My Honest Zen 12 Meditation Review After using it for 8 months

This is a review for the Zen 12 Meditation in 2022

I’ve spent 30+ hours reviewing and 8 months implementing the premium training materials for the popular meditation program by Inspire 3, known as Zen 12

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Zen12 Review - Summary
zen12 meditation review

I highly recommend Zen 12 for beginners or intermediates who are having trouble accessing a deeper state of meditation.Finding your center literally feels like someone took you from the surface of turbulent waves and put you right in the center of the ocean, where everything just stops, and everything is calm.If this is not how you experience meditation, then Zen12 can help you get there.If you already experience this, I would consider you advanced, and Zen12 will not benefit you.

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My journey with Zen 12 started 4 years back. I used to be someone who could not meditate for more than 3 minutes. I saw a TED talk about meditation and wanted to experience those miracles for myself.

With that, I decided to try a few tools that could help me with my meditation efforts because I knew there had to be a better way than what I was doing. That is when I came across a meditation program called Zen 12. I spent a couple of months on this program.

This article explores this meditation program and my honest opinion about it.

What is Zen 12?

Zen 12 is a brainwave audio-based meditation program by Karl Moore of Inspire 3 that claims that you can get the benefit of an hour-long meditation in just 12 minutes.

Karl Moore is a best-selling author and a self-development leader. He has created various tools for hypnosis, brain entrainment, etc. He has written half a dozen books, including The 18 Rules of happiness and The Secret Art of Self-development. He was also featured in Think and Grow Rich’s movies, the Legacy, The evolution of Success, and the Manifesting Movie.

The Premium version of Zen 12 Course that I had purchased was a year-long program that consisted of a whole year’s worth of meditation. This included 12 levels (48 mp3s) with Brainwave Entrainment technology to induce a meditative state. – Level 1 was for absolute beginners, and it went all the way up to Level 12 (advanced). With each level, I had the option to listen to Sounds of Nature, White Noise, Relaxation Music, or Guided Meditation Tracks

Meditation Levels in Zen 12

This does not mean it will take you a year to complete the program. It just depends on your pace.

There are also Audio guides, a Quick start guide User manual, lifetime support, and some other freebies and bonuses.

Benefits of Meditation

The benefits of meditation are huge. When I was trying to learn how to meditate, learning more about the benefits of meditation kept me going. Now that I can successfully meditate, I have seen all these things come true in my life.

benefits of meditation
Benefits of Meditation
  • It helps you get in touch with your emotions. You start coming from a place of love and an open heart.
  • It reduces anxiety and depression. Anytime I feel hopeless, I meditate for 10 minutes and can feel better right away.
  • It increases your concentration and focus. If you have had a long day, a 5-10 minute meditation will be able to go back to a place of focus and performance.
  • It improves creativity. Meditation is known to put you in a state of flow, and when you are in that flow state, you can creating things. This is because you get in touch with your inner self, and you reduce distractions on the outside.
  • It allows you to work better under pressure and stress. With meditation, you do not go there – you do not go to the extremes. You become a lot more present with what is, without emphasizing the negative side of things.
  • It helps you to stay in the present. When you do not live in the past or the future, things will start to shift in your life.
  • It clears your mind and boosts your immune system. There was a time when I had a severe case of eczema, and meditation helped me cure it. I do not know if it was the meditation that cured or the stress that was causing it – but either way, I have seen huge health shifts in my life.

How does zen 12 work

The Science Behind Zen 12 is known as brainwave entrainment. Brainwave entrainment syncs your brainwave activity to that of the alpha brainwave activity in the 8-13 Hz. Zen 12 uses isochronic tones which according to some researchers is considered to be more effective than binaural beats.

Alpha brainwaves are associated with a state of relaxation and effortless alertness. Different levels of alpha offer different benefits.

This is why these meditations will take you into a deeper state with each level. If you were to try to get to the alpha state naturally, it would take you a lot of practice and more time to get to those states. But when you use technology such as brainwave entrainment, it can accelerate the time to take you to those states.

This is why you can achieve deeper states of meditation in a shorter time.

My 12-minute experiment

I really struggled with my meditation sessions in the beginning. I downloaded apps such as Insight timer and Calm.

Zen12 Meditation Video Review

My focus was always an issue, and I kept getting distracted. I just wanted the meditation to be over. That is when I came across Zen12 and claimed that I could experience a deep meditation in 12 minutes. This was huge for me because I had no time to meditate at that time with my newborn.

I started using the Guided version of Zen12. This meditation taught a unique focus technique that I still use today. What I noticed was that for the first time, I was able to focus on meditating. I did not use the other types as a beginner. As a beginner, the guidance was beneficial, and the meditation did it in a way that made my logical mind busy.

I was able to focus on meditating because I was thinking about something else, but it was still focused thinking. That is the best way I can explain it. The guided version is what helped me get better at meditating.

