Best Meditation Program 2021: I’ve Tested & Reviewed The 10 Best

This blog is about the best meditation programs that I have tried and tested so that you don’t have to.

Let me start out by saying that this is not your average round-up review post.

If you are happy with the standard meditation apps and youtube videos, this post is not likely for you.

This is for people who are looking for the real deal.
Folks who have tried meditation apps, and while it feels fine, you do not understand what the big fuss around meditation is about.

This post is for those who are looking to get “superhuman” benefits out of meditation – to go deeper, and live life at a completely different level than 90% of the others. If that is you, then you are in the right place

These recommendations are based on the 5+ Years I’ve personally spent buying, researching, dnd testing different meditation programs.

Why Brainwave Meditations?

A big chunk of these meditations are brainwave meditations because a good brainwave meditation program has the ability to take you to a deeper level than standard meditations – a level that is not possible without years of disciplined practice and focus. This is the modern-day hack to meditation

However, brainwave meditations go beyond free youtube videos – you could mess up your brain chemicals if you listen to amateur brainwave mp3s by creators who have no background or have done minimal research in that arena. This is one the reasons why looping a binaural beats audio for hours is not a good idea.

There are softwares out there that let you create brainwave tracks for free. So, literally anyone can create them. But the ones that are safe and effective are the ones that have research and recommended protocols around them.

If you want to learn more about brainwaves and are curious about what to look for, please consider scanning through my blog post on this topic here. Getting to the “deepest” brainwave is not the goal – all brainwaves have their own unique pros and cons. The perfect meditation for you will be the one that lets you stay at the brainwave state that is suitable for your overall meditation goal.

The question to start with is: Why do I want to meditate? What am I hoping get out of it?

#ProgramBest ForLengthTechnologyDeepest
1Brain Evolution SystemOverall30 min
once a day
Binaural Beats, Isochronic Tones, Rhythmic Entrainment, Temporal Entrainment Delta4.9 out of 5 stars (4.9 / 5)
2iAwake Profound 3.0 Inner Work and Spiritual Awareness20 min
1-3x a day
Binaural, Dual Pulse, Harmonic Layering, Rhythmic Entrainment, Temporal Entrainment, Energetic Entrainment, Carrier Wave TherapyEpsilon 4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)
3LifeFlow MeditationsOverall40 min
once a day
Binaural Beats, Isochronic tones, Monaural Beats Delta 4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)
4Hemi-Sync Wave SeriesOut of Body Experiences30-45 min a dayBinaural Beats, Guided meditation with exercisesNot documented 4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)
5Jose Silva’s Ultramind ESP SystemIntuition15-27 min
1-3x a day
Auditory interpretation of the Alpha and Theta Sound and Body Scan/Visualization techniquesTheta 4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)
6Transcendental MeditationInner peace20 min
twice a day
Mantra MeditationAlpha4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)
7Holosync by CenterpointeInner peace60 minutes
once a day
Binaural BeatsDelta 4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)
8Zen 12 MeditationBeginners12 min
once a day
Isochronic Tones Alpha 4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)
9Synctuition AppMultiple areas20 min
once a day
Binaural Beats and 3D soundsGamma 3.9 out of 5 stars (3.9 / 5)
10Joe Dispenza Meditation Healing60 min
once a day
Guided MeditationsNot documented3.5 out of 5 stars (3.5 / 5)

Best Meditation Programs 2021

1️⃣ Brain Evolution System – Best Overall

Brain Evolution System In a Snapshot

ℹ️AboutBrain Evolution System is a 6-level brainwave meditation program, designed to help you access peak performance states of mind, on-demand. It is also known as a “gym” for your brain.
?Technology Used Patent-pending 3P-DEAP technology, which uses a combination of binaural beats, isochronic tones, and other temporal, rhythmic processes to mimic the natural patterns of your brain.
?Best ForFocus is given to all major brainwaves in a dynamic, nonlinear way, which is why users report benefits in multiple areas of life. The best meditation if you want to experience all that meditation has to offer without too much time.
✔️Pros30 min long meditations, relatively pleasant soundscapes, powerful benefits such as deep centering, inner peace, heightened compassion and focus, sharp memory, no side effects
ConsYou are required to focus during the meditation to build your capacity, Obsolete member’s area
?Price$297 for 6 Levels
?My Experience Brain Evolution System is  the best brainwave meditation program I’ve used. When done correctly, this system makes me feel like a million dollars. I feel calm, centered, grounded, at my peak performance, and overall amazing. I get intuitive insights when I am in the meditation. Not only that, my sense of inner peace lasts longer than 12 hours. I am at level 3 right now and along with inner peace, I have noticed healing benefits, enhanced focus, more compassion, and sharper memory.

