My Experience with Marisa Peer’s RTT Hypnosis

This is a review for Marisa Peer RTT (Rapid Transformational Therapy) hypnosis in 2021

I’ve spent 10+ hours reviewing and 3 years implementing the premium training materials for the popular rapid transformational therapy courses and audios by Marisa Peer, known as RTT

If you want to know:

  • How Rapid Transformational Therapy Audios (RTT) compared to standard hypnosis and each other
  • Who is the creator behind RTT?
  • How do Marisa Peer’s Individual hypnosis compare to the Mindvalley course “Uncompromised Life”, and her signature course “I am enough”
  • If the whole thing is legit or a scam

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Marisa Peer RTT Hypnosis Review - Key Points
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I highly recommend these audios. They have completely changed my life and I still use them every single day. If you are familiar with your biggest limiting beliefs and the areas that you need work in, then I recommend using Marisa Peer's Website Shop hypnosis. Her all access pass provides a very good value. If you want a structured program to work on success inside out OR want to transform all areas of your life for balance and ease, then I highly recommend the Mindvalley membership, which includes both Uncompromised Life for success in business/career and Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy for Abundance for all areas of your life.

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In this review, I will be focusing on the hypnosis audios on Marisa Peer’s website along with a few of her other offerings. I have taken her

  1. Uncompromised Life By Marisa Peer Course (Mindvalley)
  2. I am enough course from her own website
  3. and I have done the individual hypnosis from her website shop

This review will give you a comparison of what I thought when I compared all the three programs with each other. This review in itself is more focused on the hypnosis tracks in her shop because those are the ones I have used the most.

What is Rapid Transformational Therapy?

Marisa Peer is the creator and the founder of Rapid Transformational Therapy, which is a type of hypnotherapy. She uses this hypnosis in her Mindvalley course (Uncompromised Life by Marisa Peer) as well her I am enough program.

After using her audios over the course of a year, I have found that her hypnosis is different than the standard hypnosis. I am not new to hypnotherapy and have used self-hypnosis for years. In fact, I used hypnosis for the birth of my 2 kids, for my needle phobia, etc.

Is it different than regular hypnotherapy?

How is Marisa Peer’s RTT different than other therapies

Where RTT differs is that there is regression therapy involved, which means that the hypnosis takes you back in memories to your childhood where you may have picked up a certain belief about yourself. This is the reason why it is quite powerful because it goes into your subconscious memories to address the root cause and start healing from there.

In standard hypnosis, you would typically keep putting new affirmations on top of your existing programming. Here you keep reaffirming new, positive things, which works as well, but it could take longer or not be as effective.

However with RTT, because you’re going into your past with the help of hypnosis, you start to understand where you picked up a certain belief and start healing that trauma from an adult perspective.

Who is Marisa Peer?

Marisa Peer is highly respected in the field of hypnotherapy. She is a world-renowned hypnotherapist and has spent over three decades treating celebrities. She is also a best-selling author of five books and is known as an expert therapist in many high-profile television networks. She is a well-respected TEDx, and Conde Nast speaker.


Who is RTT for?

  • If you are open to hypnosis. Hypnotherapy does not work well for someone closed off to new suggestions
  • If you are looking for growth and understand that your outer world is a reflection of your inner world and that transforming your inner self will result in massive changes in your outer world.

Who is it NOT for?

  • If you are someone who does not believe in the power of hypnosis or subconscious reprogramming.
  • Not for someone who is looking for spiritual healing – Marisa Peer uses a very practical and scientific approach.

How do the RTT audios work?

There is regression hypnosis and rewiring hypnosis. The Regression hypnosis is typically 30-40 minutes long and you listen to it once. After that you listen to the accompanying rewiring hypnosis for 21 days. The rewiring audios run anywhere between 11 minutes – 30 minutes. On average, they are about 20 minutes long.

infographic showing how to use RTT

Course structure

Shop Hypnosis

This review is more focused on the hypnosis on Marisa Peer’s website (shop) – there is no course here. Rather these are individual hypnosis audios that you can listen to for 21 days straight. However, if you were to invest in her programs such as Mindvalley’s Uncompromised life or I am enough, which is offered through her own website, then it goes over the course of a couple of weeks.

Uncompromised Life by Marisa (Mindvalley)

Uncompromised Life starts with Warm Up Meditations that go into Rejection Proofing (regression hypnosis) and Wealth Re-wiring (Rewiring hypnosis).