I do not need zen12 anymore to support me in my meditation because my meditation practice has evolved beyond that. Some days when I have a harder time finding my center, I go back to their Level 12 white noise to help me synchronize my brainwaves and find my center.

If you are a beginner or an intermediate, then I highly recommend Zen12.

If you need something stronger or advanced, then I recommend Transcendental Meditation or Brain Evolution System Brainwave Meditation.


  • Deeper Meditation: You achieve a deeper state of meditation because it uses brainwave entrainment that replicates deep meditative brainwave frequencies.
  • Benefits of Alpha: Alpha brainwaves are extremely powerful and associated with enhanced learning, relaxation, inspiration among other things. With Zen 12, you get to experience the different levels of this brainwave.
  • Daily Integration: Listening for 12 minutes make it easy for it to be a part of daily practice.
  • No Complaints: I have not come across any complaints about this program upon my online search.
  • Lifetime Support and Money Back Guarantee: I like that they had a user manual and lifetime support by email. The no questions asked, 100% 1-year money-back guarantee is an added plus.


  • No other brainwaves: Unlike its sister program, Brain Evolution System, Zen 12 does not go beyond alpha brainwaves. Theta
  • Member’s area does not have a streaming capability: Once you get to the member’s area, you have to download the mp3 you want to listen to. There is no in-built streaming capability.
  • No Zen 12 app: I wish they had a mobile app – it makes it so much easy to meditate when you take out user hurdles.
  • Some Advanced levels go over 12 minutes: The last 2-3 levels are longer than 12 minutes. Level 12 is 20 minutes long.
  • Premium version: You do have to purchase the premium version to get all the 12 levels of the program.

Best Price

You can Level 1 for free: https://zen12.com/gift/a/transcendzen

Use the Code VZ54YTD6 for $50 off. Order using this Link


Please check out my round up review post on meditation to get a list of all my top recommendations for your meditation goals

woman meditating near river
  1. Zen 12 vs. iAwake: iAwake Profound meditations are 20 minutes long and work quite well. However it does not have a guided version. If you are OK with silent meditaions then iAwake is a good alternative. I have managed to find my focus without any effort on my part at the 10-12 minute mark with iAwake. If you are a complete beginner, I recommend Zez 12 over iAwake.
  2. Zen 12 vs. Equisync: I have not used Equisync yet, but I noticed this disclaimer on this site – Please allow 8-10 minutes for the EquiSync® Demo to begin synchronizing your brainwaves. I know for a fact that Zen 12 helps me get there faster than 8-10 minutes. I am not sure if there is a difference in technology. I will give it a try and update this article when I do.
  3. Zen 12 vs. Brain Evolution System: Brain evolution System is a superior product created by the same creator as Zen 12. It is more expensive than Zen12 with 30 minute long tracks. This is the meditation that I currently use. If you are dedicated to experiencing the best meditation has to offer then Brain Evolution System is the holy grail. But if you are a complete beginner, Zen 12 may be a better option because it eases you into meditation.
  4. Zen 12 vs Holosync: Holosync is for advanced meditators because is a 60 minute long meditation and quite expensive. I fell in love with Holosync initially, but I found that it was not the best fit for me. I had side effects from the meditation and for a 60 minute long meditation, it was not as powerful as I had hoped. I have posted about my full experience with Holosync here.

Do I recommend this meditation program?

I highly recommend Zen 12 for beginners or intermediates who are having trouble accessing a deeper state of meditation.

Finding your center literally feels like someone took you from the surface of turbulent waves and put you right in the center of the ocean, where everything just stops, and everything is calm.

If this is not how you experience meditation, then Zen12 can help you get there.

If you already experience this, I would consider you advanced, and Zen12 will not benefit you.

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4 thoughts on “My Honest Zen 12 Meditation Review After using it for 8 months”

  1. My name is David Hatch. I have paid the last installment of 20.00 for the complete set of zen 12. When can I expect the rest of the program.

  2. Hello Poonam,
    I found your reviews helpful and honest, rather than being a fake review planted by the owner of Zen 12. I have been doing Transcendental Meditation for the past 50 years and I am trained TM teacher. I was recently looking at ads for Zen 12 and Equisync, thinking either one of them might take me to deeper level during my TM practice since my left and right brain hemispheres are not connected well. But then I read that you said if a person is advanced, such as by doing TM, then Zen 12 will not help. I assume that also is the case for Equisync.
    Your review has prevented me from wasting my money on a program that I would not benefit from.

    1. Wow, 50 years is goals. Yes you are correct there – Zen12 will likely not work for you. From my research on TM, it takes you to the alpha brainwave level. Equisync is a quality program and their classic version entrains your brain at various levels – it has 6-7 audios in alpha, 6-7 audios in theta, 6-7 audios in delta – each audio going a little deeper than the previous level. It is definitely something that will work for you better than Zen12. I have used TM with Equisync playing in the background, and they work quite well. You may just need to play with the different levels to see which one works for you better.

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