Overall Rating

4.9 out of 5 stars (4.9 / 5)

Read My Full Brain Evolution System Review Here

I have tried many meditation programs, but Brain Evolution System has taken me the deepest. Not only that but the feeling of calm, joy, and presence lasts more than 12 hours for me, which is very rare for me.

Brain Evolution System is not for everyone. This is not an “easy” relaxing program to do. This is supposed to be a workout for your program. Your focus will be challenged and then will be adapted. But like a good workout, the benefits you will experience are beyond anything you have experienced before.

However, if you are someone who is looking for something more relaxing, for an escape from reality without the effort then my 2nd recommendation, iAwake, may be a better fit for you.

The best part of Brain Evolution System is that are no side effects from using this system. This may be due to the fact that they ask you to take a day off every week, they use a range of brainwaves throughout the meditation, and do not hold you in delta for longer than needed. Here are a few reasons why Brain Evolution System is my top pick:

  • Plenty of success stories
  • Robust explanation of their 3P DEAP technique
  • Combines the best in brainwave entrainment
  • There is a maintenance protocol after the 6 months are up so that you can use this meditation for life
  • 30 minutes a day makes it very easy to fit into your daily schedule
  • A 7-month money-back guarantee
  • Affordable Payment plan
  • Most importantly, extremely potent and powerful.

As much as I love Brain Evolution System, it is not perfect. To learn more, check out my detailed review – but it is the most powerful meditation system that I have experienced, thus far.

Or Read My Full Brain Evolution System Review Here

Here are a few student testimonials that I found on their public forum for BrainEv Users

“I’ve used the Brain Evolution System now for many years — in fact, since its launch back in 2006. I’ve used it for six months flat, then a cold stop. I’ve used it with maintenance, without maintenance, the whole works! I would simply say this. Without a shadow of a doubt, BrainEv *expands* your mind — as Veronique says. Both short and longer term, it dramatically helps to relieve the amount of stress you feel. It helps you easily handle overload. It makes you happier. It increases your mental capacity. It speeds up your thinking. And it generally helps you get into “The Zone” quicker, and on-demand. I’ve sat it just one part of the course, then stopped. I’ve sat the full course with no maintenance. And I’ve sat the entire course again, WITH maintenance. I would say that maintenance (and the new Level 7) definitely help go-forward, but it’s not necessary for everyone. The time commitment with maintenance is absolutely minimal. For best results, and continued improvement of the benefits above, I’d suggest sitting the main course, then light maintenance, sprinkled with Level 7 use. Time required – a relaxing couple of hours a month, tops, for a super-fit brain. In terms of longer-term experience with BrainEv, I would say that it really is the only brainwave meditation product I’ve ever used that genuinely works (I was a user before helping out here) — and where you can see the benefits continuing through the years. This beats the socks off all the other stuff out there.”

One of the benefits that I can determine thus far is that I actually do complete tasks instead of losing interest and moving on the next great thing! This includes finishing books, making lists and following tasks through to completion, etc. My thinking is clearer and, in fact, downright genius at times! My awareness of what’s going on around me is heightened. For instance, I hear a bird singing and I am able to easily zero in on the bird’s location, see it and feel a connection as I enjoy the song. Strangers smile at me and my relationships are easier, less stressful and far more rewarding. There is more harmony in my day-to-day experiences. My problem-solving abilities were always good … now they’re awesome! Best of all, I have an inner calmness and peace that carries me through stressful or, worse, mudane times. The negative inner chatter is fading so decisions are made with more influence coming through “positive” inner talk. I feel that completing this program has put me on the fast-track of my personal development. I plan to go through the entire journey again once I have completed some of the other “stuff” I had put aside. I easily gave up aspartame (including my beloved diet cola!), incorporated healthy stuff into my life and I watch far less television. Oh, and one more thing … I am getting wonderful sleep and waking up refreshed!

