Brainwave Shots – My Honest Review After Trying 8 “Shots”

This is a review for Brainwave Shots by Inspire3 in 2021

I’ve spent 20+ hours reviewing and have actively used these for the past few months.

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Brainwave Shots - My Honest Review After Trying 8 "Shots"
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Initially, I was skeptical of Brainwave shots because I know from experience that brainwave technology does work, but it takes some time to see the positive effects. I was a bit skeptical about their 15-minute claim. To find out if this truly worked, I decided to try it out myself. So, I headed over to BrainwaveShots.com and picked one of the 5 free shots to try it out. I was so impressed that I ended up buying 8 more of their tracks.

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Do you ever feel like your mood is out of control?

Brainwave entrainment is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to take control of their mind.

With this technology, you can change your state of mind naturally. You don’t have to worry about taking pills or sitting in a therapist’s office.

I have used brainwave entrainment for a very long time. In fact, I have had a huge success in my life that I attribute completely to the use of binaural beats – a type of brainwave entrainment technology.

But I also know that this can take a certain period of time for it to work. You have to use it for a long time and continuously to affect you in a certain way.

So when I came across Brainwave shots and the claim that it would only take 15 minutes to get from State A to State B, I was naturally skeptical. It looked like a marketing gimmick.

What are Brainwave Shots

Brainwave Shots are created by the company Inspire 3.

They come in 15-30 minute long audio MP3s that use brainwaves to change your state of mind.

These use isochronic tones, and highs, and lows in brainwave patterns to replicate certain states of minds and our moods.

They have a library of brainwave states to activate feelings of happiness, brain power, confidence, relaxation, sleep, and more. They have brainwave tracks for Chakras, Motivation, Energy, Meditation, Mental focus, health, and fitness among others

brainwave shots review 1
Brainwave shots have different types of “shots” to change your state of mind

A Word About the Creators of Brainwave Shots

I have used Zen12 Meditations by Inspire 3 and swear by them. You can check out my Zen12 Review here. With that, I wanted to give it a try to see if it would work for me because I have used and liked their products in the past.

Caution: Do not use brainwave technology if you have any brainwave hyper-arousal issues or if you are pregnant or have a history of seizure or epilepsy.

According to brainwave shots, you can listen to their tracks for as little as 15 minutes to activate any desired brain state that you want.

What is Brainwave Entrainment?

All of your moods have a certain brainwave pattern. The Binaural beats that I have seen usually have a constant frequency throughout them. But if you were to measure your brainwaves through EEG, they will show you different patterns of frequencies – it will not be the same frequency throughout.

Brainwave Shots are created using a proprietary way to duplicate these brainwave patterns by mimicking the highs and lows using isochronic tones.

Isochronic Tones vs Binaural Beats

Isochronic tones are slightly different than binaural beats. They have to be manually adjusted, rather than binaural beats that can be automated. The other benefit of isochronic tones is that you do not need headphones to listen to them.

man recording brainwaves
Isochronic tones are said to be more powerful than binaural beats

My history with Brainwave Entrainment

Binaural beats are responsible for one of the biggest things that have happened in my life. Back in 2012, I was stuck in a terrible job – it was a combination of a bad manager, an unprofessional workplace, low pay, and a long commute.

I started listening to binaural beats for focus in October 2011

During this time, I started using binaural beats while working to help focus on my work. I did not think of it much – they were on my Spotify playlist, and I found that they got me a state of focus. Now that I look back, I started to become a happier person over time. Not only that, but I started making better decisions. I became an organized person who was happy, healthy, and responsible. There were no other changes in my life except that I had started using brainwave entrainment.

I got my dream job offer in February 2012

After a few months of daily binaural beats – one day, I got a call from a recruiter out of nowhere, telling me that they were interested in interviewing me for a job in my dream company. They had found my old resume on career builder. They liked me so much in a single phone interview – they did not ask me to come in in-person and offered me a job right away along with a $30,000 raise.

I truly believe Binaural beats played a huge role in this manifestation. I was not consciously manifesting anything, and this was my dream company at this time. I was happy in my life, and Binaural beats really helped align my frequencies in a way that made me happy for my present and made me a good receiver.

My history with brainwave entrainment and Brainwave shots review

My Brainwave Shots Experiment

Initially, I was skeptical because I know from experience that brainwave technology does work, but it takes some time to see the positive effects. I was a bit skeptical about their 15-minute claim.

To find out if this truly worked, I decided to try it out myself.

