My Brutally Honest Raikov Effect Review – Does it Really work?

This is a review for the New Raikov Effect in 2022

I’ve spent 30+ hours reviewing and implementing the premium training materials for the popular training by Inspire 3, known as The Raikov Effect

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The New Raikov Effect Program Review - Summary
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It works quite well but not in the way one would hope. It is not a magic pill and needs some work on the user's part to be successful. I especially liked the anchoring technique and use this program for soft skills that I have not mastered yet. Raikov Effect is a nice tool to have in your toolbox and takes the principle of "acting as-if" to a new level.

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This Raikov Effect Review is my personal experience with this program created by Inspire3. I purchased the new Raikov Effect a few months back and have been experimenting with it. The new Raikov Effect Program sales page claims that you can legally steal the talents of any genius in 10 minutes. I personally thought it was a worthwhile program, but I also felt that the sales page oversold the idea. It works quite well, but not in the way one would think it does.

My blog post will go in-depth over the truth to this claim, course overview, what I liked about Raikov Effect, and what I did not like about it.

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About to dig into Raikov Effect by Inspire 3

What is the Original Raikov Effect?

Who is Raikov?

The name comes from the Russian psychotherapist and the head of the Laboratory for Hypnosis at the State Scientific and Research Centre for Preventive Medicine, Dr. Vladimir Raikov who, years ago, was experimenting with hypotheses that anyone could have the same talent as the great creators and masters within those fields if they were to believe it themselves. Raikov was hypnotizing college students and using certain techniques on them to make them believe that they were creative geniuses from history

How did Raikov do it?

Dr. Vladimir Raikov used hypnosis to achieve this. Once his subjects were in a state of deep trance, he made them visualize the “expert” whose skills they wanted to take. He then made suggestions to make them believe that they had the skill and the ability to do the same thing as this expert. The science behind the original Raikov effect consists of hypnosis, hypnotic trance, relaxation, visualization, suggestion, positive thinking, believing, and modeling.

The premise behind this is that when we can see ourselves becoming someone else and see the world through their eyes, it unlocks parts of our brains that are otherwise dormant. This technique, also known as genius modeling, stimulates creativity.

Could Raikov do this successfully?

Dr. Vladimir Raikov was able to use these techniques to make his volunteers identify with a genius, and perform a skill that they had never tried before or were not good at. One of his experiments involves hypnotizing a music student from the Moscow Conservatory of Music in front of an audience. He played poorly at first, but then under hypnosis, he was convinced that he was the legendary violinist, Fritz Kreisler. Suddenly, his demeanor and body language started to change, he held the violin differently and was able to give a beautiful performance. The Raikov effect booklet goes over multiple instances of his success stories.

Did Raikov exist or is this a scam?

I have researched more on Vladimir Raikov and was able to find published works that confirmed that he is legit along with some of his experiments that the Raikov effect course talked about. I was able to find a few publications from Raikov’s work in the International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis and Journal of Creative Behavior among others.

Why does this work?

The way I see it is that this technique is similar to having a cheerleader tell you that you are a genius in this field because you have the innate talents to excel at this that others do not. When you combine this with acting as if you are this genius for an extended period of time, some of those traits rub off on you.

You are the average of the 5 people you surround yourself with.

John Rohn

This is also known as Identity Shifting or the Genius Modeling Methods, which is an NLP tool. When you feel that you are this confident person or you’re already a successful person, your body language changes your demeanor changes, and then for some reason, the actions that you take from that empowered state change as well, and you become better at it.

What is the New Raikov Effect?

The Raikov Effect has been created by Inpire3 and is inspired by what Vladimir Raikov did. I have purchased from this company before and like their products. I used their Zen12 Meditations at the start of my meditation journey. I still use their Brainwave Shots, and Brain Evolution Program. I find their tools to be quite effective and reasonably priced.

How is it different than what Raikov did?

One of the biggest differences is that the New Raikov Effect technique does not use hypnosis, but rather a collection of other techniques (such as placebo effect, NLP anchoring etc.) that have a similar effect. This is a summary of the main differences in the approach.