“First steps: I had headaches with the first and second part. Also they disappeared after two weeks.
Third part: I started to have amazing dreams. I started to become more relaxed. I could sleep through my nights without any aid or insomnia.
Fourth part: I started to notice being calm in situations, where I would act really nervous anxious or pissed off before I started to use the BE Sys.
Fifth part: I started to think about new things. I applied for university and started to do those courses and steps I’ve been planning for years.
By the time I arrived to the sixth part I was completely ready for step up and be the self who I was long time ago and who I wanted to be again.
Amazing program. Everyone should try it:)

2️⃣ iAwake Profound 3.0 – Best for Inner Work and Spiritual Awareness

iAwake Profound 3.0 In a Snapshot

ℹ️AboutiAwake Profound 3.0 Meditation System has been designed to take meditation and spiritual practices into a territory previously very difficult. It claims to get you get deeper—faster.
?Technology Used iNET technology that uses a multi-layered approach Binaural, Dual Pulse, Harmonic Layering, Rhythmic Entrainment, Temporal Entrainment, Energetic Entrainment, Carrier Wave Therapy. Main Program explores all brainwaves like alpha, delta, and epsilon.
?Best ForFocus is given to delta and epsilon brainwaves. Great meditation for experiencing inner peace, and spiritual awareness and overcoming bad habits
✔️Pros20 min long meditations; includes release meditations to combat any side-effects; Bonuses include hyper-gamma and epsilon sessions; easy to use app
Consneeds to be done twice a day, not enough focus on alpha and theta states that hep with relaxation and intuition; does not necessarily “work out” your brain to increase focus; can be too strong for some
?Price$227 for 3 Levels (9 tracks) of Main Program, 3 Hyper-Gamma Sessions, 3 Epsilon Sessions, 3 Release Meditations and 1 Digital Euphoria Track ($182 with discount – Code IAWAKEMEDITATE20)
?My ExperienceiAwake is an beautiful and easy-to-use program that I would recommend to anyone who struggles with meditating, but wants to experience the inner peace that meditation has to offer. I felt as if all my thoughts came to a standstill at the 10 minute mark without any effort from my end. At the end of 20 minutes, I was in deep meditation.

Full iAwake Review Coming Soon

iAwake is a great meditation program that was very similar to Holosync. It holds you in the Delta state for a long time. The benefits I noticed were similar to Holosync, but in shorter time and without the intense side effects.

What I have noticed is that when you hold yourself in that Delta State for an extended period of time, many unconscious habits and things that we do somehow get rectified. However, there is a downside to this benefit because staying in delta, while awake, is not a natural pattern for us and can be drastic for your nervous system. This is why you may observe side effects such as irritability and so on. These are unconscious things coming to the surface. If you are practicing a meditation that does this (iAwake, Holosync are popular examples) then it is important to make sure you are doing the “release” work. iAwake provides Release meditations that you can use in lieu of the regular meditations periodically, and they work wonders. I have not experienced side effects with iAwake so far.

The only reason why I prefer Brain evolution system for myself is because not enough emphasis is given to alpha and theta states in iAwake, which are very powerful for relaxation, creativity, and intuition. I noticed that my sense of “Relaxation” did not last for a very long time after the iAwake meditation.

But unlike Brain Evolution System, you do not have to focus as hard in iAwake – the sound track will quiet down your thoughts eventually if you are having trouble focusing. Having said that, iAwake is a great meditation for someone who really struggles with meditating and cannot focus, or whose meditation goal is deep inner work and spiritual awareness. The meditation automates the meditation process for you..

Here are a few student testimonials

Holosync, Nitrofocus, Life Flow,, Unexplainable Store, Ennora, and Zen12 do not compare to iawake for me so…if one of those are a potential competitor please do not bother listing them, because for me iawake is superior… something good about being an individual is that you are always seeking out the best of the best to become the best, so I help this helps you in a way you seek. <3


Start slow, 20 mins max, work yourself to one hour. Stick with tier one if doing PM 3 and limit the more “exotic” parts (Gamma/High Gamma, Epsilon) until you feel you need more of a “push”. One thing is certain: It is VERY worth the time/effort. I’ve experienced profound physical changes, including relief from a couple of chronic conditions. This was totally unexpected, and very welcome!