In addition, the course included bonus audios such as Greater Confidence and Self Esteem, Overcome the Fear of Public Speaking, Perfect Deep Unbroken Sleep, and Attract A Loving Lasting relationship)

Uncompromised Life has 8 weeks in total – Each week has regression hypnosis (which you listen to once) followed by Rewiring hypnosis (which you listen to for 10-21 days)

  1. Better Behavior – how to communicate with your mind
  2. You only respond to 2 things – the pictures in your head and what you say to yourself
  3. Make the familiar unfamiliar
  4. Do what you hate first
  5. Take daily actions
  6. Delay gratification
  7. You are enough
  8. Don’t let criticism in

I am enough (Marisa Peer’s website)

I am enough has 8 Modules. The course includes bonus audios such as Wealth Wiring.

Each module has regression hypnosis (which you listen to once) followed by Rewiring hypnosis (which you listen to for 21 days)

  1. Module 1 – Finding Your Life Purpose
  2. Module 2 – Your Relationship With Money
  3. Module 3 – The Secrets of your mind
  4. Module 4 – The Secrets of successful people
  5. Module 5 – Relationship with your body
  6. Module 6 – Attracting and maintaining a loving relationship
  7. Module 7- You are enough
  8. Module 8 – Having a phenomenal sex life


My initial impression

They absolutely work.

When I started doing the hypnosis sessions, I was a sleep-deprived new mom. I fell asleep in these hypnotherapy sessions within five minutes. I had no idea what she was saying throughout the hypnosis, and I would wake up when the hypnosis was done. (A pointer – this is how you know that the hypnotherapy session is working for you. If you do not wake up at the end, it means that you have gone to sleep and may have to redo the session)

When I woke up, I started doing positive things that were not characteristic of my regular behavior. Over time as I started listening to the audios while I was still awake, I noticed that the suggestions and the hypnosis mirrored my new, changed actions. That is when I started realizing how well they were working despite my falling asleep. My subconscious was still getting all these positive messages that she was transmitting.

What is the past / regression component like?

You typically get two hypnosis audios – The first one has a regression component to it and takes you back into your past to understand where exactly you picked up that belief and rewire it. The second track is filled with positive affirmations and suggestions that you then listen to for the next 21 days.

The first time I listened to the regression hypnosis and I started crying – this was surprising because I am not an emotional person. Now that I look back, it makes sense as to why my inner child may have compartmentalized that trauma. With this hypnosis, I was able to confront the situation like an adult and rationalize it.

My Results

Shop Hypnosis (Marisa Peer Website)

This review is about the individual hypnosis mp3s in her shop.

I personally took a quiz that helped me figure out what my top limiting belief was and that quiz was an eye-opener. This is not a quiz that Marisa Peer offers, but it will give you an idea of the area that you may need improvement in


This was my favorite hypnosis from the shop. I intentionally used this one first to tackle my domino limiting belief – I am not enough. I experienced huge shifts with this hypnotherapy session. I consider this hypnosis to be a turning point in my life – there was the person that I was before the hypnosis and the person that I am after the hypnosis.

This audio has changed my thought patterns and transformed my sense of worth and self-love. I used to be a people pleaser and felt the need to prove myself. All of that has now disappeared because all of that was actually coming from this insecurity within me and my subconscious mind programming of not feeling enough.

I noticed that as my inner world changed, my outer world transformed automatically. Family and friends reacted to me differently. Strangers would go out of their way for me. Life became easier.

Improve Memory & Concentration

My second issue was around memory and lack of focus. I took her memory hypnosis that worked really well and my memory started to improve. I noticed that some instances from my past started coming to light -memories that I had buried and people I did not remember. It was a powerful experience.

Gastric band hypnosis

This is a weight loss hypnosis and is focused on eating less and healthy. The first time I used it, I remember craving chocolate right before I started the hypnosis. But the minute I woke up from the hypnosis, my chocolate craving had turned into craving grapes. I have a hypothyroid disorder, which makes me really hungry. I noticed that this hypnosis made me less hungry. I am currently on Day 10 and it has been benefiting me immensely. and i noticed that i was taking bigger and border actions every single day she has a wealth wiring hypnosis with the

Wealth Wiring

I kept falling asleep during this one. On day 6 of this hypnosis, I started making this vision board out of nowhere and started to pay close attention to my cash flow and finances. Eventually, I listened to it while I was wide awake and noticed that she had suggestions for making a vision board and reviewing it every single day in that audio. This is when I realized that these hypnosis work even while you are fast asleep.

