Best Healing Crystals For Spiritual and Psychic Protection

Did you know that there is an energetic reason behind why we feel so refreshed after a bath? This is because our aura tends to pick up all kinds of energies throughout the day, leaving us feeling drained and mentally exhausted. Baths are one of the best ways to cleanse our aura.

If you are not familiar with energy protection, we all have auric layers around us aka our energy field. Energy can seep in or out of our auras, especially when we have cracks in it.

Seven Layers of Aura Energy Field
Energy Field and Seven Layers of Aura


Ever had a phone call from a girlfriend complaining about her relationship? Notice how exhausted you felt after the call was over.

You will notice that when you are around someone who is happy and bubbly, you start feeling positive and uplifted too. Alternatively, when you are around someone who is negative and complaining, you will start feeling not so good. This is because we are inadvertently taking on their energy.

And this is why protecting your energy is important. When you do not protect your energy, you end up feeling very drained and exhausted.

This is where crystals can be a powerful ally. Check out the guide below on some of the best crystals for protection from negative energy.


Below is a list of my 11 go-to crystal stones for protection from unwanted energies.

Some of these are easy to find and some are rare. You will learn about how these crystals differ from one another, and how to use crystals to establish positive boundaries and protect your aura and body from bad vibes, psychic attacks, and negativity.


All these crystals are great for energy protection but go for the one that calls to you the most. Scan the list and pick the first one you like without overthinking. Your intuition will lead you to the right crystal that you need at this moment.

A word of caution: Please do not ingest these crystals. Some of them can be dangerous and there is little research to support such activities. Crystals work equally well when they are within your energy field in your vicinity.


While there are no scientific studies done on the efficacy of crystals, there have been many personal success stories. As someone who was a skeptic, I was surprised with how quickly some crystals were able to shift my energy in an instant.

Crystals can be used for many things such as positive energy, confidence, productivity, healing, and protection

Black Crystals for Protection and Grounding in a bowl
Black Crystals for Protection and Grounding


Usually, the crystals that are used for protection tend to be associated with Root Chakra and are black in color. But any of these crystals can be combined with Clear Quartz to give them a boost. Clear Quartz is considered to be an amplifier and as such, it will amplify the energy of any crystal to make it more powerful.

These crystals can protect your energy field, your house, your workplace, and your car. Black stones symbolize earth and grounding. When you ground negative energy, it goes straight into the earth.

One cautionary note: Please refrain from combining any of the high vibrational stones, usually blue, white, or, purple in color, with these stones in a car or doing something that requires focus. This is because these grounding stones will force your energy to stay in the present and be focused. Combining them with a high vibrational stone can cause a conflict of energy internally, which can result in loss of focus or an increase in irritability.


tibetan black quartz on floor
Black Tibetan Quartz creates a protective bubble of light around your energy field
  • Chakras: All
  • Type of Protection: Spiritual protection- Creates a protective bubble of light around your energy field.
  • Why do you need one: This is considered to be the most powerful crystals on earth for spiritual protection. They are found in the Himalayas, which are one of the most sacred mountains. I have had relatives who have been to the Himalayan pilgrimages and some of the things they have witnessed there defied the laws of nature. Black Tibetan Quartz creates a bubble of light around the wearer and only allows positive vibrational energies to bypass your energy field
  • How to use it: You can wear it as a pendant for protection or meditate by placing it on the third eye to connect with your intuition


smoke quartz in fingers
Smoky Quartz purifies things around you like smudging and can help you feel uplifted
  • Chakras: Root
  • Type of Protection: Smoky quartz will help you clear out any old thought patterns that are holding you back
  • Why do you need one: Smoky Quartz can change your bad mood in an instant. It also has the ability to transmute or convert negative energy around you into positive energy by grounding it to earth. It purifies things around you in the same way smudging does.
  • How to use it? Use as a wand to cleanse your aura and surroundings, in a car to keep the road rage at bay, and at your office to clear negative thoughts.


Black Tourmaline transmutes negative energy into positive
  • Chakras: Root
  • Type of Protection: Creates protective shield. Transmutes negative energy into positive
  • Why do you need one: Black Tourmaline is one of my favorite grounding stones that eliminates negativity. It has the ability to transmute negative energy to positive. It is not always possible to protect yourself from bad vibes 24/7. This kind of protection requires you to be on guard all the time. This is where black tourmaline is helpful. You can carry on your day as usual, and this stone will create a protective shield around you and take any negative energy that you absorb and turn it into a higher vibrational energy
  • How to use it: You can use it to clear negativity from your space at home or work by placing it by the front door or the corners of your cubicle. You can also tape it to the bottom of your spine to ground you and protect your energy field.