So, I headed over to BrainwaveShots.com and picked one of the 5 free shots to try it out.

Brainwave shots free shot screenshot
You can download a free brainwave audio

I saw that Bob Doyle gave an introduction and more insight into this tool. I was not sure if he was a creator or a partner. I absolutely love and respect Bob Doyle’s work and have taken his coursework in the past. His presentation on the science behind the brainwave shots technology was impressive and inspired me to give it a try even further.

Euphoria Shot

I downloaded one of their free Brainwave Shots audio called Euphoria. As I started listening to the 30-minute track, I decided to lie down. The music was beautiful, and I felt as if I was in a state of beautiful trance and relaxation. During the 30 minutes, I had some of the craziest visuals and insights.

I also noticed heightened presence and the feeling of being in a state of child-like joy when I was playing with my daughter. Now, anytime, I have a long playdate with my kid. I make sure to use this track so that I am not thinking about 10 different things.

I have been using Euphoria for a month and a half. Each time I have used it, I have had an amazing experience. This leads me to believe that this is no coincidence. I feel a certain way after listening to these trackers and that they certainly work. But I have to say that for me, the 30-minute audio works better than the 15-minute one.

I also use the Euphoria shot for clairvoyance. It works phenomenally for me to get in touch with my intuition. If you are into scripting or visualization, having that track in the background will elevate your rituals.

Focus Shot

The other track that I love is called Focus. It puts me in the zone, and I can get so much work done with it. I have used Focus at 10 pm after a long day with work, kids, and the kitchen, and yet it makes me feel productive, and I can get a lot of work done.

Caffeine Shot

They have a caffeine shot that I personally did not like. For some reason, it gets my heart rate up. I do not know if it is directly tied to that, but I will try it a few more times and update this review.

Creativity shot

I love these for content creation and find that it helps speed up the time to get into my creative zone. I use it as I work through my creative process.

Motivation shot

I tend to use their 15-minute version right when I wake up and am about to get ready for the day. It fires me up and helps me get out of my laziness so that I can get some work done.

Learning, Confidence, and Schumann shot

I have their Learning and Confidence shot, which I plan to try next. I also want to try their Schumann shot, which is supposed to be great for grounding. I will update this review once I do.


  • Precise instructions and guidance on using the tracks – I love the instructions provided for each track – if you can keep eyes open or closed, if you can use it on repeat, etc.
  • Use of Isochronic tones – These are superior to binaural beats. You have to manually change the frequency for isochronic tones, which is why they can mimic our natural states. Also, isochronic tones do not need headphones. You can easily have them on repeat in the background.
  • Results last up to 4 hours – I have noticed that they are effective for 3-4 hours with the 30-minute tracks.
  • Free trial to see if it works for you. 365-day guarantee. Most importantly, these do work!


  • Need more information on brain science – I would love to see more science around why these tracks are so different than their competitors on the market. I know that they work better, but I would like to learn more about their secret sauce.
  • Member’s area not friendly – You cannot stream from the library – you have to download it to your phone. Also, the free mp3 that they offer does not show up in the member’s area, which was inconvenient.
  • Expensive for single tracks – Each track, when purchased individually is quite expensive. They do have daily deals on single trackers and sometimes on the entire library for a low cost, and I would recommend doing that rather than purchasing individual tracks.

Best Price

If this intrigues you, use the link below to choose a Free Brainwave Shot MP3 Download. You can pick one of the five free tracks.

Comparison to Youtube

I know that many take advantage of the free tracks on youtube. I highly caution against that. Someone on youtube had embedded negative Subliminals in their brainwave videos. The problem is that it is impossible to know which Subliminals are inserted in a video. This is why I do not use youtube for such tracks anymore and cannot recommend it as a source for binaural beats or isochronic tones.

Do I recommend Brainwave Shots?

I highly recommend Brainwave Shots to anyone looking to change their mood and state. I am very much in tune with my body and can easily tell if something is working or not. For me, if listening to something for 30 minutes can change my moods when nothing else can – that to me is Huge.

Brainwave Shots are a great way to help you feel more relaxed, focused, or creative. They’re also perfect for getting into the zone before an exam or big meeting. They can be used by anyone who wants to experience a state of mind that is different from their normal one.

When I decided to buy these, I thought it was just a marketing gimmick because I have used many brainwave tracks. Many are good and work well, but ever since I have started using brainwave shots, they have become my go-to. I find them to be superior that the others that I have used in the past.

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