Stop Procrastination

This is also one of my favorite. She had positive suggestions around procrastinating and getting work done layered upon success affirmations, which made it extremely powerful. Many procrastination habits are related to thinking that you may not be able to do it or succeed. She was clearly going to she was going after the root causes, which is why it was so effective. I noticed that I was not only taking action but was backing up by action with certainty and belief.

Sticking to your goals

Another favorite. This one helped me with my shiny object syndrome. Prior to this, I always had 2-3 big projects (at least) in parallel, which made me feel overwhelmed. After listening to this therapy session, I found that I was sticking to my schedule and saying no to new projects.

Powerful immune system

I purchased this after my entire family was sick back to back for 8 weeks. We were physically exhausted and sick of feeling sick all the time. I noticed a few instances of feeling a scratchy throat and was able to fight it off with ease. I also upped my self-care, supplements, and personal rest. I have always considered myself as having a “weak” immune system and say it out loud – I stopped all that after this hypnosis. It has been 3 months since I completed this session and have not been sick yet. It definitely worked for me


This audio boosted my confidence. I could not do live streams or talk in front of the camera before this hypnosis. It dramatically improved my confidence levels. I started standing up for myself more too.

Imposter syndrome

This hypnotherapy session increases my sense of self-worth when I was new in my business and found it difficult to sell my services because I lacked confidence. If you ever have thoughts such as “who am I to do this” in your business or career then this hypnosis will help you quite a bit.

Overcome anxiety

This hypnosis left me feeling zen, present, and grounded.

Comparison to Uncompromised Life By Marisa Peer (Mindvalley Course)

Uncompromised Life is the Mindvalley course that Marisa Peer offers. When I signed up for Uncompromised Life, my biggest goal was success in business. Uncompromised life was a good fit because the focus was on career and business success.

The problem with Uncompromised Life at the time was that my business goal was so urgent for me that I wanted to work on everything right away. I did not have the time or patience to go through all these different audios that Mindvalley had to offer, and the sequence in which they had to be done. It felt restrictive to me at the time.

Mindvalley also recommended 10 days for each audio, but that was not enough. You must do these for 21 days at least to see lasting benefits. You can still do 21 days with the Uncompromised Life audios, but it will take you quite some time to get to the end of the course, which is where the bigger limiting beliefs are addressed.

I had done quite a bit of inner work and knew exactly what my biggest limiting beliefs were. This is why Marisa Peer’s shop was a better fit for me and I eventually ended up purchasing hypnosis audios from there. In my opinion, they worked better because of single hypnosis from Shop or I am not enough audios combined four of her Uncompromised Life hypnosis. I felt like I was getting more with less time, and time was a big constraint right for me.

If you want to do everything perfectly and take care of all those little kinks within you to make sure that you have no issues when it comes to running your business or having a successful career, then Uncompromised Life will be a good fit. It also provides the best value out of all the 3 – you get close to $1500 worth of audios if you were to purchase those individually through her shop. That quest has all the different areas that you can think of, and you can work on it step by step.

However, if time is an issue for you or if business/career success is not your only goal then I recommend using the hypnosis in Marisa Peer’s website shop or buying her “I am enough” course.

Comparison to I Am Enough Course (Marisa Peer Website)

Marisa Peer’s I Am Enough course is a very well-rounded program – it tackles all the different areas in your life. My initial goal was business success, and I was not really interested in changing all these different areas of my life. But now that I am in a good place with my business, I have realized that as I became singularly focused on my business goal, the other areas of my life suffered. This resulted in less energy to work on my business and my goals.

I am enough may not work for you if you are attached to a single outcome. But if you understand the importance of a well-balanced life then I am enough will do miracles for you. I have recently started using this program and noticed that she has multiple areas combined in each single audio. For example her “Success” audios in the program are equal to multiple audios from her shop and a few Mindvalley audios.

Please note that this course is not available for sale anymore. In the absence of this course, I recommend Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy for Abundance from Mindvalley instead, which focuses on all areas of your life, like the older “I am enough” as compared to uncompromised life where the focus is success.


