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Brain Evolution System Review - Key Points
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Brain Evolution System is an incredible program that I would recommend to anyone who wants to relax and feel more at peace with the world. My brain felt rejuvenated after just 30 minutes of listening, which was really surprising since it usually takes 60 minutes for me to experience this deep relaxation from Holosync in the past. Not only that, my inner peace lasted longer than 24 hours. I cannot even imagine how good I will feel at the end of the 6 levels.

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I started using Holosync meditation program a few months back and fell in love with it. But eventually, I noticed that I had some side effects with it. If you are considering Holosync and want to learn more about my experience, check out my blog post here.

I have used other products by Inspire 3 such as Zen 12 when I was a beginner and Brainwave Shots recently and have been impressed by them. I wanted Holosync to work for me so badly that I did not realize that I started falling into a downward spiral because of it. This is when I learned that Inspire 3 had an advanced meditation called Brain Evolution System. I decided to give it a shot because of my positive experiences with this brand

In this review, I’ll share my personal experience with a different meditation system that I switched to called the Brain Evolution System.” I tried two other meditation programs before sticking with this one. It has been 2 months and so far, I absolutely love it. It is important to note that consistency is not optional here – In my opinion, this meditation comes with even more profound benefits than Holosync. However, there are some major differences.

What is the Brain Evolution System?

Brain Evolution System is a meditation program that uses brainwave entrainment that takes you into deep meditative states that would not be possible in a natural setting without devoting years to the practice. The founders claim that Brain Evolution System has been developed as a “gym for the mind,” and I have to agree.

It helps develop a strong, sharp, and flexible brain. The creators claim that over time, Brain Evolution System can tap into peak performance states of mind on-demand. They have an member’s only forum where I read many reviews from users who could attest to this.

What makes the Brain Evolution System different?

Brain Evolution System is different than its competitors because it recognizes that our brainwaves are dynamic and constantly changing. It uses the 3P DEAP (3-Point Dynamic Entrainment Audio Process) technology to mimic our brain by combining three main brainwave entrainment techniques.

The 3-Point Dynamic Entrainment Audio Process (3P DEAP) comprises of:

  1. Binaural entrainment process – this uses the difference in carrier tones send to each ear to entrain itself to a particular frequency. This is the same technique that Holosync uses.
  2. Rhythmic entrainment process – This uses pulses to stimulate entrainment and is done with isochronic tones, as well as digitally processed effects, such as chorus, delay, and panning. This works directly in tandem with the other process.
  3. Temporal entrainment process – This increases the effectiveness of the previous two methods and also helps shift body rhythms such as breathing and heart rate to keep up with the entrainment.

How to use Brain Evolution System?

Brain Evolution System has six levels*, each lasting 30 minutes. You are required to start with level I. Each level lasts for a full month and you have to listen to it once a day for six days every week. They instruct you to take one day off and either use silent meditation or other reflection techniques.

You obviously cannot multi-task during the meditation and have to keep your eyes closed and focus on the meditation. The meditation can be done sitting (not criss-cross), reclining, or laying down. They encourage you to let your mind wander while listening to the music but also advise you to focus if the thoughts get too busy or scattered. This is actually one of the key differences between Holosync and Brain Evolution System. Holosync automates focus for you, while with Brainwave Evolution System, you have to practice a little focus on your own. I have learned the hard way that the latter is a better option.

brainwave shots library
You need Headphones and 30 minutes to listen to Brain Evolution System everyday

Also, you do need a good set of headphones for this because of the binaural beats component.

How many levels of Brainwave Evolution System are there?

There are 6 levels in the Brain Evolution System; Each level takes a month, and therefore this is a 6 month program. They recommend that you revisit the 6 levels over a period of 6 days every few months for maintenance. In addition, there is a 7th level that is by invitation only. I am not sure if there is an extra cost to it because I am not there yet.


The ability to meditate is the focus of Level I. The primary goal here is for you to learn how slow down, release distractions from your mind, and relax using meditation so that every session benefits you greatly while improving patience and concentration in life outside


This level builds upon the previous level. The primary goal of this level is to keep the mind calm by taking it deeper into Theta levels. However, there are distraction elements here to encourage calming down instead of getting agitated.