I’m on day seven of using PMP 3.0. I’ve had a few really deep, delta-like experiences thus far, a few head-jerking, nodding off to sleep sessions (we have an eight month old son, so sleep deprivation is the norm at the moment!), one really lovely release session, and today, a state of incredible stillness, bliss and endorphins, where I was meditating and grinning from ear to ear at the same time!


3️⃣ LifeFlow by Project Meditation – Best for Gentle, Yet Effective Meditation

LifeFlow In a Snapshot

ℹ️AboutLifeFlow meditation is a neural entrainment program; it allows one to go to great depths in meditation–similar to monks or meditators that practice for many, many years. With LifeFlow, you can achieve these same results, but without waiting and practicing for years
?Technology Used LifeFlow™ incorporates Binaural, Monaural and Isochronic tones in a structure of 12 simultaneous layers in its entrainment matrix, creating one of the most effective method of entrainment and whole brain synchronization.
?Best ForFocus is given to all brainwaves in a gentle way. Best for someone looking to master all brainwaves and does not mind dedicating extra time to it
✔️Pros40 minutes long and can shorten the meditation length depending on how long you can do it; can be used by itself or with focus techniques for meditation; Equal emphasis is given to all brainwaves; gentle because the system takes you through the brainwaves slowly
ConsAlpha, theta, and delta packs have to be purchased separately. It will take a while to get to the delta level.
?PriceLifeFlow 10 ($67), LifeFlow Alpha Pack ($197), LifeFlow Theta Pack ($197), LifeFlow Delta Pack ($197) – Total $658
?My ExperienceI have not personally used this system, but the technical specs and reviews are outstanding. It is gentle, encourages you to meditate with higher frequencies, and eventually takes you into deeper state. The biggest plus is that you do not have to do full 40 minutes every day. I like that they give equal focus to all brainwave states. Project meditation is coming out with a new program in 2021, which makes me think that this program will become obsolete soon. I will definitely be trying that out when they do.

Overall Rating

4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)

Based on my research, this is one of the few brainwave meditations that allows you to tap into different brainwaves over time and slowly. Due to this gentle approach, you get the maximum benefit without side effects and subconscious upheaval.

The only downside with this program is that there are other programs that can get you in a state of deep meditation faster in less time. If mastering individual brainwave states is your ultimate goal, then this is one of the best

Here are a few student testimonials

after spending endless money and time on other products I have finally experienced so many amazing benefits through LifeFlow and Discover Meditation. The past no longer bothers me and I simply enjoy whatever I am doing in the moment 🙂 I really have gained everything I expected and more. One of my aha moments during LF has actually saved me thousands of euros.


I myself have experienced LifeFlow as a very powerful tool. I am convinced it has rocketeered my meditation. I have absolutely no proof to back up this statement, but I have been using LifeFlow every day consistantly for more than a year now, and according to some schools and traditions I have “reached” that elusive state called enlightenment. I am convinced that there are deeper states of enlightenment than the level I am on, but the so called “moment of insight” happened only about a month ago, and I am still processing what happened to me.It wouldn’t be fair to say that it is “all thanks to LifeFlow”. I hate to make claims like that without proof. It is also thanks to meditation, research in Advaita Vedanta, Zen, putting in the hours of meditation day after day after day after day.
But still, some have to meditate for 30 years in a monastary and still don’t think of themselves as enlightened.
Placebo or not isn’t that important to me anymore. I just hugely enjoy meditation with LifeFlow, especially compared to meditation without LifeFlow.


It wouldn’t be fair to say that it is “all thanks to LifeFlow”. I hate to make claims like that without proof. It is also thanks to meditation, research in Advaita Vedanta, Zen, putting in the hours of meditation day after day after day after day.
But still, some have to meditate for 30 years in a monastary and still don’t think of themselves as enlightened.
Placebo or not isn’t that important to me anymore. I just hugely enjoy meditation with LifeFlow, especially compared to meditation without LifeFlow.


