My Honest Review of Amanda Frances’ Money Mentality Makeover

This is my review for Amanda Frances’ Money Mentality Makeover. The Money Mentality Makeover course teaches you how to manifest money.

I’ve spent 30+ hours reviewing and 2 years implementing the premium training materials for the popular training, Amanda Frances’ Money Mentality Makeover Course, which is also known as ‘the money course’ or MMM.

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  • If the whole thing is legit or a scam

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Amanda Frances' Money Mentality Makeover - My Honest Review
money mentality makeover review amanda frances

Before taking this course, I had a very negative attitude around money - scarcity mindset, lack mentality, the feeling that there was not enough around, and that cash would run out. If I had one word to describe what this course did for me, it would be MAGIC. I did not think I could ever make the amount of money that I did with this course, but I did.

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What is the Money Mentality Makeover About?

Money mentality makeover is Amanda Frances’ signature wealth manifestation course. This program enables you to have a loving, healthy, and supportive relationship with wealth.

Who is the Amanda Frances?

Amanda Frances is a self-made thought leader on financial empowerment for women and the author of Rich as F*ck. She has written for Forbes, Business Insider, and Success Magazine. Amanda Frances Inck is an eight-figure global brand that focuses on making money online with clients and students in 85 countries. She is known as the “money queen” in the manifestation community.

How is Money Mentality Makeover by Amanda Frances different?

The Money Mentality Makeover Course is slightly different than many law of attraction courses that I have seen on the Internet. The focus is on money mindset and money manifesting more than anything else.

What is a positive money mindset?

Having a positive mindset around wealth is a key difference between rich and poor people.

These wealth paradigms have been instilled within us at a subconscious level based on our life experiences. Amanda Frances teaches how to change this money mindset around money at a subconscious level in this course.

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Money Mentality Makeover Course Overview

Who is the Money Mentality Makeover for?

This course is for money manifesting. The course is targeted toward heart-centered women (or men) looking to manifest abundance, making money online or otherwise, but are struggling to get to the next level because they have money blocks or do not believe in themselves.

Who is it NOT for?

This course is not for someone who is not on a spiritual path or the Law of Attraction. Amanda Frances has a spiritual brand and is a heart-centered entrepreneur.

If you’re looking for practical financial advice and tools (think Dave Ramsey) then this course is not for you.

How does the Money Mentality Makeover work?

You get a 9 step process by Amanda Frances that is designed to uplevel your money beliefs and attract more abundance into your life.

The 9 steps are covered in the first 3 modules of the course. The rest of the course is focused on shifting quickly, questions from students, and using those principles to apply to various situations in our lives.

Course structure

Money Mentality Makeover Course Schedule
Module 1 Remove limiting beliefs around money.
Module 2 Pinpoint the energetically and financially draining money habits.
Module 3Taking action from your new abundant state – working smarter, following the Universal nudges, and creating additional income streams.
Module 4Raising your energetic vibration instantly. My personal favorite!
Module 5 Setting minimums and standards
Module 6Advanced practices, Quantum leaping, Collapsing time.
Module 7Strengthen your sense of safety and security despite external circumstances
Drop the Money Struggle 10 video bundle focused on healing your past experiences with money.
Energy and Frequency of Money7 video training series created to guide you into a deeper explanation of how money works. Passive manifestation.
Elevate into Overflow5 video training series designed to experience overflow of money and eliminate debt
Wealth Woman Video Series3 video training series to support you in releasing jealousy and judgment, owning your desires more deeply
Other stuffLifetime access. Facebook community, Money Mentality Makeover Workbook, and Money Mentality Makeover Transcripts, Meditations, affirmations, journaling homework
Course Modules Money Mentality Makeover

Facebook Community

The course has an amazing Facebook community. The group was very active when the course started. I have been a part of spiritual communities that are focused on manifestation. I can definitively say that the number of successful money stories that I have seen from this group is something I have not seen before.


There is a 48-hour refund policy. If you sign up and cannot connect with the content then you can email their support to get your money back no questions asked.

My Money Mentality Makeover Review

Money Mentality Makeover by Amanda Frances – Video Review

Money Mentality Makeover is open. You get a huge discount on this course when you sign up using the link below for the next few days.

