My Social Media Experiment

I have not been on social media for years except for my business accounts. After years, I decided to post something on my personal account. Things escalated after that. This is my blog on my personal experience and what I learned from it.

“I see you are back active on social media,” said my friend

“Yes I am!”, I chirped back.

I hadn’t used my personal social media account in years since I had my kids.

Out of nowhere, I decided to post a story.

The views, the responses, everything was so addicting.

All I wanted to do was post more, make myself more relevant.

It was the weirdest thing.

I thought I had put all this behind me.

But apparently not.

One of the strange things that happened during this social media experiment was that while I was being happy and present, thanks to my meditation and alignment practices, I was just staying there.

Does that make sense?

Not moving. Not progressing towards anything.

Needless to say, after wasting so many days on social media, I was angry at myself that I had not accomplished anything and for what – for the joy of seeing acquaintances like and share my posts. What good did that do except boost my ego?

But then I brought myself to the present and sat in meditation.

As I went deeper into my center, I asked myself about the lesson I was supposed to learn from this experience.

And the answer or rather the questions that came back to me were clear as day.

My inner guidance said: What is ultimately more important to you? What are you getting out of posting all this? Is this your ultimate ‘Why’?

Of course, it was not.

I was wasting my time and energy on something nonsensical because it brought me (or rather my ego) a little short-term joy.

And that made me realize the difference between joy through instant gratification versus joy through personal accomplishment – sacrificing things in the short term to realize a future vision.

Sacrificing happiness in the present is short-term “pain”, which is why most people avoid it.

This is why vision and discipline are as important as being in the present.

Because it leads us to bigger joys and pleasures in life.

It helps us grow, helps us accomplish things for a better future, and gives us a sense of purpose.

Life is a delicate dance between being in the present, having a vision, and taking aligned action towards it.

My motto always has been:

  1. Live life in the present until something inspires you
  2. Then start taking action towards that vision.
  3. Make sure the action should come from a place of flow and intuition rather than resistance and force.

As I had an inner dialogue with my intuition in meditation, I decided to put away social media again and come back to my goals.

I watched my mind movie and started attuning myself to the joy of my future vision, to the joy of having it all.

That beautiful energy inspired me to create a new plan for myself and start working towards it.

As I accomplished more things towards my vision, I felt happy.

As I kissed my kids good night knowing that I was doing something for their future, I slept more soundly than I had in weeks.

If you struggle with creating a vision and feel that you need more than a vision board, I high recommend mind movies.

If you struggle with social media addiction, I highly recommend looking into journaling or hypnosis.

Share with me if you are on social media detox or are considering going on one. What was your ‘Why’ for doing this?

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