I lost my faith at 7: A journey into rediscovering faith.

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The Riots “Poonam, they are killing each other. I think they have swords.”, cried my brother. We were witnessing mayhem from our apartment. Mumbai was at the epicenter of 1993 riots between Hindus and Muslims. I remember my seven year old self standing outside my 1st Floor balcony seeing two groups of people, who looked […]

How To Unblock all 7 Chakras Using Extremely Easy, Yet Effective Techniques

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In this article, you will find the most effective ways on how to unblock chakras at home without an energy healer. As a Reiki Practitioner, I have worked with Chakras closely and have researched and used various methods on how to unblock chakras over the years. Chakras can seem a bit intimidating at first, but aligning them at home is fairly easy once you get the hang of it.

Best Healing Crystals For Spiritual and Psychic Protection


Did you know that there is an energetic reason behind why we feel so refreshed after a bath? This is because our aura tends to pick up all kinds of energies throughout the day, leaving us feeling drained and mentally exhausted. Baths are one of the best ways to cleanse our aura. If you are […]