My experience with this course

Prior to taking this course, I had a very negative attitude around money – scarcity mindset, lack mentality, the feeling that there was not enough around, and that cash would run out.

If I had one word to describe what this course did for me, it would be Magic. I did not think that I could make the amount of money that I did with the course, but I did.

I have also tried various techniques for clearing limiting beliefs around money, but for some reason, I see bigger results with the methodology that Amanda Frances teaches.

I took this course in February 2020 and so far I have manifested close to $50,000 ($100,000 if I were to count the savings I made from my unplanned refinancing) outside of my regular income using the principles of this course.

Every time I use these principles, money starts flowing into my life and it comes from unexpected places.

My Results

*Disclaimer – These are my personal experiences with the course. Please note that everyone’s results are different. Due to the nature of the course, there is no guarantee that this course will work for you the way it did for me.

I have been the person who was never lucky with money – I had never won a single raffle in my life, but anytime I practice these principles I start having a lucky streak.

Here is a timeline of all my manifestations during the months when I was actively working through the course or the bundles.

  • I manifested $18k from an unexpected source within 2 weeks of taking this course through an investment that matured
  • As I moved through the course, I received another $18,000 bonus at work. This was unexpected before I was on maternity leave for half a year and was not working at my full potential. Yet, this was the highest bonus I have ever received.
  • A month after I completed the course, I was approached for a big partnership with a company.
  • When I start using the process again and immerse myself fully, checks start coming in. Here is an example of when I stop using the process for a month and I started using it again and I started getting checks and wins 3 days later.
  • One of my recent manifestations was a $5500 refund from my 2-year-old tax return. I started diving into the course again in late December 2020. In January 2021, I saw an audit letter from IRS for my 2018 taxes. I followed my nudge of pulling all my receipts again instead of using the ones from 2018. As I did, I found out that not all expenses were accounted for. Not only that, but my accountant had made a mistake in categorizing my expenses. Once we categorized everything, I was now eligible for a $5500 refund.
  • During this time someone randomly suggested that I should look into refinancing because the rates were super low then. My mortgage term was reduced by half, by just adding less than $330 to my monthly payments. I was even led to a way I could get that $330 on a monthly basis without dipping into my savings or cash flow. I ended up saving close to 50,000 right away because of this. Interest rates doubled the next year and have quadrupled since the past 2 years. This divine timing was everything.
  • When I refinanced, I was mailed an escrow check of $6900 unexpectedly.
  • Recently, I was sent a year-old receipt randomly by my dentist. I realized that I could use my use or lose FSA towards it and was able to get $580 back from that.

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What I Liked about Money Mentality Makeover

  • Highly Respected: Amanda Frances is highly respected in the manifestation community. She follows her own processes and attributes the lifestyle that she has created to them.
  • Results: This process has worked for many. There are many positive money stories on the sales page and countless others in the Facebook community.
  • Step-by-Step System: I appreciated that the process was practical and simple. I’ve taken courses on this subject that overcomplicate manifestation. This makes it challenging to implement in your day-to-day. But the simple approach in Money Mentality Makeover just works.
  • No BS: One of the best things about the course has to be Amanda Frances herself. Her energy is uplifting and she is very straightforward. She makes me want to do big things and become the best version of myself – I found her very inspiring.
  • Free Updates: Since the time I took the course, she has added modules and bundles to the course. While this course was pricey, I have more than made my money back. While I do not need the extras, it is appreciated. Her YouTube channel is also full of great free content.
  • Not Salesy: There is no upsell or down-sell or cross-sell. A very direct approach, which was refreshing.
  • Text+Video Lessons: There were transcripts for all the videos if you like consuming your content that way. Like I said Amanda Frances’ energy is a huge part of these courses and personally I found the videos more helpful, but you could check out the transcripts if you cannot utilize the videos for any reason.
Reviews from the sales page

What I Did Not Like about Money Mentality Makeover

  • Additional Personal Development May Be Needed: Amanda Frances comes across as being very grounded, intuitive, and action-oriented. She is also a high-energy person. I felt that these things were taken for granted and someone who does not have those traits may have to work on themselves more.
  • Need some knowledge of the law of attraction: A positive mindset is also required to work on these principles. So if you are brand new to the law of attraction and concepts such as energy and vibration, this course may be advanced for you without the basics.
  • Little focus on savings: One of my biggest criticisms with Money Mentality Makeover is that there is little focus on investments and savings (even from a spiritual perspective). While I was making more money because of this course, I also started spending money equally faster because of certain things that were said in the course. Amanda Frances did address this in her Elevate into Overflow bonus bundle, but the approach she recommended did not work for me because I am a high-spender. If you have undefined solar plexus in your human design chart, you may run into this issue. It is not a dealbreaker but something to be conscious of.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I make money doing this?

