 3 weeks was truly remarkable.

As a previous Holosync user, I am recommending this meditation program to anyone who is looking for an easy way to meditate deeply and is ready for deep release work. Easy is the keyword here because it makes the meditation effortless. This program works better than many other advanced binaural beats or full-spectrum music programs that are out there right now. If you’re looking to get into a deep state of relaxation with minimal effort, then using Holosync may be just what you need.

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  1. https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/zen-gamma/
  2. https://braintap.com/is-your-brain-working-like-a-symphony-or-a-one-man-band-the-link-between-brain-waves-neurotransmitters-and-mental-wellness/


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14 thoughts on “Does Holosync Meditation Really Work? My Personal Review”

  1. Your journey has just begun.
    I have been using holosync on and off for about 12 years and am now at purification level 2; (about half way through the program). After much thought I realize now that this is Not a race to level 12. It’s all about enjoying the journey. I’ve had times where I did not meditate for quite a while.
    I eventually returned to meditation .
    Remember to enjoy the “witness” state of mind because it does evolve your perspective. Keep an open mind about meditation and listen to Your intuition. It’s usually accurate.

    1. I agree with everything you said. You intuitively know when you are ready for the next level, and you also know when something is not the right fit for you. I, unfortunately, had to stop using Holosync because I experienced some side effects with it.

    2. My experience over many years has also been very positive. No negatives to report at all. I usually just use Dive & Immersion when using this technology.

  2. So glad you gave this thing a try, I got through the first couple of series in the early 2000’s and while the “overwhelm” as they call it can be really rough, they had a forum on their site at that time for buyers to share with a community, that for a while I recreated via a free forums website before it shut down 🙂 In my experience it helped me be a little more resilient and adaptive to change and maybe I should try circling back to it 🙂 The community around it was especially amazing though, I hope there’s another place popped up since like a Discord or Facebook group for the unofficial real talks ^_^

    1. That is a good point – I know they do have a coach call you to check in. They should consider having them do it a month or two into the program. I remember I did not start noticing the full extent until a few weeks into immersion.

  3. I am in Purification level 1. Up to this point I have learned a lot about concious living and the principle of witnes. but unable to accomplish on going expertience i desire. i have many experiences of utopia i logn to maintain but the lst for a few moments, right now i am experiencing overwhelm with deep rooted memories coming to surface over and over. One big thing I have accomplished with Holysibc is ability to cease use of mental anxiety meds such as Paxal. What is best to achieve on going success with Golysinc?.

    1. Congrats on your success with Holosync – I unfortunately do not use Holosync anymore, but many users have shared that sitting in silence for 15 minutes after the meditation helps with overwhelm. You could also reach out to their coaches to help you with this.

  4. I use Holosynce daily. I started with Awakenings DIve and am now doing DIve and Immersion. I dont use it to meditate. I use DR. Joe DIspenza meditations. Holosync has increased my ability to meditate and quiet my brain. I am sleeping deeply and have began dreaming again. My chiro says it teaches your brain how to move into the deeper states of meditation, and that has been my experience. As you say there are many paths and we all have to find what works best for us.

    1. Hi Gena – thanks for this. I tried doing holosync while sleeping after reading your comment, meditated using a different meditation, and it was great. Will update the blog after trying it for a few months.

  5. I completed Flowering level four earlier this year. Now what? It was a decade of using it daily. I reversed the headset to see what difference it would make and usually the ‘new’ experience of a new level occurred for a day or two before leveling off. I never experienced any kind of upheavals. I’ve done est, Landmark, Eckhart Tolle, Byron Katie, Maria Nemeth, and many of the followers of Sydney Banks 3 Principles. 3 principles work enables me to be in sync all day long. Nothing to wear off as there isn’t anything missing, just the clutter of life added that I now can shrug off or ignore. I will investigate BrainEvolution and IAwake. The entry levels I listened to do not seem special.

    1. I don’t think brainEv will help because you are used to a way deeper entrainment already. It sounds like you are having success with Holosync with no upheavals – that’s amazing and best case scenario

  6. I have found Dive and immersion to be very helpful. They were strongly recommended by someone very wise who I trust very much. She shared she started using them during a difficult time and how much they helped.
    Meditation and technologies like this are tools, and can make a big difference, but there is so much more…and it is so individual. It’s a life long journey and there is so much available to support our inner and outer experiences, healing, and transformation.

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