Best Manifestation Courses for Law of Attraction (2022)

This blog is about the best manifestation courses / law of attraction programs that I have tried and tested so that you don’t have to.

I have studied manifestation and the law of attraction for a very long time (5 years to be exact) and have figured out how it works. I do not sell a manifestation course (nor do I plan to), but I certainly know what to look for.

Problem with most law of attraction courses

Here is a problem with many manifestation courses. Most of the time, a manifestation course will provide tools, rather than the process. And based on the feedback I have seen in the student communities in the law of attraction classes is that many confuse the manifestation techniques and rituals with the process. These are 2 quite different things.

It is important to understand that doing the rituals does not mean you will manifest. Manifestation is not a magic spell, but a way to hold your focus on the object of your desire and take aligned action because of it. The rituals are just meant to hold your focus in a way that eventually becomes engrained in your subconscious mind. Through this, you get inspiration and when you take those inspired actions from a high vibrational place, you manifest your desires.

Why does manifestation not work for many?

People who do not follow the manifestation process try a whole bunch of things to get the outcome of their desire. This is the “hustle” and the “hard work”.

As opposed to doing 10 different things and seeing what sticks, someone who is using the law of attraction will get a nudge or an inspired action through intuition and then making an aligned decision. When you do this physical action as well as the energetic part, you manifest the outcome.

This is where things are different between the two schools of thoughts – the type of action you take and your overall energy. It is a misconception that there is no “hustle” in manifestation. Jack Canfield did not build a billion-dollar company staring at a vision board – he did that, but he also did the inspired work to make it happen. People tend to forget that.

Can Only manifestation coaches manifest?

There is also a myth that only manifestation coaches can make money. This cannot be further from the truth. I am not a manifestation coach, but I have manifested money through my 9-5 job multiple times. I have also manifested things such as a $30k pay raise, my work visa, and my ex (who is now my amazing husband).

So yes, anyone can manifest. Once you truly understand the process, you will see why it works the way it does. It creates this magical aura around you that attracts people to you. It creates this energy of action and confidence within you that propels you into pursuing your dreams fearlessly and relentlessly.

Best Manifestation Courses for Law of Attraction (LOA) 2022

I am so thankful to these people for creating these manifestation courses because over time I picked little things along the way. This is the way I went about my journey. I found a course that my gut was pulling me to. I took it. I finished the course and took the relevant actions in my life. When I felt that something was off, or there was still something missing, I started to look for the next course.

Something inside you will call to you when you are ready for the next level. Do not do all these courses together. Do not do a manifestation course and read some other book on the same topic at the same time. You can manifest in many different ways and mixing up teachings will confuse you. I highly recommend fully focusing and immersing yourself in a course, listening to it on repeat, and taking the parts that resonate with you and implementing them before you move on to the next thing.

My recommendation would be to look through these reviews and look for the ones that resonate the most with your goals rather than the ratings I have assigned to them. It would also be helpful to check out how many day money back guarantee is available because many of these manifestation courses don’t offer them. And some offer but may not honor them. Most of these manifestation courses do offer lifetime access – so that is a good thing.

ProgramBest For Rating
Money Mentality Makeover by Amanda FrancesAdvanced Money Manifestation Course4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)
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Unlimited Abundance by Christie Marie Sheldon (Mindvalley)Manifestation Tool for Money blocks, Energy healing4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)
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Ultimate Success Masterclass by Natalie Ledwell (Mindmovies)Increasing Vibration
Basic Manifestation Course
4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)
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Quantum Confidence System with The Morry Method (TMM)Tool for increasing Certainty factor4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)
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Ca$h by Melanie Ann LayerProcess for Money, Business, Sales, and Aligned Action4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)
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Jose Silva’s Ultramind ESP SystemManifestation Tools and Learning Intuition and ESP4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)
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Transformational Manifestation Babe Academy (tMBA) by Kathrin ZenkinaLOA Process, Manifestation history and tools, Spiritual Growth4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)
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2nd Mind Neuroprogrammer by Jake DuceyVisualization Tool4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)
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The Manifestation Miracle System by Heather MatthewsBasic LOA process, ebook + audio course4.1 out of 5 stars (4.1 / 5)
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Origins by Katherine HurstBasic LOA process, audio course4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)
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The Awakening Lab by Joe VitaleBasic LOA process, Wealth consciousness, money manifestation3.9 out of 5 stars (3.9 / 5)
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Wealth Beyond Reason by Bob DoyleWealth consciousness, Basic LOA Process, and Manifestation tools3.8 out of 5 stars (3.8 / 5)
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The Secret Mirror by Joe VitaleManifestation tool for visualization and inspired action2.5 out of 5 stars (2.5 / 5)
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Best Manifestation Courses details

