15 Brainwave Entrainment Facts that everyone should know

I have used multiple brainwave entrainment products and have done quite a bit of research into brainwave entrainment. Not many published studies have been done on this topic - most research papers I found were private and sponsored. Having said that, I have picked up a few facts along the way and am sharing in this article for you.
  1. Our brain has Beta (30-16 Hz, conscious state), Alpha (15-8 Hz, relaxed), Theta (7-4 Hz, drowsy, dreamlike), and Delta (30 – 0.1 Hz, sleep) Brainwaves.
  2. We usually have a mix of these brainwaves at any given time, but the predominant brainwave will depend on the state we are in.
  3. Low Beta is good for concentration and focus
  4. Alpha is great for relaxation and mindfulness
  5. Theta is the brainwave of choice for tapping into your intuition
  6. Delta state is considered to be restorative
  7. Binaural Beats, Monaural Beats, and Isochronic tones are the 3 most popular entrainment processes used in Brain Wave Entrainment (BWE). Brainwave Entrainment is not the only thing that makes a powerful brainwave meditation. Sound effects and rhythmic processes also help with this.
  8. Binaural Beats are more effective in synchronizing your left and right hemispheres, rather than entraining your brain to a lower level
  9. Monaural beats and Isochronic tones are suggested to be better at entraining your brain to lower frequencies, but there is not enough published research on this.
  10. Gamma brainwaves (31-100 Hz) cannot be created using Binaural beats because the carrier frequency methodology that binaural beats used stops being effective when the difference is at that level.
  11. The better way to access Gamma brainwaves is organic – by entraining to the alpha-theta cusp. This is Schumann’s resonance, which is associated with flow and creativity. Spikes of Gamma activity have been observed when combined with feelings of joy and compassion at this frequency.
  12. Epsilon brainwaves (0.5 Hz-0 Hz) are very low-frequency brainwaves and are associated with mystical, out-of-body experiences and tapping into the collective unconscious. There is the “oneness” effect, which happens at this frequency due to the synchronization between the left and right hemispheres. This is hard to measure because most EEG devices cannot go lower than 0.5 Hz.
  13. Lambda brainwaves (100 Hz) on the other side of the spectrum are higher than Gamma, but yet produce the same effect as the Epsilon brainwaves. It has been hypothesized that there is perhaps are cyclical effect between the observed upper and lower limits here.
  14. Some experts suggest that mixing multiple technologies (isochronic, binaural, and monaural) is not a good thing, but some suggest the absolute opposite. I could not find any research that supports either of these claims.
  15. Being at the “deepest” brainwave state is not the objective, because every brainwave state has its own powerful benefits. It is better to pick a program that entrains you to a brainwave state that aligns with your unique meditation goal

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7 thoughts on “15 Brainwave Entrainment Facts that everyone should know”

  1. Wonderful facts! I agree with all except for 10.

    You absolutely can induce gamma activity through the use of Binaural beats. The reason for why it was said to have the difference between the two beats 30 Hz max is because too much beta wave activity is associated with feelings of stress and anxiety.

    So it was lead to believe that anything beyond the 30 Hz spectrum would lead to anxiety and stress. We now know this isn’t the case after the discovery of gamma waves being found in digital EEG.

    Thankfully, gamma waves are associated with flow of creative insights, and overall, a more superconscious way of functioning, and we can induce these with binaural beats (I’m living proof of it!).

    It’s easy and awesome. I have 200 Hz on the left and 290 Hz on the right – 90 Hz Gamma – and it is true what they say about the gamma spectrum powering up the whole brain! It’s really, really amazing.

    But besides that, I loved reading this. Good stuff.

  2. Thank you so much for all your clear and accessible information on BWE. I have only I was aware of the concept of Binaural beats and the Hemi-sync system years ago, but never explored it and am only now getting interested in starting to explore this world to help me get past old blocks and more towards my goals. Your sight seems to have some of the best information I can find for honest reviews and useful information. I am still trying to decide which system to invest my time and money into first, and have read that visual entrainment and audio and visual combined in AVE seems to be considered by many to be much more effective than audio alone. I don’t see a review on your site of an AVE system. Do you have any experience or plans to try one. I’d be very curious to hear your opinion. Thank you again.

      1. Yes, of course. The two main producers I am aware of are MindPlace and Mind Alive

        MindPlace seems to be a long-standing reputable company. Their two main machines the “Kasina” and “Limina” and associated programs seem to be more geared at the general consumer interested in wellness, meditation, etc. https://mindplace.com/

        Mind Alive and their “David Delight” series of machines seem to be even more reputable and coming at things from a therapeutic direction—targeting conditions such as ADHD, Concussion and brain injury, PTSD, SAD, Seniors’ issues (including cognition, memory, and balance), Sleep. Its founder Dave Siever seems to be a real authority in the field with lots of research under his belt. Besides Audio-Visual Entrainment (AVE), they also seem to be involved with a wider range of products such as Cranio-Electro Stimulation (CES), Microcurrent Electro Therapy (MET), and others. https://mindalive.com/

        One other I have become aware of is the “BrainTap” system. I’m less interested in it since it seems like an excessively expensive and flashy “Johnny-come-lately” https://braintap.com/
        And I’ve seen a few other smaller brands that don’t seem worth mentioning.

        I’m leaning towards getting a Kasina from MindPlace since the Mind Alive products and site (though impressive) seem a little overwhelming.

        But I am a little on the fence. On the one hand, most testimonials I’ve read, indicate that this technology is very effective. On the other hand, I’m very surprised at the scarcity of testimonials, YouTube vids, reviews, and discussion in general. If this work that well I don’t know why there wouldn’t be more information and discussion about it. Possibly because this type of thing is faddish, and after it has it’s 15 minutes people are looking for the next best thing.

        I’m also a little hesitant about the whole technology in general. Like you said about Holosync, it sort of seems like cheating to me if something is doing much of the work for you. Afterall isn’t exercising the mind or muscles as much about the PROCESS of actually exercising as it is about the results. In that respect it seems like bio- / neurofeedback devices like the “Muse” or “Mendi” or “Heart Math” would be better at training you to do the exercise. But I am very interested in the possibility of using these for getting to deep states for hypnotic suggestions, visualization, etc. so I am leaning more towards an AVE system for now.

        Anyway, since it sounds like you have not tried these, I won’t wait around for your review before getting one, but if you do try one, I would be love to hear about your experience compared to all of the other meditation aids and audio programs you have tried.
        Sorry, that got a bit long for a comment 😀
        Blessing, Jonathan

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