The third level of the system begins to challenge your brain’s ability to maintain a deep, focused calm. It starts with an entrainment path that ramps up to the beta plateau with layers of alpha, theta, and delta in parallel. This trains the brain/mind to maintain a deep, focused calm in spite of the chaos.


This level builds upon the previous level but has the deepest, most relaxing entrainment rate that its predecessors. At this level, the meditation starts getting the brain to get used to a rate that is supposed to be a gateway between the conscious brain and deeper inward awareness. I am not at this level yet, but this is the one I am excited about the most.


Deep delta brainwaves are found at the deepest phase of sleep. This level provides these extremely low brainwave rates within the delta range that helps to bridge between conscious modes and unconsciousness. These brainwaves can also release chemicals that promote feelings of wellbeing as well as stimulate immune system functions for a better health experience overall.


This level is designated to help your brain go from focus to undistracted awareness which leads to creativity and the mind’s intuitive power.

After graduation, they give you an option to experience Level 7, which is not a part of this program. This is offered exclusively to existing customers after six months of using the program and is 50 minutes long.

Brain Evolution System Review and My Personal Experience

My Brain Evolution System Review

This meditation is more powerful than anything I have experienced so far, including Holosync. I also find that the effects of this meditation last longer than 24 hours. As a parent of 2 little ones, this is a BIG deal.

Immediate Benefit

My first impression of the Brain Evolution System was that the sounds were not as smooth as Holosync. I loved the soundscape that Holosync had, but unfortunately, Brain Evolution System was different. The Level I sound is comparable to standing inside a cave full of water. It is more natural and beautiful in its own way, but certainly not as enchanting as Holosync.

As I went through the audio, I felt a sense of calm wash over me at the 12-13 minute mark. I fell into a deep trance after that. The music pulled me deeper and deeper by the end of the meditation. My first impression was that wow, this is more powerful than Holosync and Transcendental meditation because of the number of times I was being pulled to my center and the length that feeling lasted during the meditation.

As someone who has meditated regularly for over 5 years, I have learned that any meditation will make you feel good right after, but a truly powerful meditation will keep you centered and anchored throughout the day. While the soundscapes in Brain Evolution System were not as beautiful as Holosync, I felt as relaxed in 30 minutes as I did after 60 minutes of Holosync meditation. Not only this, but the calm and sense of peace I felt lasted more than a day, which was incredible. I have 2 little kids who test my patience day in and day out, and anything that lasts more than 8 hours for me is a winner in my eyes

woman meditating with headphones near river

The Huge Changes That I Noticed

Over time as I started using it more and more, I realized that the effects I was experiencing were different in a positive way. With Holosync, I noticed some drastic side effects. With Transcendental Meditation, I loved how centered I felt, but I also felt like I had an observer effect. It was like my heart was disconnected and I would observe situations in a very robotic way. But with Brainwave Evolution, I noticed that I still felt like an observer, but an observer with a heart. I do not get carried away by someone else’s emotions, but I can feel a sense of compassion for them and also show it to them in a way I have never done before. I have said before that I am not a very emotional person, but this meditation helps me with it. I have become very comfortable with not just feeling compassion but showing it too. It makes me a better person.

I have become very present. I am not in my head anymore. Fear does not hold me back the way it used to. Things that I procrastinated on for years are getting done. My income through my business has doubled because of the actions I have been taking. Most of all, my patience at home has skyrocketed.

girl doing yoga for brain evolution system benefits in infographic
My Brain Evolution System Review Infographic

One of the big cautions here is that you have to focus on the meditation. On days when my mind was relatively clear, I could go through the meditation easily, but on days when I was not feeling so good, it was hard to get through the meditation without a focused practice.

This is not a lazy person’s meditation by any means. But this inconvenience is intentional because it has big rewards; It trains your brain to face real-world, high-pressure situations.

I used to be terrible at focusing on meditations and could not even meditate for a minute. I have taught myself various hacks that help me focus that goes beyond focusing on my breath. If you are interested in learning these hacks, download my meditation hack cheatsheet here. This will not only help with the Brain Evolution System but will also help you master the art of silent meditation when you want to take a quick 5-minute breather.

What was different about Brain Evolution System compared to others?