tourmalinated quartz on pink paper
Black Tourmalinated Quartz Crystal for keeping lower vibrations away from you all-day
  • Chakras: All
  • Type of Protection: Emotional protection, Complete purification of the energy field, creates a bubble of light around body
  • Why do you need one: This is like having a Black Tourmaline on steroids. This is the perfect stone for keeping negativity and bad vibrations away from you all day. Clear Quartz is an amplifier and enhances the energy that is surrounding it. This is not always a good thing. If you are feeling down, clear quartz can amplify those feelings as well. This is why this combination works so well because Black Tourmaline transmutes negative energy into positive keeping the Clear Quartz free of negativity. In turn, the Clear Quartz amplifies the transmutation and protective qualities of the Black Tourmaline.
  • How to use it? Carry or wear it around your neck


black azezlutite on concete
Black Azeztulite helps with psychic protection during spiritual rituals. It also replaces the negative energy with the energy of joy and ecstacy
  • Chakras: All
  • Type of Protection: Psychic protection. Also Cleanses and clears your energy field of negative energies, negative entities, attachments, and past life karmic patterns.
  • Why do you need one: The importance of psychic protection cannot be understated. I learned this the hard way. I did not believe in the existence of negative entities. When I practiced Reiki, I did the protection rituals with the intent of protecting myself from “human” negative energy. As I was doing Reiki on someone, I had an encounter that opened me up to a whole new dimension that completely threw me off. I realized the importance of protection against negative entities. Negative entities can attach to our weaker chakras like parasites. This is where a crystal like Black Azeztulite can come into handy. It will not only provide you protection but also clear any negativity in your existing aura or chakras. If you are doing any work that involves channeling energy or connecting with the spiritual realm for intuitive guidance, then a protection stone is a must. Perhaps the most miraculous thing about a Black Azezlutite is that it will not only clear you from the negative energy, but it will replace that void with divine energy that is full of ecstasy and joy.
  • How to use it? Use it in meditation or keep it on hand or within your energy field during spiritual/energy healing work.


amethyst for protection 1
Amethyst helps break addictions and creates light around your aura
  • Chakras: Third Eye, Crown
  • Type of Protection: Spiritual, Breaks bad habits/addictions
  • Why do you need one: Amethyst is known for intuition, but that is not its only use. Amethyst helps break addictions and bad habits by clearing your energy field from negative attachments. It is said to create a shield of light around your aura for added protection.
  • How to use it? Place it in your house, car, workspace, nightstand, or simply hold it during meditation


black obsidian for protection 1
Black obsidian relieves you of internal negative emotions and removes past life attachments
  • Chakras: Root
  • Type of Protection: Removes negative energy, emotions, and attachments (past life)
  • Why do you need one:  Black obsidian can help safeguard your energy by removing negative attachments from current and past lives. It is especially powerful in extracting negativity that is self-imposed through low vibe emotions such as anger, fear, jealousy, etc.
  • How to use it? Use in cord-cutting rituals and practicing forgiveness. Can also be used under your pillowcase at night to dissolve any fear-based emotions within you.


shaman stone on fall leaf
Shaman Stone is great for Shaman work to keep negative entities attaching to you or your client
  • Chakras: All
  • Type of Protection: Psychic protection for you and your client during shamanic work, or working with non-physical realms.
  • Why do you need one: Shaman stone acts as an energetic shield to keep any negative entities attaching to you or your client during such work. If you have never experienced something like this, it is better to keep one of your hands just in case. I did not believe in this stuff until it happened to me and I had to learn it the hard way.
  • How to use it? Keep on hand during shamanic rituals or working with guides


polished labradorite on sand
Labradorite forms a shield around you aura and protects you from anyone trying to siphon your energy
  • Chakras: All
  • Type of Protection: energy vampires, psychic protection
  • Why do you need one: Labradorite is a powerful stone for working with your intuition, spirit guides, lucid dreaming, and past lives. But along with this, it is also very grounding and protecting. It forms a shield around your aura and protects you from any negative entity or person trying to tap into your energy
  • How to use it? Wear it as a pendant, meditate with it, or keep it on your nightstand.


3 black jade on wood
Black Jade protects you from feeling drained by negative people and energy vampires
  • Chakras: All
  • Type of Protection: From energy vampires or someone in lower vibrations
  • Why do you need one: If you are someone who constantly attracts negative people or experiences in your life, you likely need protection for your aura. When we vibrate with positive emotions, people who are still spiritually unconscious and negative can get attracted to our energy, which makes us feel depleted. I personally do not like the term energy vampires because I believe at the end of the day people are good and this is something unconscious. Nonetheless, this is something that needs protection from, and this is what Black Jade can help you with. It makes you invisible to energy vampires and highly aggressive people.
  • How to use it? You can wear it as jewelry or carry it with you.


lady cleaning malachite crystal with brush
Malachite protects you from hostile energy and aggressive people
  • Chakras: Solar Plexus, Heart
  • Type of Protection: Creates awareness of hostile energy around you and creates a protective shell to keep you safe from it. Protects from power abuse.
  • Why do you need one: We all have multiple layers of the energetic field around us, also known as auras or auric field. Over time tears are formed within the field making us especially vulnerable to negativity. This is why we absorb negative energy so easily. Malachite is said to not only protect but strengthen your aura. It is a great crystal if you are surrounded by negative people and narcissists. Malachite is also said to give the wearer “luck” and they start experiencing positive things and synchronicities.
  • How to use it? Wear it around your neck near your heart center.


There you have it. Some of the very best crystals for all types of energy protection. If you are someone who tends to get spaced out or anxious, it is a definite sign that your being needs grounding and these protective stones can help with that as well.


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