Money Mentality Makeover by Amanda Frances

best manifestation courses money mentality makeover amanda frances welcome page on laptop 2
Money Mentality Makeover By Amanda Frances

Rating 4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)

Best For: Best Manifestation Course for Money and money mindset, Advanced Manifestation

Cost: ~$2,999 (Use this link for a special discount)

What to expect:

  • Law of attraction process for money manifestation and applications
  • 7 video-based modules and worksheets
  • 3 additional bonus bundles
  • journal prompts and affirmations


Money mentality makeover is my best manifestation course for money. For anyone struggling with money, money manifestation is different than attracting other things in your life because of the deeply rooted limiting beliefs and the rules we have around money. Amanda Frances knows money – she has a rags to riches story and has consistently used these principles to build her 8-figure empire

I love the course because of its simplicity and steps Amanda provides and the results that people get in the course. The number of success stories that I’ve seen with money mentality makeover is unlike anything I have seen before for a course like this. I have learned how to manifest money through this course. Amanda’s energy is uplifting and inspiring.

The course is not about building vision boards and making things happen. I’ve manifested so much with that, and I can now understand the manifestation process thanks to this course. Up until this day if money is not flowing into my life, I know the exact reason why it’s not happening, and I can go and troubleshoot it.

That is not to say that the course is perfect. It will give you the steps, but then it is up to you to clear the roadblocks towards becoming a clear channel for money and to do the inner and outer work using some journaling, which is Amanda’s manifestation tool of choice.

Read my full money mentality makeover review here.

Unlimited Abundance by Christie Marie Sheldon (Mindvalley)

Rating 4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)

Best for: Money and abundance Manifestation, Energy healing, Spiritual and energy blocks

Cost: ~$349

What to expect

  • 24 energy clearing sessions to remove blocks around abundance
  • 4 Bonus meditations
  • 2 past life modules
  • Companion Workbook


Unlimited abundance by Christie Marie Sheldon is the best energy healing course for removing energy blocks around manifesting money, wellness, and success in your life. Sometimes we may not be aware of a lot of blocks within ourselves (from childhood, past lifetimes etc.) and this manifestation course removes those blocks that you did not even realize you had. If you feel that sometimes things are just harder for you than others or that things in your life is not working out no matter how hard you try then it may be the cause of stuck energy within you.

That is what was happening with me. I just couldn’t understand why everything had to be so hard for me. Everything in my life was a struggle. I finally opened myself up to the idea of past life times and had things such as Akashic Records, Human Design, and numerology readings done. all these different modalities were telling me the same thing – I had an immense karmic debt, and because of that things were harder in my life, and it was taking me longer to get to certain places that I wanted to be.

And that is the reason why I picked up Christie Marie Sheldon’s course. This program was phenomenal because of its unique energy healing aspect. Her energy healing methodology is different than anything I’ve seen before, and it is very effective. I say this as a Reiki practitioner, myself. I do not practice Reiki for commercial purposes, but I do it personally for myself. And before Reiki, I did not believe in energy healing or the woo woo. But as I experienced Reiki and started doing it on myself, I realized that I could now tangibly feel the Reiki energy. This is when a whole new world opened for me.