Differences between What Raikov did and the New Raikov Effect Technique

TechniqueWhat Raikov didThe New Raikov Effect
Hypnosis and TranceYesNo
Positive ThinkingYesYes
Genius ModelingNoYes
Placebo EffectNoYes
Acting As ifNoYes
NLP AnchoringNoYes

The audio uses techniques to make you believe that you are an expert and then it teaches you how to anchor that expert energy within you. What this means is that you can use that anchor anytime you want to go back to that energetic state. The anchoring part is actually really powerful and works even after a single use of the audio.

Raikov Effect Course Structure

Once you buy Raikov effect on their website, you get access to your members’ area page. Here, you will see an introduction video, the quick start guide (pdf and audio version), and a cheat sheet. Then you scroll down to the full Raikov Effect Program, which is an eBook. I printed out that ebook and started going through it. They recommend not the skip the eBook and I agree with that. The eBook contains helpful tips on how to make the technique work for you.

Course contents in the member's area snapshot
What is included in the Raikov Effect.

As far as the meat and potatoes of the course go, you get that eBook about Raikov effect, general listen-along audio, and 5 skill-specific audios. They also have an upsell where you can purchase the entire library of approximately 40 Raikov effect audios for other skills for an additional price.

I just use the five audios that originally came with the course because those were the areas that I was looking to uplevel.

  1. Boosting Confidence
  2. Brain Power
  3. Wealth & Abundance
  4. Controlled Weight Loss
  5. Become a Law of Attraction Magnet
Your Raikov Listen along Audios 1
The listen along with library in the Member’s area

My New Raikov Effect Review

Raikov Effect EBook Course:

I personally thought that that ebook Course was decent, but I did feel that it was giving too much information at times. They were going into different concepts about Raikov and his experiments, rather than the course itself. Typically it would be have been OK, but the course does not mimic exactly what Raikov did. It would have been nice to see direct case studies from this program rather than from Raikov.

The creator talked about some revised concepts that they then incorporated in the new Raikov Effect Program in the course. Then they go on to describe the successes and case studies from these all individual concepts. However, there were no case studies on all those principles combined.

I do have to say that the eBook was decent, and I’m glad I went through the complete eBook because the audio by itself would not have been so effective for me.

Confidence Listen Along Audio

A couple of months back when I was starting to create a lot of videos and live streams around my work, I wanted to increase my level of self-confidence in public speaking.

One of the things to consider is that you have to know the expert whose skills you are trying to “borrow” in depth to get these audios to work for you. The expert I picked for confidence was Tony Robbins and started listening to the Confidence audio track.

After the Raikov effect Confidence audio, I right away felt very energized and experienced the “Raikov effect”. I found that things about me were changing when I put myself through that process – my body language, my mannerisms, the way I was carrying myself, etc. It was quite obvious because even the words coming out of my mouth were different. That is not how I would ever do a speech, but my style now reflected that of Tony Robbins’.

This experiment gave me the affirmation that I needed. The New Raikov Effect Program did work quite well, but did it work for everything? I went on to try for other areas such as Focus and Wealth.

General Listen Along Audio

Next, I wanted to use this on procrastination. I did not purchase the upsell, which is why I used the general Listen Along with audio that they provide. While it is not tailored to this specific skill, it still works. A side note: I did notice that the skill-specific audios work better than the generic ones. I have a friend who’s very focused and does not procrastinate. I used her as my “expert” here.

I noticed that I was a lot more focused after the session. I also noticed that right after the session, I went to put on a hoodie on my head and fuzzy slippers exactly the way she did it. My body posture was changing to reflect hers and I ended up getting more work done.

Wealth & Abundance Listen Along Audio

The third instance where I used it was for wealth and abundance. I have this wealth and abundance mentor that has completely changed my life. However, I have always wanted to hold my energy in the same way that she does.

