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15 Brainwave Entrainment Facts that everyone should know

I have used multiple brainwave entrainment products and have done quite a bit of research into brainwave entrainment.
Not many published studies have been done on this topic – most research papers I found were private and sponsored. Having said that, I have picked up a few facts along the way and am sharing in this article for you.

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The Complete Guide to How Long Should You Meditate for

Can meditation be 2 minutes and still be effective or does it have to be 60 minutes+ to get the profound benefits that people talk about. So how long should you meditate for? I have learned that the answer is different for everyone and depends on a couple of things.

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My Social Media Experiment

I have not been on social media for years except for my business accounts. After years, I decided to post something on my personal account. Things escalated after that. This is my blog on my personal experience and what I learned from it.


The Science Behind Brainwave Meditation and Why it Can be Beneficial

A brainwave is a pattern of electrical activity in the brain that can be measured by an electroencephalography (EEG) machine. Theta waves in brainwave activity can be observed when one is in a drowsy state – the state that you are in upon waking up or right before going to bed. This is a highly desirable state that has the potential to unlock altered states such as creativity, peak performance, and heightened intuition.
With standard meditation, it can take years to get to this place and stay in it for long periods of time. However, brainwave entrainment technology can synchronize your brain to these states much faster.

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The Best Meditation Books to Start Your Journey to Inner Peace

In this blog, we will talk about the best books on meditation. Each book has been selected for its ability to give you a different perspective on your meditation practice.
Books can be a powerful resource when it comes to learning how to meditate. With these recommendations, you can learn from some of the best minds in the field and figure out which style of meditation is right for you

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Why I stopped using Holosync

I initially fell in love with Holosync because of its beautiful soundscapes and how easily it centered me. However, I experienced side effects with Holosync and have learned why things did not work out with this meditation.

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My Brain Evolution System Review

This is a review for Brain Evolution System by Inspire 3 in 2021 I’ve spent 30+ hours reviewing and 6 months using Brain Evolution System – the premium meditation program by Inspire 3 If you want to know: Then you’ve come to the right place. Let’s get started. Jump to Full Review Introduction I started …

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