4️⃣ Hemi-Sync Wave Series

Hemi-Sync Wave (Focus) In a Snapshot

ℹ️AboutThe Gateway Experience In-Home Training Series is dedicated to developing, exploring and applying expanded states of awareness
?Technology Used Verbally guided exercises mixed with Hemi-Sync (binaural beats) and subtle sound effects or background music.
?Best ForBest guided brainwave meditation for stress relief, experiencing altered states and out of body experiences
✔️Pros30-45 minutes long, guided meditations; profound stress relief; many have reported out of body experiences and altered states
Consrecordings may seem old school; only utilizes binaural beats; 42 audio meditations in all – you have to master each audio before moving to next
?Price$477 for All Levels
?My ExperienceHemi-sync is one the most powerful guided meditations I have come across – it combines brainwave entrainment with powerful guided prompts and also allows the user to sit in silence. The first time I tried this meditation, I was having one of the most hectic days in my life. I was not expecting a lot of out of it considering this just used binaural beats and guided meditations feel disruptive to me. However, I was pleasantly surprised – the powerful exercises when combined with BWE made me feel energized, refreshed, and full of joy for hours after the meditation. Long term users have reported out of body and profound spiritual experiences upon using these meditations and exercises.

Overall Rating

4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)

While I love silent meditations, guided meditations when done right, can offer tremendous benefits. It can allow you to focus when your mind is all over the place. Hemi-sync does this and more with its powerful exercises. This meditation guides you through the 30 minutes, but at the same time allows you to feel the effects during the meditation. When combined with the hemi-sync technology in the background, you can feel the deep benefits not just during, but even after it is done.

Here are a few student testimonials:

I’d meditated with binaural beats before, but these guided meditations provide structure and guidance that have helped me to relax more fully and reduce waking thought patterns when practicing. When it’s over, stress and tension are gone and I feel free of anxiety, which lasts well into the day, and the recordings provide mental tools that can help to quickly and discreetly reduce my stress level if needed. I am truly grateful to have this in my life.


it changed my life – even before Wave II. I experienced predictive visions, energies in my limbs, auras, time dilations, synchronicities, astral projections, you name it.


Either Monroe is talking to fast or he’s talking to slow and it leaves me out of “Hemi-Sync” with his instruction. However, after reading more about what the whole set is for, it makes more sense and I appreciate what it’s all about. I thought it was just for projection training, but now I can see that it’s really there for developing knowledge and experience of the energy bodies and altered states. Using these discs has helped me overcome problems with falling asleep as well as “toughen” me up when it comes to walking that line of the borderland state.


5️⃣ Jose Silva’s Ultramind ESP System – Best for Intuition

Jose Silva’s Ultramind ESP System In a Snapshot

ℹ️AboutSilva Ultramind ESP System meditations and exercises help you tap into your alpha and theta states. The exercises help you develop your own ESP, and teach you how to project your mind and detect information to help you make better decisions
?Technology Used Auditory interpretation of the Alpha and Theta Sound and Body Scan/Visualization techniques. Multiple exercises for centering, accessing intuition for decision making, and using ESP for broadcasting and manifesting
?Best ForFocus is given on how to use alpha and theta frequencies to access intuition, higher intelligence, decision making, and centering. Great for anyone looking for psychic and intuition development, and business or career success.
✔️ProsIt works;15-40 min long meditations; focus is on alpha for relaxation, healing, and decision making, and theta for intuition; a full system with meditations, exercises, case studies, and workbook,
ConsSome techniques are based on your ability to visualize which requires practice; recording may feel old school; brainwave sounds are auditory interpretations; not the best meditations if you only goal is inner peace and centering.
?My ExperienceThis is the first meditation through which I got in touch with my intuition. After practicing centering and three screens technique for some time, I heard my clairaudience – the intuitive sense that communicates through hearing. The system helped me make better decisions and communicate with my intuition. The centering exercise is beautiful as well and I experienced calm and relaxation at the end of it. I noticed that the alpha centering exercises helped with healing and helped me with my heartburn issue that I was struggling with.

Overall Rating

4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)

Jose Silva is one of the best meditation systems for intuition and ESP abilities. I had tried for 3 years to get my intuition to work, but even as I learned to meditate successfully, my intuition was not “speaking to me”

I finally picked up Silva Ultramind and was able to listen to my intuition through clairaudience. The exercises are really easy to follow and have helped me unlock my intuitive ability in both my personal and professional life. If you want to help yourself unlock your intuition, I would recommend investing in the full package!