For one, I noticed that I was becoming compassionate in high-pressure situations that, in the past, automatically triggered a fight or flight response in me. I have never experienced this in any meditation before, and this may have to do with the highly elusive gamma brainwaves. As a serial procrastinator, focus was of big importance to me. After using both Holosync and Brain Evolution system, I have come to the realization that brainwave entrainment meditations are one of the few meditations that can unlock these peak performance states within you. I let go on my coach last month but was still able to be more productive than I have ever been


Please check out my round up review post on meditation to get a list of all my top recommendations for your meditation goals

woman meditating near river

Zen12 vs Brain Evolution System

Zen12 meditations are sold by the same company as Brain Evolution System. You can check out my detailed review here. I started my meditation journey with Zen12. They are great beginner meditations, but nowhere close to the sophistication that Brain Evolution System offers.

IAwake Vs Brain Evolution System

IAwake offers a full-spectrum meditation called Profound 3.0. It is quite powerful, but it was similar to Holosync but because it helped you focus automatically. I was excited to try it because it was just 20 minutes long, but I felt that my “sense of calm” did not last more than 3-4 hours. You are supposed to practice it 3 times a day, which I have not done thus far. I would consider it better than Holosync in terms of pricing and technology and more advanced than Zen12 in terms of brainwave states and technology.

I do find Brain Evolution System to be the winner in terms of mindfulness. There is something about BrainEv that leaves me in a state of ultimate Zen. Having said that, iAwake is the second best meditation I reach out to when I do not feel like “focusing” because its entrainment tracks gets you into a meditative state automatically. You can check out iAwake here.

Holosync Vs Brain Evolution System

Holosync meditations use binaural entrainment and are 60 minutes long. The soundtracks, especially Dive, are beautiful and it is perfect for someone who cannot focus. This is because that meditation makes your brain focus for you. They have 12 different levels and you have to pay for every level. It is powerful but can become quite expensive over time (close to ~2k). To me, you cannot put a price on well-being, but unfortunately, I experienced had some side effects with Holosync and it did not end up working for me as well as I had hoped.

I fell in love with Holosync. It was the perfect lazy person’s meditation. With Holosync you do not need to focus at all. You could have a busy mind full of scattered thoughts, but Holosync had the ability to get your brain to focus and fall into a deep meditation. But what I noticed was that if I did not make an “effort” to focus during the meditation, my effects did not last all day.

In fact, throughout my Holosync journey, I fell back into my negative patterns of anger, pessimism, etc. I also found 60 minutes to be too long and fell asleep during the meditations. As beautiful as Holosync was, being present and staying grounded are my top 2 requirements with meditation. This is why Holosync was not the best fit for me. I do have the luxury for things to get worse before they get better as my moods affect everyone around me. Check out my detailed Holosync experience here.

Brain Evolution System vs Transcendental Meditation (TM):

Transcendental Meditation was the first meditation that taught me how to meditate. I still use it on occasions when I have to practice silent meditation. However, when I compare it to my experience with the Brain Evolution System, it made me too much of an observer. I felt robotic sometimes. Transcendental meditation requires 20 minutes twice a day, which was a big-time commitment as well. It definitely worked for me at the time that I needed it, but lately, the effects had started wearing off within a few hours. TM also did not take me any deeper than the alpha state, which is why I could not experience any altered states with it. For me, Brain Evolution system is the winner on both ends.


  • Long Term Results – The Brain Evolution System is designed to produce both short- and long-term results. I sometimes skip a day and do not turn into a raging maniac. I am still calm and collected, and that is impressive. I can tell it is “working out” my brain and increasing my ability to focus in real-world situations.
  • Increases focus and compassion – It has increased my focus, my ability to learn, and my sense of compassion. I find that I can express my emotions and feelings now, which I was never comfortable doing in the past.
  • Uses superior technology – It goes beyond just binaural beats or isochronic tones. It uses the best of both worlds, and more
  • Duration – I love that the meditation is 30 minutes long. The 60 minutes that I had to do with Holosync were quite tedious during busy days. 30 minutes is perfect – not too long, not too short
  • Can listen to it laying down – I have not tried this approach, but I love that they offer this flexibility that main brainwave entrainment programs do not allow.