One of the ways that I can tell that energy is being released in the middle of sessions is that I start yawning a lot. What I noticed was that in Christine Marie Sheldon’s energy clearing sessions, I was yawning beyond belief with literally every sentence. I was nonstop releasing massive amounts of stuck energy because of the way she is able to get you to connect to source energy and then word the sentences and these different blocks.

What I noticed is that right after every session, I was just inspired to do something completely different. The inspired action just came to me, and I would start doing it right away without any excuse or questions. And typically, these were the things that I was procrastinating on because these tasks had previously felt unreachable, impossible, or daunting. But after these clearing sessions, I was given a new approach on how to do things or approach them differently. The way perhaps the millionaire version of myself would – divine inspiration as it’s best.

Read my full unlimited abundance review here

Ultimate Success Masterclass by Natalie Ledwell (Mindmovies)

USM 160817 product page usm pctablet
Ultimate Success Masterclass 2.0

Rating 4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)

Best for: Law of Attraction for all areas, Accountability, great manifestation tools

Cost: ~$477

What to expect

  • Law of attraction end to end process for any area
  • 12 video-based modules and worksheets
  • habit stacker exercises and tracker
  • community
  • concierge


Ultimate success masterclass is the perfect, all-encompassing, law of attraction Crash Course. I feel that Amanda Frances’ course is next level and more advanced. If you have no idea how the Law of Attraction works, and your only reference to manifestation is the movie, The Secret then it will not do any good for you. Ultimate Success Masterclass (USM) is amazing for a beginner who wants to know the Law of Attraction steps and increase their vibration. Hint: If you do not know what vibration means then please take USM over Amanda’s course. All the tools and routines that she gives you help you in that direction. If you’re someone who is always negative, cannot stay in the present, doesn’t have certain habits and routines that one should be incorporating in your life, then this is the class for you.

Natalie Ledwell goes through the entire process step by step. This manifestation course is nothing like anything I have experienced before – it does not give you all the content upfront – the content is dripped over time. With this course, you go in as a different person and you will come out as a completely different person because slowly over time, the course changes you. In order for you to progress through the course, you have to take those steps and incorporate habits, exercises etc. to be able to unlock the next level. The manifestation course teaches you how to stack habits and slowly over time, your vibration will start to change as a result of it.

This course is more of an experience because there’s a drip schedule to it, a forum, and a community behind it. In addition, you have a personal concierge and constant reminders and goodies to make sure you progress through the course. In addition to that, you get access to many bonuses including the mind movies, which are pretty amazing for visualization and manifestation.

Quantum Confidence System with The Morry Method (TMM)

how to be more confident
Quantum confidence system with TMM

Rating 4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)

Best for: Best for Increasing Confidence/Certainty factor

Cost: ~$297

What to expect

  • Advanced Brainwave Entrainment and Triliminals to eliminate the root cause that blocks certainty and confidence


The next one is Quantum Confidence System with TMM (The Morry Method) by Morry Zelcovitch and Song Chengxiang. Morry is the world’s top brainwave training engineer. This course uses brainwave entrainment and a patented technology known as “triliminals” to increase your self-esteem, your inner confidence, your discipline by eliminating the root cause.

This program does not teach you the law of attraction but rather busts certain manifestation roadblocks. One of the biggest principles in the law of attraction is that you have to believe that your desire is already yours. That internal belief and certainty factor is very crucial and important. This is something that you will notice with successful people as well – this air of confidence that everything will work out in their favor. If having positive expectations is something that you cannot manufacture then there is this lack of certainty and discipline within you. According to Morry, this is a result of an inadequate self-image. This is what The Quantum Confidence System and The Morry Method helps with.