The only downside with this program is that there are other programs where centering and mindful exercises are more powerful. If mindfulness is your ultimate goal, then there are better programs out there, but this is the absolute best for success, intuition, and ESP.

Here are a few student testimonials:

Some background, I was run over 2 and 1/2 years ago, complete with being in a coma. I was in intense pain(with headaches that I was told that I would have the rest of my life as well as back and leg pain) and the brain was pretty well shot. My Neurologist and Neuro-Psychologist both recommended that I start meditating. I had done this years ago, but had fell out of practice and could not get the hang of it again. I stumbled on this book “by accident”. Suddenly, things started to click. It is not an overnight thing, one has to follow the simple instructions which include an easy 40 day program. I was soon able to walk again, and withing 6 months,was able to return to practicing medicine. I have advanced even further and made a move and am happier than I have been in years. Also, no headaches or any other pain. My medical knowledge returned totally intact.
Now back to the ESP thing. I have found that most of the time that I am able to figure out my patients’ diagnosis when I first walk into the room and look at them. Of course, I still get x-rays and lab work to comfirm the diagnosis, but I would say that I have a correct diagnosis in about 95% of the cases.
How this happens, I cannot tell for sure, but it has made me get some extra tests that confirmed a diagnosis that I got a feeling for when the patient did not even complain of symptoms. I am not confident enough to base my practice on it yet, but it has been a great advantage. I highly recommend this book and the Silva Ultramind ESP system CD program.


I did this 30 years ago, I was without a job, no future, no goals. now I’m a very wealthy happy successful man.


Hit 6 slot machine jackpots in a row testing mental video techniques – cashed out and bought a Tumi backpack. Amazing, it works.


6️⃣ Transcendental Meditation (TM) – Best For Inner Peace and Stress Relief

Transcendental Meditation (TM) In a Snapshot

ℹ️AboutIn the TM course, you learn how to effortlessly go beyond the surface level of your awareness. This state of deep inner silence is typically unavailable from meditation apps and other techniques
?Technology Used Focuses on a unique technique of meditating that gets you into deep states of consciousness. Closest to mantra meditation.
?Best ForThis technique helps you naturally tap into your alpha state. If your ultimate goal is relaxation, inner peace, and stress reduction then this is the meditation for you.
✔️Pros20 min long meditation, can’ be done anywhere without any tools or phones. I have done this technique with my 2 crazy kids running around me and was still able to meditate successfully, teaches focus
Consmeditating twice a day is recommended, challenging to go deeper than alpha state quickly, the inner peace “effect” can decrease over time, hard to use when your mind is full of chaos and anxiety
?Price$420 – $980 depending on your income level
?My ExperienceThis is the first meditation through which I understood what deep meditation feels like. This is the meditation that made me fall in love with meditation because of the miraculous after-effects I experienced as a beginner. I would not have survived early motherhood without it.

Overall Rating

4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)

TM is very easy to use and has instantaneous benefits. You will feel a profound feeling of inner peace throughout the day. Your mind will be clear with less thoughts. Keep in mind that this is a regular meditation without brainwave entrainment and therefore it will take years for you to go beyond the alpha state, and it may also require increasing the meditation length. Also, I feel that this meditation is expensive for what you get out of it because the technique is very simple.

Nevertheless, if you cannot do brainwave entrainment for whatever reason, then TM is the best option in my opinion

Here are a few student testimonials:

I am just over one full week in and can already feel a shift within myself. A deeper quiet that I have not felt maybe ever. I’m seeing how incredibly exhausted I’ve been and how this “restful alertness” can bear a lot of fruit. Thank you!


Although I have been doing TM for just over a week, I can already feel the subtle positive differences in my life. I feel grounded, less stressed and less reactive to adversities. I am looking forward to an enriching experience and a better version of myself.
I recommend this to everyone looking to make a positive change for themselves and for the world in general