The course has a 9 step process for money manifesting that changes your money mindset. as you start incorporating this process in your life, you should be able to start attracting money-making opportunities or direct money into your life.

However, there is an action component over here that she goes over that in the course. There is some hard work involved when you are inspired to take action or to create something.

What’s the difference between Amanda Frances’ Money Mentality Makeover and Kathrin Zenkina’s Transformational Manifestation Babe Academy (tMBA)?

Money mentality makeover is focused on your money mindset in terms of your energy, vibration, and certainty. It is to the point and gives you step by step and troubleshooting tips on how to apply the law of attraction towards money and get inspired actions.

Kathrin Zenkina’s tMBA covers multiple topics including history, science, spirituality, human design. There is a process that is similar to MMM that can be used to manifest money, but it is not that detailed.

If your focus is learning all things manifestation, then you may like tMBA. But if your focus is to learn how to manifest money, then money mentality makeover is a better fit.

What do I do if I don’t have the money to invest in this course?

Amanda has the best payment plans. Money Mentality Makeover worth is in its weight in gold. However, if you still think you cannot afford it then you could get her book Rich as F*ck or purchase her bundle Drop Your Money Struggle.

Nothing comes close to her course, but you can use it to manifest some money to help you purchase the course.

Her cash money meditation and youtube videos are free of cost.

Extra costs

No – the course comes with lifetime updates.

Will this work if I am a Stay-at-home mom or working?

This has come up in her Q&A a few times if this goes beyond making money online. She had referenced a Stay at home moms who used to upload screenshots of random manifestations and checks every couple of days.

I was working a full-time position when I took the course and was able to successfully manifest money through work and unexpected sources.

How long will it take to see results?

It really depends because this is a manifestation and mindset course rather than a tactical one. It all depends on how good you become at shifting your beliefs fast, developing a positive money mindset and taking the right actions.

From what I saw in the community, they were many of us (including myself) who started seeing results within the first 2-3 weeks. Her cash-money meditation is gold!

How to get a discount

Money Mentality Makeover presale just ended and is in enrollment.

If the course is closed and you do not want to wait for the enrollment to open then you can sign up using this special evergreen enrollment link or sign up for the waitlist discount

My Extra Bonuses

Please note, you have to sign up using the link in this blog post to get my bonuses. Please send me an email using the Contact form once you do, and the bonuses will be emailed to you once the refund period is up.

My Money Manifestation Planner
The success of this course depends on doing the “money process” daily. When You Sign up using my link, I will send you the money planner that I created for this course. This planner is what I use daily and has helped me manifest. This is priceless. Please contact me once you sign up and I will send it over to you.

Wealth Attunement Subliminals
In addition, you will also get subliminal audios that I created using the affirmations that Amanda Frances provides in the course. You can play them in the background to ingrain these suggestions into your subconscious. You will wake up attuned to the frequency of money when you play these during bedtime.

Money Mentality Makeover Alternatives

There are other alternatives to money mentality Makeover, but the process in this course is what sets this course apart from the rest. It’s only money, honey probably comes the closest to MMM

  1. Drop Your Money Struggle by Amanda Frances – $555: The next best thing to MMM
  2. Unlimited Abundance by Christie Marie Sheldon – $349: Best for clearing money blocks using energy healing

Please check out my round-up review post on best manifestation courses to see a complete list


Is Money Mentality Makeover worth it?

It goes without saying that I highly recommend this course. This course has completely changed my life and given me a positive money mindset. I have manifested money with this course and can troubleshoot exactly why money is not coming into my life.

The Money Mentality Makeover course differs from its competitors because of the signature process that Amanda uses. Anytime I steer away from her process, money stops coming into my life. When I go back to the course, money starts coming back in.

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