The reason why I love the program so much is that it is so effortless. For me, confidence has been one of the biggest issues in life, and it has taken me a long time to overcome. I had to spend hours journaling and doing mindset work as a daily ritual to sustain action-taking. However, this particular course has taken the work out of it because it’s very passive. All you do is listen to certain audios (you can do it when you are multi-tasking), and it improves your self-confidence and self-esteem at a very deep level. I have noticed that I do not have to journal as much because I do not have too many limiting beliefs now. Because of this, I have cut through those routines and now have more time to get straight into action. I have also noticed that as my inner world is changing, there are changes in my outer world as well.

Full Morry Method Review here

Ca$h by Melanie Ann Layer

Rating 4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)

Best for: Business Babes, Self-Coaching Tools, and Practical day-to-day system

Cost: ~$1111

What to expect

  • The next level course that helps you create your dream business using advanced law of attraction and manifestation principles
  • Sequence to aligned wealth, sales, action, and business
  • 6 lessons + Journal Prompts


Cas$h is Melanie Ann Layer’s sequence to wealth. Melanie is known for channeling wealth codes and transmits them in a way that shock you into a new reality. That is the best way to explain it. This is probably one of her cheapest courses. Being in her world will expand you and truly level you up. Here is where you will understand why some people are so highly sought after in the online industry and why some barely make it. Melanie Ann Layer is a master at energetics. Her work is truly next level, but here is the thing – you have to be vibrationally ready for her. If you do not resonate her, you are likely not there yet. Pay a visit back to her in a couple of years because her work is a piece of art.

When I took this course, I was at a low in my life in business. I remember watching a live that she was doing and I was enthralled. It was an activation that propelled me into a new way of being. This was not about what manifestation is or is not. This goes beyond that. This is for the seasoned ones who are looking for more. The people who are looking to embody these energetics in their business. If you find yourself stuttering while asking for sales, if you find that you are struggling to be your authentic self when closing sales. If you find yourself in the law of attraction highs and lows, gaining and losing faith then this course is a must. It will remove all the little hiccups so that you do not lose faith again. Expect a lot of action and staying in faith after taking this course.

Jose Silva’s Ultramind ESP System

Rating 4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)

Best for: Getting Inspired Actions/Intuition

Cost: ~$119

What to expect

  • 40 modules with daily exercise workbook
  • Meditations, Visualization, and ESP techniques


Jose Silva’s Ultramind ESP system is one of those courses that does not teach manifestation per-se but will help you access intuition. Inspired action is one of the most important steps to manifestation and most courses do not get into it. Jose Silva teaches you how to access that part within you through meditation and exercises. This helps you make the right and good decisions for your goals. Decision-making is huge; Studies show that many top entrepreneurs make decisions from an alpha state of mind. Staying in that alpha state of mind is not always easy, because people who are naturally anxious stressed out, and depressed are usually in their beta state (and actually sometimes even high beta state), which is not ideal for decision making. Alpha state is a very relaxed state. You will notice that there are certain areas in your life that you’re naturally good at – you’re very relaxed, confident, and unattached about them. When you make decisions in those areas of life, they just work out in your favor because of that relaxed, confident, unattached energy.

And that is the energy that we want to bring to these areas that we’re heavily attached to and want to manifest to so that we can make that similar kind of decision making. Jose Silva’s ESP program gives you a lot of powerful tools to be able to access that intuitive dimension and make those powerful decisions. He teaches ESP techniques, which go beyond self and into Universal Intelligence. If that is an area that you struggle with and if intuition is your roadblock to manifestation, then this is a system that is worth checking out.\

Transformational Manifestation Babe Academy (tMBA) by Kathrin Zenkina

Rating 4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)

Best for: Spiritual and Knowledge Seekers, LOA Community, Accountability

Cost: ~$2,999

What to expect

  • 16 Week transformational course packed with content, workbooks, meditations, various spiritual tools and modalities.
  • Tools including breathwork, EFT, human design, meditations, and hypnosis.
  • Accountability partner
  • Live Q&A Sessions

Cost: $2,999


Manifestation Babe’s tMBA is a one-stop-shop for learning about all things manifestation. Kathrin Zenkina has aggregated her years of research into a single program. This is probably the longest and most in-depth manifestation program I have ever seen. Kathrin goes into the history of the law of attraction, the process, limiting beliefs, manifestation tools, and spiritual modalities including human design. If you are a spiritual seeker and want to avoid spending years learning all the knowledge, the manifestation course will do it for you. There are many success stories from this course, and Kathrin is a wonderful, genuine human being.

