Why I stopped using Holosync

I initially fell in love with Holosync because of its beautiful soundscapes and how easily it centered me. However, I experienced side effects with Holosync and have learned why things did not work out with this meditation.

Holosync is a brainwave entrainment program created by Bill Harris that takes you into deep meditation and helps you achieve a profound state of peace and serenity. I was very excited about trying Holosync. and my first 2 weeks with Holosync were nothing short of bliss

I had an amazing experience with Holosync meditations for the first 2 weeks

I started using the Holosync meditation program a few months back and fell in love with it. My previous meditation practice needed me to focus on a mantra during meditation, which sometimes made it cumbersome. This is when I stumbled upon Holosync, which is a lazy person’s meditation. With Holosync you do not need to focus at all. You could have a busy mind full of scattered thoughts, but Holosync had the ability to get your brain to focus and fall into a deep meditative state. Holosync’s base level (Awakening prologue) started with a 30-minute Dive mp3, which slowed down my thoughts and brought me into a meditative state automatically. Check out my original Holosync review here.

I saw instant changes in my life, but then it got complicated

It helped me feel rested or refreshed in the mornings. The soundscapes were so beautiful that I started looking forward to the meditation. After the first 2 weeks, I had to add the “Immersion” mp3 to my Dive meditation, which added 30 minutes to my routine. This made Holosync a 60-minute meditation. As I started doing the full 60 minutes of practice, I saw some huge changes just as higher productivity and discipline. But I also started experiencing side effects such as an increase in irritability, being too much in my head, changes in temperament, not feeling grounded, and so on.

I thought a 60-minute practice would do miracles for me, but in fact, I’ve found that the opposite had happened

My stress levels went up. I started getting short with my kids and did not feel present at all. Holosync made me feel good for the first 2 hours, but after that, I spiraled into my negative patterns of anger, pessimism, etc. I also found 60 minutes to be too long and sometimes fell asleep during the meditation. My immune system has been great for years since I started having a regular meditation practice, but I started getting sick more often. I have to say that I started sending my kids back to school around this time, and it is possible that they were bringing germs from outside.

I decided to stop using this product because it was not working as promised

This was an expensive, advanced technology, and 60-minute meditation that I had huge expectations from. If I was spending 60 minutes on a meditation, my expectations were that I should feel zen and stress-free throughout the day. What was interesting was then when I did not use any focus techniques and relied on Holosync to do the work for me, the “zen” feeling went away in a few hours. However, if I used my focus techniques during meditation then I stayed in a relaxed state for 5-6 hours. However, this was still was not good enough for me. My meditations prior to Holosync lasted an entire day. Upon further research, I found that it takes close to a year to get what I wanted out of the program. This was too long for me especially when I have had those results on my own. Perhaps, this is the downside of choosing the “lazy way” out.

Holosync does caution you against side effects and asks you to stick with it because they eventually go away. As a mother of 2 young ones, I feel that my moods affect them quite a bit. The reason why I meditate is to be more patient and compassionate towards them. This is when I realized that Holosync was not the best meditation for me. Holosync was not the best fit for me

During this time, I started using another program from Holosync.

This program was supposed to be complementary to Holosync, but I did not notice any changes and asked for a refund within 3 days. Centerpointe declined my refund request stating that they did not offer refunds on digital products. Suffice to say, I feel that the customer service is not great because I am a Holosync customer. I am not out there to scam them ad I would not have requested a refund unless something genuinely did not work for me. I do feel that Centerpointe is now a very commercial company. They market really well, which is why it feels as if Holosync may be your only solution and you feel obliged to spend a lot after it. I cannot recommend this product because it is quite expensive and if you experience the side effects that I did then it may not be worth the price tag.

The levels also got incrementally expensive

When Holosync was working for me, I assumed that the future levels would be cheaper or the same price as the base level. But I was wrong. I looked into their advanced levels and was surprised to see that their base level (Awakening prologue) was around $159 after the discount. I looked into their next level, which was close to $280. The next level was another $277. Holosync has 12 levels and this seemed like quite a hefty investment.