  • They work (so well!): If i had to recommend one thing to change people’s lives, this would be it. I was an awkward, nervous person before these hypnosis. I feel a deep sense of confidence, self love, and the ability to move past my comfort zone..
  • Cheap and Lifetime access: Price is very reasonable. Hypnotherapists charge close to $150 per session and require multiple sessions.
  • Better than regular hypnosis: My first encounter with self-hypnosis was with using hypnobabies. I have since then used multiple hypnosis audios, and this is the most effective that I have seen.
  • I fall asleep and they still work


  • Unsure which one to buy – I wish she had a guide or a quiz to let you know which areas you need to work on first. While it is beautiful to work on everything, I feel like it is not the most practical approach.
  • Regressions are not in all of them – Not all audios had regressions.
  • Guidelines for the regression tapes were not clear
  • I fell asleep during some tapes that required me to stay up.


Does it take just 1 session for RTT to work?

It is definitely faster than standard hypnosis and for the majority of the tapes, I have noticed subtle changes within the one session itself. However, my results may not be standard for everybody.

I already have a Process that works for me very well. Do I still need the course?

Hypnotherapy is one of the most powerful ways to overcome your limiting beliefs. If you experience any type of fear that is stopping you for living your life or pursuing your dreams, then this is a course that will help you. If your process is helping you with this then you may not need it.

Do I need to change my lifestyle?

You will have to carve out 20-30 minutes every day to listen to these tapes. As you listen to them, you will feel the pull to take bigger and bolder actions. That is something that should be accounted for.


Do I recommend this course?

I highly recommend these audios. They have completely changed my life and I still use them every single day.

If you are still confused about which program to take then here is my recommendation –

BEST FOR“Best for Specific Areas of Focus”“Best Overall”“Best for Career and Business Success”
REGRESSION AUDIONot all audios have itYesYes
AREAS OF FOCUSVariety of areas you can choose fromMindset, Health, Wealth, RelationshipsProcrastination, Confidence, dealing with rejection and not feeling enough
COST$49-$79 or $19/month with All Access Pass$33.25/month with Mindvalley Annual Membership$33.25/month with Mindvalley Annual Membership
Buy Now Buy NowBuy Now

If my blog has helped you make a purchasing decision, please purchase using the buy now links here. It does not cost you anything but keeps this blog afloat and helps me create more reviews

Uncompromised life is focused on success in business/career. I am Enough is focused on having success in all areas of your life. Her shop audios are obviously about single areas that you want to experience a change in.

If you are familiar with your biggest limiting beliefs and the areas that you need work in, then I recommend using Marisa Peer’s Website Shop hypnosis. They will give you quick wins and save time (Update Jan 25, 2023: I highly recommend using her membership. It provides great value through which you can access these audios at a cheap price)

Uncompromised Life course offered through mindvalley will give you the best value – If you buy these through shop, it will cost you $800+. In addition, mindvalley provides bonus calls and community. The shop will not offer that. But it depends on what your priority is. If time is a priority, then tackle those big limiting beliefs first using her shop hypnosis. If money is prioritity, then go with uncompromised life, which is included in the Mindvalley membership

If you want to transform your life completely and are looking for balance and ease then I highly recommend her Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy for Abundance, which is also included in the Mindvalley membership



*This post contains affiliate link(s). An affiliate link means I may earn advertising/referral fees if you make a purchase through my link, without any extra cost to you. It helps to keep this little blog afloat. Thanks for your support.


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2 thoughts on “My Experience with Marisa Peer’s RTT Hypnosis”

  1. Thank you so much for your honest review. I learned about Miss Marissa from Mindvalley. I found her teachings and methods very beneficial, also. I can see how this type of therapy work could change lives…and I’m seriously considering being part of it.

    The reason I ended up on your article is because I searched, ‘Is RRT Therapy legit?’. The training for this stuff, just like any type of instruction for any sort of therapy, is pricy. I’m a single mom having trouble paying rent and putting gas in my 4 cylinder car. On one hand, personally utilizing this therapy could be very beneficial for me, and consequently, my boys. So, regardless of what I decide, I’m still going to get my hands on every bit of Miss’ Peer’s materials that I can.

    The program of hers that I’m looking at trains you to be a fully certified RRT therapist & fully certified Hypnotherapist. I want to do it! I NEED to do it to pull my family out of this dark hole we’re in. But, there’s hugh mountain to scale to be able to make this dream a reality. And that is finances. It is an outlet of THOUSANDS of dollars. But, it is a very thorough program with zooms, & mentors, and hands on learning. Plus, they even teach you how to start up your own business and how to keep it going.

    Ty for helping to squelch my suspicions that Marissa Peer is just out there to get my money, like many other learning programs are. From what I’m picking up, your fairly confident that this stuff isn’t a joke, and it is a legit theraphy. That is the answer to my ultimate question. Thanks 🙂

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