Having said that, this course was not the best fit for me. I am an avid reader and knowledge seeker and was just looking for a course to teach me the manifestation process. I felt that this course was not for me because I did not care to learn about the history and the different modalities. I prefer mananifestation courses that focus on the process and simplicity more. She does provide a good process, but I felt that it got lost in all the additional information that I did not need to know. I also did not care for some of the mandatory meditations because I have my own meditation process that works for me.

I know some students absolutely loved this course and had phenomenal results from it. I think if you are someone who loves spirituality and wants to learn more to make a career out of it through offering coaching/healing then this course will help you a lot. However, for someone like me who wants to make money doing different things (like blogging and IT), this was a bit too much. I have to say that the 16 weeks were nothing short of a transformation. I met some really wonderful women, and this course forced me to work on myself daily because you are required to upload homework before you can move on to the next modules.

Kathrin is truly amazing, and I also know some people who took Amanda Frances’ course (which is my #1) but preferred Kathrin’s tMBA over it. If you are confused between the two then check out their podcasts and see whose energy you resonate with more before you make that decision.

2nd Mind Neuroprogrammer by Jake Ducey

Rating 4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)

Best for: Law of Attraction for all areas, Neuroscience approach, Self Coaching tools, Powerful visualization tool

Cost: ~$1000

What to expect

  • Neuroprogrammer software that combines visualization with brainwave entrainment, hypnosis, meditation, and affirmations.
  • The course also incudes self-coaching tools to achieve success in life


This course gives you a powerful neuroprogrammer tool for different areas of your life. The tool combines visualization with meditation, hypnosis, and affirmations. If you use it every single day, you will notice things start shifting around you. If you are a beginner in law of attraction and do not know what you want in life then it can be hard to work on things such as limiting beliefs and so on. This is because you are still looking for a purpose or direction. Doing a regular visualization such as this can over time build new neural pathways and rewire your brain so that your subsconscious starts showing you clear directions. The meditations and hypnosis help clear the limiting beliefs and help you take bigger and bolder actions towards your new goals. In addition the 2nd mind neuroprogrammer series gives self coaching tools to help you stay on track if your goal is success/money.

Jake Ducey is well known for Law of Attraction, but this course does not give you a manifestation process, per se. While this course will help because of the tools, it will be hard for you to get to the next level without getting a clear process that works and helps you troubleshoot when you are getting stuck.

Having said that, this is still a great program and I manifested a number of things while I was doing this course regularly. Check out my full 2nd mind neuroprogrammer review here.

Read the full 2nd mind neuroprogrammer review here.

Manifestation Miracle Program by Heather Matthews

Rating 4.1 out of 5 stars (4.1 / 5)

Best for: Law of Attraction 101

Cost: ~$49

What to expect

  • Ebook (with companion audio and videos)
  • Reprogramming mindtracks
  • Money mindflood system


I was very impressed with the manifestation miracle program. For a $50 course, there was a lot in the manifestation miracle package. Literally, everything that I could think about. Usually, when I go through such manifestation courses, I see some components such as intuition ego, or action component missing. Every chapter had an amazing story anecdote to back up the teachings in that particular chapter, along with practical exercises. So it was amazing. Content wise, this course contained everything a high ticket course would except for the bells and whistles such as drip schedule, support, community, extras etc.

