The Morry Method Review – Quantum Confidence system with TMM

This is a review for the Quantum Confidence System with The Morry Method in 2021

I’ve spent 20+ hours reviewing and have actively used this system for the 6 months.

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Quantum Confidence System with TMM (The Morry Method) - Key Points

I have done so many brainwave entrainment programs and have learned SO much about BWE along the way. I can say that thus far, I have not seen anything as powerful as The Morry Method. Long term brainwave entrainment takes a while to kick in. Short term brainwave products kick in right away, but the results wear off. Quantum Confidence System is different - it gives permanent effects quickly without much effort. Some people are naturally certain and positive - they naturally think that everything will work out exactly the way they want it. This is what natural confidence looks like. Until now, no other program has given me this intrinsic, deep confidence and certainty factor.

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This review is based on my experience with Quantum Confidence With TMM by Morry Zelcovitch and Song Chengxiang for 60+ hours. This is a brainwave entrainment technology product that uses TMM, which is the also known as The Morry Method.


What is the Quantum Confidence System and The Morry Method (TMM)?

Quantum Confidence System is a brainwave entrainment by Morry Zelcovitch and Song Chengxiang. Quantum Confidence with TMM system uses The Morry Method to help you achieve success by eliminating the root cause of your problems i.e. inadequate self-image.

You can change your limiting beliefs and self image temporarily using personal development tools such as going to seminars, reading books, meditating, doing affirmations etc., but these things require quite a bit of time and discipline. Quantum Confidence System claims to help you eliminate these issues effortlessly by changing your self-image inside out.

Why is the Quantum Confidence System With The Morry Method (TMM) Different?

Morry Zelcovitch is the the only credentialed Brainwave Entrainment Engineer in the world. He was mentored for years by David Siever, the world top researcher in the field of Brainwave Entrainment Technology. Morry was the first person who used Isochronic Tones and Monaural Tones. It is claimed the the Morry Method is light years ahead of the other brainwave entrainment products because Morry Zelcovitch has spent over 20+ years with world renowned experts in this field. Backed by this research, the Morry Method is said to allow for the release of very specific combinations of neurotransmitters, endorphins and hormones which create very specific results and benefits.

Course Overview

Who is this for?

This product is for anyone who struggles with confidence, self-esteem, and self-worth issues. If you feel that something is holding you back from your goals and you cannot put your finger on it, then this may be a good fit for you

Who is this not for?

If you are prone to epileptic type events, pregnant, wearing a pacemaker, or under the influence of medication or drugs (consult a physician first in this case).

You cannot use these recordings when you are driving or operating heavy machinery or under the influence of alcohol or mood altering substances

If you are someone who always has positive expectations and lives life half glass full and do not have a self image problem then you likely do not need this course

Course structure and How does it work?

  • The main TMM audios – There are 6 versions, three with isochronic tones and the three with monaural beats – you are asked to listen to the one you prefer the most or alternate between your favorite isochronic and monaural beats. According to Morry, brain entrainment works best when it is effortless which also means that your brain has to like the sound. I alternated in the beginning and now I stick to one isochronic version. This is the one audio you have to listen to it every day. Ideally it is better to use it lying down, but it does not have to be (Except while driving or using heavy machinery)
  • Confidence Triliminal Audio and Meditation Audio – They recommend that you alternate between these every day. I have my own meditation routine and therefore I just listen to the triliminal.
  • Subliminals – There are 2 subliminals provided that you are asked to listen to over speaks optionally. This is the only audio in the system that is loopable and can be listened to on repeat. The TMM audios should only be listened to once a day. The triliminals need some gap in between repeated listening.
  • User manual and Q&A call – There is a user manual and a Q&A call. I highly recommend listening to this before starting the system. It was very helpful.
  • Other bonuses – Schumann’s resonance, Good night sleep well, The connection, and The answer audios – There are other bonuses, but I have not explored them yet. Schumman resonance is supposed to be powerful for grounding. The connection is for connecting you to the your higher self. The answer is to help you with “getting an answer” for a situation in life aka decision-making.
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They offer a 60 day refund policy if you are not happy with the system

My Quantum Confidence System / The Morry Method Review

This is one of those things that I went into thinking was just an overhyped system. After all, I have done quite a bit of brainwave entrainment. Don’t get me wrong; I love brainwave entrainment technology, but I also think it takes a while for some of these things to kick in for long term effects. In my head, I have always considered hypnosis to be more powerful than brainwave entrainment. I always thought that you have to listen to binaural beats for hours to get the long term benefits But boy, was I wrong. This system proved me wrong and surprised me in a pleasant way. I have had more benefits from this system than doing hypnosis in this same area. On top of it, I do not have to dedicate time to it. I can do it while I am multi-tasking.

I struggled with confidence for as long as I can remember. It is an area that I have had to work continuously on. As someone who was in an abusive relationship for a long time, my self esteem took a big blow. I longed to be the person that I was before this trauma in my life.