7️⃣ Holosync by Centerpointe

Holosync In a Snapshot

ℹ️AboutHolosync is a meditation system that uses powerful, proprietary brainwave technology to strengthen “executive function” (willpower, focus, creativity) of your brain, while it calms the areas that create stress, impulsive behaviors and procrastination
?Technology Used Uses binaural beats (carrier frequency) to synchronize left and right hemispheres of the brain
?Best ForFocus is given to delta brainwaves. Great meditation for experiencing inner peace, and joy in the present and overcoming bad habits
✔️ProsCan take you into deep meditation without any focus or effort, beautiful soundscapes, robust research, and it works,
Cons60 minutes long; journey into delta feels too rushed; extended stay in delta creates side effects, multiple levels, pricey, limited technology (binaural only)
?Price$239 for 1st Level ($111 with discount). Approximately $450 per level for the next 12 levels
?My ExperienceI fell in love with Holosync at first. They have beautiful soundscapes and Holosync holds you in the Delta level longer than any program (except perhaps Lifeflow’s delta pack). I experienced heightened productivity and a change in my overall habits with Holosync. Having said that, enough focus is not given to other brainwaves and the rushed journey into delta caused me to experience side effects and not as much inner peace and intuition as I was expecting. I have had better results with other products in lesser time. The binaural beats technology is obsolete by itself and is more effective when combined with other types of brain entrainment.

Overall Rating

4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)

Read My Full Holosync Review Here

Holosync is a good program, but too expensive for what it offers. Binaural beats by themselves cannot entrain brainwaves. In addition, the additonal levels come at a steep cost – the only difference is that each track is lowered by 0.2 Hz.

Or Read My Full Holosync Review Here

Here are a few student testimonials:

I had a good time with holosync to begin with but found it caused a lot of upheaval especially when moving to new levels. I had a huge overwhelm incident when moving from Awakening Level 4 to Purification Level 1 and it took me over 18 months to overcome it (anti-anxiety and antidepressant meds needed!!).


I was given Holosync as a gift by my now ex-girlfriend back in 2007. When i found out she spend $170 i thought she was crazy. it took me about 3 months before i started using it and i have to say i’ve using it constantly now since that time. Its what helped me learn to meditate. I notice a difference in my energy levels and overall calmness. I’ve also used lifeflow meditation, which i like, but prefer the sounds and effects of Holosync much more. Highly recommend


8️⃣ Zen 12 Meditation – Best for beginner

Zen 12 In a Snapshot

ℹ️AboutA simple brainwave program aimed at beginners that is designed to give you an hour of meditation in 12 minutes using brainwave entrainment
?Technology Used Uses Isochronic Tones to entrain your brain to Alpha levels
?Best ForFocus is given to alpha brainwave state which helps with relaxation, stress, and sound decision making. Best for beginners because it has multiple versions such as guided, white noise, music, and nature’s sounds
✔️Pros12 minutes a day, 12 levels and 4 types of meditations in each level; focused on exploring all levels of the Alpha state that is considered to be the brainwave for “success”; uses isochronic tones which are better for brain entrainment
Consnot for deep meditators; does not explore deeper states such as theta and delta; does not use other brainwave technology that can help with brain synchronization and deeper entrainment
?Price$87 ($37 with discount)
?My ExperienceZen12 was the first meditation through which I was able to sit in meditation for longer than a few minutes. It uses some unique focus techniques in the guided part that helped me with meditation, and I felt refreshed at the end of the meditation. The meditation takes you from Beta to high alpha, mid-alpha, low-alpha and ultimately Schumann’s resonance progressively over the levels. I used it for months and fell in love with it. Having said that, Zen12 is not strong enough for intermediate – advanced meditators BUT it is an effective meditation and teaches you how to meditate.

Overall Rating

4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

Read My Full Zen 12 Review Here

I’ve been practicing meditation for three years now and I can tell you unequivocally that Zen 12 is the best program for beginners. The guided meditations are easy to follow regardless of your current level of expertise and the short, twelve-minute sessions are perfect if you don’t have time to sit so long.

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Here are a few Zen 12 user testimonials

“I can testify to this program, Zen 12 meditation, that it really works. I am using it myself and have achieved, just one example, to reduce and almost eliminate procrastination. Yes, I was really so bad with this issue but now, I do stick to my goal set almost every time. I do highly recommend it!”


“The purpose of Zen12 is purely meditation.
All levels of Zen12 simply entrain your brain to one single frequency and that frequency is held for some duration of time.
Zen12 is more about the experience you are having DURING your listening time (meditation).”


“I went through BrainEv first (Zen 12 didn’t exist at the time). Why do I use Zen 12 after BrainEv? Because sometimes it’s just easier to fit that 12 minutes into my day (although that ramps up to 20 minutes by the last level), and it doesn’t have to be every day. I’m still using level 2 and not really in a rush to move through the program (both because I don’t need it having gone through BrainEv, and because I’m kind of partial to the Alpha states anyway).”