It’s possible that Holosync is only meant to be temporary and not a long-term solution

Perhaps this is why they have so many levels. Again, there is no way to know. They do have a brilliant marketing team. But I also know that Holosync has huge research behind it and has changed people’s lives. I have read reviews of folks who graduated with Holosync i.e. used all the 12 levels and then stopped using it. They said that they don’t feel the same anymore as they did with Holosync. This tells me that there is a dependency element to Holosync and even after doing 12 levels, you are not on your own. This would have been fine with me if it were a 20-30 minute long meditation. But committing to a 60-minute practice for life can seem daunting for many.

If you’re looking for a meditation program that is better than Holosync, try the program that I am currently using.

I have learned the hard way that meditation is not supposed to be “lazy”. It is an active practice that requires focus and concentration. It is a way to exercise and discipline your brain. There are programs and techniques that can help you become better at it. However, there is certainly some effort on your end as well.

This is how I developed resiliency and the ability to stay calm and chill despite whatever was happening around me. Brainwave entrainment meditations are powerful, but it is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Since Holosync, I have researched and tried multiple competitors and finally settled upon the one that worked for me and lasts more than 24 hours. It gives me the same “altered state” benefits that Holosync did and some more. Minus the side effects.

In other words, don’t give up on meditation just because it doesn’t work – you may be using the wrong tool.

If you have tried Holosync or any other meditation that did not work for you, don’t lose hope. Sometimes you just have to find the right tool for you and that takes some trial and error.

The ability to focus is an important skill too. I struggled with meditation for the longest time and finally put the pieces together when I taught myself how to focus during meditations. I can use certain focus techniques with any meditation to make it a success. If you lose your focus easily then I have a cheat sheet that you will find helpful. You can use this with any silent or brainwave entrainment.

Make sure you have a strong reason to want to meditate before starting one or else there won’t be enough motivation to keep going

Lastly, meditation does require some leverage for you to keep going. Find your why and connect with it daily. It could be becoming more focused, more creative, intuitive, etc. In my case, I started meditating to connect with my intuition and become more patient with my kids.

Share with me what are your top reasons for meditating.



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5 thoughts on “Why I stopped using Holosync”

  1. Hi, this is just a random comment as I can across your review above while looking for something else to do with Holosync.
    My experience with it was amazing, I first did in when I was 33 which was 17 years ago, it made me feel more connected to other people (before I always felt alienated), more confident and happier.
    The effects were permanent for me. I just wanted to say this because you had a different experience and in all fairness you did not stick with it long enough for a full and probably permanent improvement. So this is just for a balanced point of view. I really feel that Holosync was the most singular important thing I did in my life

  2. Hi Chris, l have never done any type of meditation,and at74 l think it might be a bit late to start now,just read about Holosync wonder if this would help me as worried at my age thinking about all the things that come with age.Dementia, Alzheimer’s etc.

    1. Hi Sue, for the most part, it’s never too late to start meditating, even if it’s as simple an approach as watching/counting breaths. The relief you will experience as you become less obsessive/compulsive with keeping your awareness on the endlessly-chattering mind will be, at least, relaxing. The major point of learning to meditate is to pick a method which matches your personality. If you are the excessively cerebral, analytic type, the discipline of zen may be your cup of tea. If you’re more the typical distracted/anxious type, the gentleness of mindfulness, vipassana or Transcendental Meditation may be better. If you find it difficult to stay still, Sufi dancing or a walking meditation may be your choice. If you are tired/exhausted, the ease of The Ishayas’ Ascension or a guided meditation may be a more appropriate entryway for you. There are many forms of meditation available; pick one and explore it. As long as it’s an established path, it’s all good!

  3. I completed the Holosync programme many years ago and it was never a permanent improvement. To say so is just lying. You don’t lift weights for a year and then expect to maintain the improvements for the rest of your life. The best experience I had with Holosync was with the very first Cd’s but after that it caused depression, anxiety and lot’s of irritation for many years until I finished the programme. You absolutely do not need to continuously buy higher levels as Delta is the deepest brainwave you can go so just stick with the Awakening Prologue and if you want use Dive as well but that really is all you need. Don’t be mislead by the theory that you have to keep going deeper and deeper into your subconscious mind to root out emotional issues that’s not what meditation is used for. Awakening Prologue will take you deeper in meditation than you will ever achieve on your own practicing a traditional style of meditation.

    1. “Don’t be mislead by the theory that you have to keep going deeper and deeper into your subconscious mind to root out emotional issues that’s not what meditation is used for” – 100% agree with this.

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