Hypnosis helped me with some of this for which I am so grateful, but I did feel that there were many areas in my life that still needed help. When I saw Quantum Confidence System, I did not think I needed it because I had already overcome my introvert personality and lack of self-love by now. What I did not realize was that there was more to it and lack of confidence was manifesting in my life in many other ways

  • sometimes bragging or putting others down to make myself look better
  • not being able to laugh at myself
  • procrastinating and lack of self-control
  • being socially inept
  • always feeling that I could do better

I did not think that listening to a bunch of audios could make me feel confident to this degree, but it did. I noticed that I was waving to strangers and starting organic conversations with them. It never feels like effort anymore. I have started working consistently towards my goals because this system has given me the confidence and certainty that I am already successful. There is always a sense of confidence radiates within me. In the past, I had to journal every few hours because I was always full of self doubts and felt that my work was not good enough. I would redo things multiple times because it was never good enough. I have stopped doing that – I now have this intrinsic feeling that I am amazing at what I do without feeling “cocky”.

I feel like this system has peeled the layers of this persona that I created around me – persona that was not serving me. My confident-self – the 8 year old who could talk in front of a room full of people without any preparation is starting to shine through.

If you know anything about energy healing, you likely know that the solar plexus chakra is all about confidence. It is a bolus of nerves around your solar plexus area that governs your sense of self-worth, confidence, discipline, motivation, boundaries, and confidence. It is important to realize that all these are interconnected, and if you have issues in one area, there is a good chance that you are imbalanced in other areas too. This is because this is both a subconscious and energetic misalignment.

With Quantum Confidence System, this huge misalignment in my life is clearing just by listening to these audios, while multi-tasking. The main TMM audios are all you need and sometimes that is all that I listen to. I occasionally I also try to fit in the Triliminals, which are phenomenal. They are Morry’s patented audios that take subliminals and affirmations to a new level. It has 3 voices coming in to the left, center, and right of your head. Also unlike subliminals, these worked instantaneously for me. I especially reach out to these when I find myself procrastinating, and I find that it brings to me in a positive, productive, and focused space.

What I liked?

  • You do not need to allocate separate time to doing audios. The core program can be done effortlessly, while multitasking.
  • You can feel your brain changing – I literally start feeling drowsy as the theta tones start and start feeling energized again as it ramps up to beta. This is powerful stuff.
  • Powerful results – I have worked on my confidence through hypnosis and other self improvement, but even then this system took me to a different level. I feel naturally confident and internally motivated now.
  • Quick and lasting results – I was surprised that the results were as quick as a hypnosis audio and did not wear off on the days I did not listen to it.
  • Not too much fluff – I like that they do not have a $10,000+ value package with all the stuff that you do not need it. There is a limited number of powerful audios that truly move the needle.
  • Morry himself – Morry is reputed to be the best person for brainwave entrainment and I believe this. I have never seen anything as powerful as this. I was literally waving to and starting conversations with strangers in 2 days – it is crazy.

What I did not like?

  • The rise to Beta at the end of the TMM audios – The TMM audio is the main audio you have to listen to every single day. I would have loved to listen to it at night, but the audio ramps up to Beta at the end of it. I did not realize this and had sleep issues that night because I went from drowsy to awake by the end of it. I wish he had a version for night time use. It is not a big con and maybe there is some science to it.
  • Member’s area – I wish they had a better member’s area where you could stream things. You do have to download to your phone .
  • Q&A should be with instructions – Morry recorded a powerful Q&A series in this system that discussed all the alternative ways to use this system. This was not included in the main manual. I do wish they updated their manual in a better way because initially I was listening to the audios as per their recommended protocol (lying down, eyes closed), which was taking up a lot of time. But the Q&A clarified that I could use it anyway I wanted.

Quantum Confidence System Alternatives

I have done many brainwave entrainment programs and have learned quite a bit about BWE along the way. I can truly say that thus far, I have not seen anything as powerful as The Morry Method. Long term brainwave entrainment takes a while time to kick in. Short term brainwave products kick in right away, but the results wear off. This was very different than what I observed with the Quantum Confidence System – it gives you long term results instantaneously (within 2-3 days in my case)

If for some reason you cannot do brainwave entrainment, then Marisa Peer’s RTT audios will help. Although you may have a to do a few different varieties to get the same results as Quantum Confidence.

This is the only alternative that I think comes close to this product. It is truly that amazing.

Please check out my round up review post on manifestation programs to get a list of all my top recommendations if that is your goal


Wrap Up

All in all, one of the keystones in manifestation is having positive expectations. Always. Without Fail. This was the part that I had struggled with the most. I can manifest well, but it took me a lot of effort to go to positive, because my inner critic is quite loud. I can quiet it down with meditation, and journal my way through it, but before Quantum Confidence System, I had to do a lot of that “work”.

Some people are naturally positive and naturally think that everything will work out exactly the way they want it. This is what natural confidence looks like. Until now, no other program has given me this intrinsic, deep confidence.

The best part is the fact that I do not have to do anything differently to use this system. I use it when I am in the middle of my chores, or while I am working. It is very easy to squeeze it in.

If you feel a pull to this system then do not hesitate. It is nothing short of miracles. I had to spend so much time journaling, doing affirmations, hypnosis to stay positive and motivated, and I pretty much have replaced a lot of it with this system. I still journal, but the negative thoughts are close to non-existent, and it does not take me much effort or time to shift out of a lower space to a motivated one.

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