9️⃣ Synctuition App – Best Meditation App

Synctuition In a Snapshot

ℹ️AboutSynctuition uses the power of 3D sound to provide an immersive mind travel experience. It contains over 13 000 amazing and beautiful sounds recorded in breathtaking places all over the world.
?Technology Used 3D sound combined revolutionary binaural sound technology that is able to deliver audio exactly as it happens in real nature.
?Best ForFocus is given to Gamma waves, which is surprising because binaural beats cannot get you into a gamma state. However, the soundscapes are the best that I have seen, and this is good for anyone who wants to relax to the beautiful sounds of nature.
✔️Pros25 min long meditations; beautiful soundscapes; offers meditation journeys; great for beginners who cannot focus and loves nature sounds; easy to use app
ConsPricey; the system claims to use Gamma waves but Gamma state cannot be achieved with binaural beats
?Price$399 Lifetime access
?My Experience I used Synctuition as a beginner and found it more powerful than calm and insight timer, which were the apps I was using then. Their sounds make it feel as if you are meditating in the nature – it was beautiful. If you are having trouble with focus, then the sound can be used as a focal point to help you go within. Having said that, I went back to synctuition a few years back and found myself getting more distracted than relaxed. Also, they use Gamma waves with binaural beats. Binaural beats do not work that well for Gamma brainwaves. I would recommend to buy it for sounds but not for the brain entrainment aspect. Also note that Gamma brainwaves have a different benefit. Refer to my article on brainwaves for this.

Overall Rating

3.9 out of 5 stars (3.9 / 5)

Synctuition is great for someone who is interested in relaxing to beautiful sounds. These are the best soundscapes I have ever experienced. I wish their brainwave entrainment technology was better. Having said that, the soundscapes combined with an average meditation length (20 minutes) is great for beginners who are looking for a quick escape from their reality.

Here are a few student testimonials:

One of my favorite things to do after a busy day is to unwind with Synctuition


I was very skeptical at first, as I kind of “have experienced it all”, but soon I found myself really waiting for the evening, to put on my headset and let myself to be carried by that magnificent quality of sounds, that Synctuition offers.


? Joe Dispenza Chakra Meditation – Best for Energy Healing

Joe Dispenza Chakra Meditation In a Snapshot

ℹ️AboutA series of three 48-60 minute guided meditations called “Blessing of the Energy Centers,” by Dr. Joe Dispenza. Dr Joe guides you to place your attention on each one of the energy centers of your body to influence them from a state of incoherence (disease) into a state of coherence (balance and harmony). You also learn how to change your brainwaves and enter into the autonomic nervous system
?Technology Used Guided meditation with Anugama’s chakra music
?Best ForBest for healing and balancing chakras – the guided meditations focus on energy centers that can resolve physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual blocks
✔️Prosfocuses on chakras in depth; uses chakra based music that influences each chakra, unblocking energetic centers can automatically help fix bad health, habits, and patterns
ConsToo long; guided; some users complained about music being too loud for meditation; commentary is monotonous
?Price$25 for each meditation – (Total $75 for 3 audios)
?My Experience The meditations are effective and I’ve seen many people report having their problems cleared and experiencing profound moments of clarity. I personally thought they were hard to listen to and a bit monotonous. I also have a preference for silent meditations; and 68 minutes is too high for me personally for a guided meditation.

Overall Rating

3.5 out of 5 stars (3.5 / 5)

Joe Dispenza meditations are very well known for their healing benefits. I highly recommend these for chronic health issues if you have the ability to dedicate 50-70 minutes a day to it.

Here are a few student testimonials:

Love it! I wish it were a bit shorter but it does fly by. Knowing I need almost 45 minutes does make me hesitate sometimes though. Very worth it. It is cluing me in to the elements I need to add to my own, intuitive efforts. I really Love Dr. Joe’s work. It gets me right up to the edge in a way that very few others do.


I love the focus on the energy centers moving upward. There is enough time to focus on the energy center, bless it with a new energy and move on to the next. I love the background music. When I first began to do this meditation it seemed long. Now it goes by quickly.



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