  • Disruptive soundscapes – The sounds in each level are different. I personally do not love nature’s sounds and it takes some getting used to. But I can tell that these soundscapes are a bit disruptive by design in order to train your brain.
  • Need to focus – Some may perceive this as a con, but you may need to focus during the meditations when your mind is too busy. Once you focus, the meditation takes you deeper beyond belief, but if your mind stays busy during the meditation, it can become challenging to get centered. I personally think this is real meditation compared to others that do it for you. It helps train your brain for real-world situations. But I can see how some may not like this approach.
  • A limited number of levels – I do not like that this program is just 6 months long. I think meditation should be a lifelong practice. This is something I loved about Holosync. I have not hit the 6-month mark, but I will keep you posted on if I can maintain the effects beyond 6 months.
  • Level 7 – There is a mystery level 7 that is offered by invitation only. When I did some research, I found that it was 50 minutes long. I wish that it was 30 minutes long like others, but I guess I will cross that bridge when I get there.
  • Obsolete member’s area – Their member’s area needs some serious upgrades. It still has instructions for dial-up connection users. Also, when I try to stream the meditations, it does not give me the duration during the play. This is sometimes frustrating.

My Final Conclusion

Brain Evolution System is an incredible program that I would recommend to anyone who wants to relax and feel more at peace with the world. My brain felt rejuvenated after just 30 minutes of listening, which was really surprising since it usually takes 60 minutes for me to experience this deep relaxation from Holosync in the past. Not only that, my inner peace lasted longer than 24 hours. I cannot even imagine how good I will feel at the end of the 6 levels. In addition, I have unlocked certain peak performance states that would not have been possible with standard meditation.

When you listen to this program as instructed, it improves your “mental muscle” and controls your emotions and impulses. It helps increase relaxation, stress management, performance, clarity, and creativity. If you’re struggling with sleep or anxiety, need to improve your focus and creativity, or want to achieve a more peaceful life then the Brain Evolution system is for you. I cannot recommend this product enough after experiencing it first hand.

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22 thoughts on “My Brain Evolution System Review”

  1. Hi, I hope that all is well. I just watched the video (thank you for the care and patience) in which you talk about The Brain Evolution System, and I’m interested in experimenting with this product.
    Would it be possible to share if after the end how was the process? Started again ?

    Thank you and best wishes for a great week,

    1. Hi Sofia – the first round was amazing. I stopped using it for two months and felt a big difference – it was terrible. I restarted it a few weeks back and feel back to myself again. I do have to still do it for 6 days a week – I don’t think their maintenance regimen will work for me. I have a very busy mind. But it is completely worth it.

      1. Namste Poonam,
        I was totally skeptical about Brain Evolution System until I watched your review. I believed your testimonial because you have done TM and I have done TM for 50 years and I am also a TM teacher. But still, I did not think BES would ever work for me because I tried Hemi-sync, Holo-sync, and Equ-synch, and none of them ever gave me any results other than sheer boredom.
        I tried Level 2 of BES and I was blown away by how deep it took me in relaxation and how it did that every single time. It takes me to the same depth of deep relaxation as I get from TM. So I now use level 2 immediately before doing TM and the result is that TM takes me to a deeper level of relaxation than I usually experience from TM. BES definitely entrains the brain waves just as the company claims. Finally, an energy method that actually works. What a great discovery, and I probably would not have bought this system if not for your great review.

        1. Hello Steve – Namaste 🙂
          It makes me so happy that my review helped you. BrainEv is so good. it’s been 3 years since I switched and still going strong with it. Level 2 and Level 4 are amazing

  2. Greetings Poonam!
    Thanks for this wonderful, detailed review.
    FYI – the link for your meditation “cheat sheet” has ‘disappeared’ from this page (in the Changes section). I found it by searching in your blogs for “cheat sheet”.

  3. This review was written last year, is there any update revealing the experience after completing the program? The level 7 experience and any other insight that can guide further?