Origins by Kathrine Hurst

Rating 4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

Best for: Law of attraction Basics

Cost: ~$49

What to expect

  • Basic manifestation course that explains all aspects of manifestation through a 2-hour audio book and a PDF. Contains the major basics needed to manifest


This is a very short audio course that describes the most important pieces of the manifestation process end to end. I took this course out of curiosity because I had already learned how to use the Law of Attraction by this point. I was surprised to see that this audiobook had all the process pieces one needs to manifest. The only downside is delivery – audio courses are challenging to follow. I also feel that mastery is a result of repetition (both mental and physical). While this course has all that you need to manifest, you have to incorporate all of it into your everyday life to be able to successfully manifest. In addition, the tools provided were basic and may not work for everyone. Having said that, if you have a financial limitation then this is a great program to check out – just make sure they listen to it multiple times and integrate every little aspect of it in your life because there is quite a bit of content crammed in this program.

Awakening Lab by Joe Vitale

Rating 3.9 out of 5 stars (3.9 / 5)

Best for: Money Manifestation and staying in the vibe of money

Cost: ~$67

What to expect

  • Multiple modules in different areas of manifestation along with hypnosis, meditations, and affirmations.


I love Joe Vitale courses for his content rather than his tools. He usually has many extras in his courses like hypnosis and affirmations, which are average. However, his content (although all over the place) is excellent. Joe Vitale studies this area day in and day out. Every time I listen to something from him, I have an a-ha moment. Awakening Lab is a compilation of multiple wealth consciousness programs that will do the same for you. I do not recommend this as the “only” program you need to succeed, but I do believe that it is important to listen to wealth consciousness material every day for a few minutes to stay in the energy of money, and this course helps me do that. It is fairly inexpensive and provides powerful insights and will help you pick up a nugget or two each time. I usually dedicate 15 minutes daily to listen to Amanda Frances, Joe Vitale, or Katrina Ruth, depending on what my soul wants at that moment. It is gold to me.

Wealth Beyond Reason by Bob Doyle

Rating 3.8 out of 5 stars (3.8 / 5)

Best for: Wealth Consciousness, Different Law of Attraction Tools

Cost: ~$200

What to expect

Basic manifestation course with a process, visualizations, meditations and inputs from various spiritual experts


This was a money course based on the book A Happy Pocket Full of Money. It teaches you about wealth consciousness and all the different tools you can use for Law of Attraction. Bob Doyle invites experts in different modalities to talk about their work. This course was nice but it did not wow me. The book can be purchased on Amazon and I really liked his meditations, but they are available for free elsewhere too. Apart from that most of the audios felt like interviews. It was nice to listen to it during my free time to help me stay uplifted and in wealth consciousness, but apart from that, I was not very impressed by this course. I would have loved to see this course with just Bob Doyle and Gikandi. Again, I do not like courses with too many tools or too many experts – it is better to find a process that works for you and then seek out tools that help with the things that the process could not accomplish for you.

The Secret Mirror by Joe Vitale

Rating 2.5 out of 5 stars (2.5 / 5)

Best for: Law of Attraction Tool, Intuition

Cost: ~$99

What to expect

Secret mirror is a technique that can be used for manifestation to communicate your desires to the subconscious and receiving inspired actions


Don’t get me wrong. I love Joe Vitale’s work and have learned quite a bit from him, but magic mirror was a miss for me. I could not get the process to work, and I had to ask for a refund the next day.

No BS manifestation program

Rating 2.5 out of 5 stars (2.5 / 5)

Best for: Law of Attraction Process for a Scientific Approach

Cost: ~$37

What to expect

  • No BS manifestation PDF Guide
  • 5 Step listen along mp3
  • Manifesting hypnosis audio
  • Cheatsheets and conversations with experts


This was not my favorite manifestation course. While I appreciate much science behind law of attraction, I have experienced that faith and spirituality has its own place in the process. If you put your rational mind aside, there is nothing that you cannot accomplish. This could be a good course for beginners who have a tough time believing in the law of attraction. No BS Manifestation program gives a completely science based method into manifestation. If you are into the neuroscience side of things, then the 2nd mind program by Jake Ducey is a way better and in-depth program.


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