When I started listening to the audio, I felt the energy I usually feel when I am listening to her wealth consciousness audios except that it was 10x amplified because I was “her” at that moment. I set my anchor during the listen-along and noticed that I was able to bring back some of those feelings without having to go through the audio. It was like smelling a meal that your mom used to make and those home memories come rushing back in. That is the best way I can describe it.

How well do you have to know your genius?

The only caveat to Raikov effect is that this is not a shortcut. You have to know a genius really well – their body language, how they think, how they talk, etc. If you do not know them well then you would have to read their biographies and immerse yourself in that world. The claim of becoming a genius in 10 minutes is only valid if you already know your genius and have done your homework.

Soft Skills vs Technical Skills

This is the biggest problem I had with Raikov Effect is that many would purchase this program for learning technical skills. But this program does not work well for that. I tried it with a technical skill that I wanted to master, and it did not do anything for me. In the course, they talk about how subjects who had success with technical skills were already taking some basic lessons. They did not go into detail about the amount of effort they were putting into that subject matter at home.

I felt that for technical skills, you have to have some knowledge around those skills. Technique is not something that you can easily “borrow”. You can certainly change your body language, mannerisms, and habits to align with this expert so that you become better at it. This could result in you having the same mindset as them and eventually getting the same education that this person did.

Having that confidence within you makes the whole process easier for you. There is power in knowing that you are going to be the best at what you are learning, but there is still some learning involved. I would not recommend using the Raikov effect for learning a new language or a hard skill without being realistic about the outcomes.

What I liked

  • Quick to go through: Easy to learn. Reading the eBook took me less than an hour.
  • Short Audios: The audio tracks are 10 minutes long. Great for a quick pick me up.
  • Good for Soft skills: It works for all the soft skills I have tried so far.
  • Powerful Anchoring technique: The anchoring technique was immensely powerful in getting me back into that elevated state within a second.

What I did not like

  • Sales page: I felt that their sales page made one believe that you borrow a skill within 10 minutes. This is not true if you do not know your genius or do not know that technical skill.
  • No self hypnosis: Raikov originally used hypnosis, and I cannot help but wonder if this technique would have been more powerful with the self hypnosis element in it.
  • In-depth knowledge of expert needed: If you do not know your genius well, you would spend a great deal of time in researching that genius.
  • Not good for technical skills: You have to do the the practical work and immerse yourself in learning the skill as well. This is not a magic pill.
  • Price and Upsell: I thought that Raikov effect was a bit pricey because it is not a video course and you just get 5 audios with it. I would have been more onboard with the price if they gave the entire library with it.

Raikov Effect Alternatives

I have not seen anything like the Raikov Effect before. This course helps with the process of embodiment and increases the confidence/certainty factor. These 2 alternatives will help increase that confidence factor. However, neither of these courses cover NLP, placebo effect, and genius modelling like Raikov Effect.

You can also check out my round up review post on manifestation programs to get a list of all my top recommendations if that is your goal


How can I get a discount?

If you purchase using the link below, you will get a discount on Raikov Effect

Bottom Line

I do feel that if you are looking to increase your confidence and certainty factor or NLP then there are more powerful programs out there such as TMM. Tony Robbins’ Time of Your Life is amazing for NLP techniques, visualization in terms of envisioning your highest self, taking action, and time management. However, Raikov effect is a good programs to make your visualization and embodiment techniques better, if you do not need help with confidence and time management.

All in all, the Raikov Effect Program is a good tool to have in your toolbox, especially for soft skills that you’re not good at. Think of it as the principle of “Acting as if” on steroids. NLP, Placebo effect, and Genius modeling is an equally powerful technique as well. Many leaders such as Napoleon Hill and Hillary Clinton have used such techniques. The Raikov Effect Program is a powerful way to extract the “impossible” out of you because it gives you a tangible way to embody the qualities of an expert in the here and now.

If you do not like the idea of copying someone else, you can use your future self as the expert. One of the powerful law of attraction techniques is known as embodiment. If you are having a hard time with that technique, then the New Raikov Effect can be a game-changer for you because it will give you a way to anchor in those feelings as and when you desire.

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