    1. I did not do Level 7. This has been enough for me. I am in a place now where I don’t feel the need to meditate everyday. I mix my meditations now and still get great effects – although my life is not as chaotic as it used to be. I usually do brain Ev or Jose Silva meditations now, depending on what I feel called to do

  4. Thank you SO MUCH for writing all these posts!!!! I have been so sad since stopping Holosync for the same reasons. I had amazing results at first – it was truly life-changing, then I started feeling just like you, like I was an observer without a heart. I have 4 kids & PTSD, I also could not afford the side effects of negativity or the time it would take to work through it. I stopped after a month of consistent practice. Ever since I’ve been so depressed because I want what I had for that brief time again. It made me unstoppable!! I was so in flow and made decisions so easily. Fear didn’t hold me back. I am so grateful I found your posts today and have a new program to try that’s only 30 minutes a day!!!!!!! I so appreciate your in depth analysis so I could truly feel comfortable trying it again. One of my issues with Holosync was a lack of science or understanding behind how it worked. Your breakdown of this other program here gave such detail, it makes me feel safe trying it. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! I’ll be back with results!

  5. I tried your link and the one on their website and nothing downloaded. It was put into span. When I reported not spam, it disappeared entirely. I think they have a hacked site at best, and are completely dodgy at worst.

    1. BrainEv is a reputed company and has been in this area for many years. Lead magnets are typically sent to your email. When you mark it as not scam – gmail puts it in inbox. Lead mangets (free trials audios etc) are promotional in nature and hence gmail classifies them as potential scam just in case. You can try redownloading or checking ur inbox. Thanks

  6. I have been doing Transcendental Meditation daily for the past 50 years and I decided to give Brain Evolution System a try. I have used Hemi-synch and Equi-synch in the past with absolutely no results. So I was not expecting any results from trying Brain Evolv.
    I listened to level 2 of BES twice the first day. The next morning when I did my TM meditation I was really surprised to go into a very deep state of relaxation with hardly any breathing and I reached that deep state very quickly. Usually it takes several minutes to reach a deep level, so this was very unusual and a pleasant surprise. And today, after using the level 2 only for 2 days in a row, I reached an even deeper level of relaxation during TM and hardly had to use my TM mantra to stay in that state and I got there even sooner.
    I am totally impressed with Brain Evolution Systems, to say the least!
    What the ads claim for this system can be trusted. It is not hype, it is the real thing.

  7. Hi,
    I am a user and great fan of the Brain Evolution system (including level 7).
    I see that you also use IWake 3.0 as a go to meditation, which I am also tempted to try but have been worried about compatibility with BrainEV.
    Have you experienced any negative side effects from combining the two systems?
    I am also a graduate of the Centerpointe programme which cost me $1,000 US dollars in 2002 and took me ten years to complete! I completely agree with you that Brain EV is far superior and much less expensive!
    I have also been a TM meditator since 1974 and this seems compatible with all other methods!

    Many thanks.

    1. Agree! How did you like Level 7? I used iawake sometime back when I did not have 30 minutes to use brainev. I did not notice any side effects with alternating between them, but I do know that manufacturers recommend against it. iAwake release meditations feel similar to early levels of BraineEv. I find that BrainEv works for me better because the effects last longer. But in all fairness, I did not use iawake 2x/3x a day as recommended.

  8. Many thanks for advising of your experience. I might just give IAwake a go!
    BrainEV Level 7 is very powerful, but at 50 minutes long at times can sometimes seem almost interminable! I tend to use it either very early in the morning or very late at night.
    I have also found that it is best to listen to the additional Level 7 track ‘Pick Me Up’ immediately afterwards, which adds another 15 minutes!
    Is Level 7 worth it? I’d say yes if one has the time; but Levels 1 – 6 are fantastic and will be more than sufficient for most people.
    I’m retired now so finding time is not so much of a problem.

  9. I been using “The Morry Method” on and off since 2008, and it’s miraculous. Morry Zelcovich is a actually a sound engineer rained by David Siever who pioneered his own brainwave entrainment product (Mind Alive) back in the late 80’s, including devices with with audio visual entrainment, and even cranial electrotherapy stimulation. I use both.
    Morry’s product are cheaper yet as good if not better. The “Quantum Mind Method” is Morry’s classic, try it and you will see miracles since your brain hemispheres will be balanced and symmetrical, which will result in peaceful synchronicities projected from inside out.


    1. I love Morry’s products. I use quantum mind power and quantum confidence system – absolutely amazing. I do consider them rewiring audios rather than meditation audios.

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