How to Manifest Money Instantly using the 3 Phases of Law of Attraction

You do not have to have your own business or win a lottery ticket or do something dramatic in order to manifest money. At the time of writing this article, I still have a 9-5 job in the corporate world and large sums of unexpected money still come.


You do not have to have your own business or win a lottery ticket or do something dramatic in order to manifest money.

I used to be someone who could not manifest anything, let alone money. I used to think that the only people for whom the law of attraction worked were people who were in this industry, and the Secret was just science of positive thinking.

I was wrong.

I have now learned not only how to use the law of attraction but also how to manifest money beyond my monthly income from unexpected places and on a regular basis.

At the time of writing this article, I still have a 9-5 job in the corporate world and unexpected money still comes.


How long do YOU think it will take? See, your belief is the rate-limiting factor here. If you can stand behind an instant manifestation fully and completely with zero resistance and follow the process, the inspiration through which the manifestation occurs can happen overnight.

And as you follow the inspiration and take the action steps, the money will come. And I am not talking about manifesting a cup of free coffee, but rather attracting cold, hard cash.

In this post,I have laid out the exact process and tips that will help you attract money to your life quickly and easily


Money Manifestation is using the Law of attraction in order to attract your desires – in this case, abundance, money, and wealth.

Manifesting money is very different than using the law of attraction for other areas of our lives. This is because we tend to have a lot of resistance and negative stories around money.


When you are in a situation where you can’t attract more money, there are usually 2 main reasons

  1. There is either a false belief around money that is holding you back, but you are not able to identify and diffuse it, or
  2. You are likely getting tripped up between your future desire, your current state, and actions

So how to manifest money, cold hard cash instantly?


I have been manifesting money since March 2020 when I took my first money mindset course that changed how I was using the Law of Attraction for attaining financial freedom. I highly recommend this course. However, if you are not a course person, then reading wealth consciousness books will help as well because as I have said before – Manifesting money is different than other things.

In order to successfully manifest money, I have to enjoy my current state but also work towards a future goal (through inspired actions), while simultaneously fueling my desires through Law of attraction rituals

The way I have been able to manifest money is by dedicating equal time to all these three stages
Image showing 3 stages on how to manifest money
How to Manifest Money – The secret is to spend equal time in all these states

Stage 1: Energizing Future Desire

This is where I think many reside. They are focused on energizing future desires and goals. They are creating a vision board, and journaling, and creating manifestation boxes to manifest their goals and success. However, the money does not come for many in this phase. For the people whose desires do manifest, it is usually because they are unconsciously living in Stage 2 and Stage 3. In my experience, there has to be an equal distribution of effort in all these areas.

These are the steps that you can take to energize your future desire. When you do this, you are communicating to the universe/your subconscious the thing that is important to you. You are focusing on something. And what we focus on expands.

Getting clear on your money goals

Get Clear on Your Goals

Clarity is one of the biggest components in money manifestation. if you do not know what you are trying to attract, then how would the universe know that you’re calling in that desire.

Take a piece of paper and write down the amount of money you want to manifest. Be specific. Take it a step further and understand why you are trying to manifest that money aka Your Why List. Create affirmations or an index card around it so that it is always in your mind.

Change Limiting beliefs

journal on your false beliefs
Journaling is a powerful way to work on your false beliefs

As someone who is able to manifest money time and time again from unexpected places, I can confidently say that the biggest reason for not being able to manifest money in your life is a bad money mindset – the resistance and the false negative beliefs that we have around money.

So when you look at your goal, ask yourself – do you truly believe that you can have this money? If there is any part of your that does not think you can have it, then you have to clear those false beliefs.

You can use various techniques to clear beliefs. Some of them are EFT, hypnosis, ho’oponopono, journaling, affirmations, etc. I personally use journaling for money-related false beliefs.

Fuel your desires

visualization quote
Visualize to fuel your desires

Now that the background work is done, the fun part is here. This is where you can use all the law of attraction techniques to really immerse yourself in the future state. It is said that when you focus on the object of your desire for 17 seconds with all your senses, that is when Law of attraction is put into motion.

You can fuel your desires through visualization, vision board, scripting, daydreaming etc. When you are immersed in the future state by engaging all of your senses, your subconscious is tricked into believing that you are actually living in that reality. And that is when you will start having groundbreaking ideas and nudges that will ultimately lead you to our desire.

I personally use a vision board, and sometimes scripting. If you are interested in creating one in under an hour, check out my blog post here. You want something that allows you to be in the energy of money. If you have the money right now in this moment, what will happen and how would it feel? Once you are in the money energy, stay in that energy of abundance for some time.

Stage 2: Enjoying Current State

Many call this “surrender”. I do not like that word – it does not feel very positive. Instead of surrender, I call this being in the flow and enjoying the current state.

Staying present

be present meditation
Be present by not staying too long in the past or future

Imagine this –  you just had a high vibe morning ritual and you successfully fueled your desires. You feel as if you are on top of the world.

And then instead of enjoying the present, you start multi-tasking and doing things without intention and mindfulness. Suddenly you find that you are thinking about the future, and that thinking turns into worry, and then anxiety. All this positive momentum build-up from your morning was for nothing.

See, when you are not present, you are either staying in the past or future. Living in the past can bring feelings of depression and sadness. Living in the future can bring feelings of anxiety and overwhelm.

Look for moments when you are not present and in your body, but rather in your head and scattered. Check-in with yourself – are you keeping yourself too busy through multi-tasking instead of giving full attention to each activity

The other benefit of staying present is that it is an intuition booster. It becomes SO easy to recognize your intuition from your thoughts/ego when you are being present.

Being in the flow of life

how to be in flow quote
Go with the flow

The way I see it is that you almost have to imagine that you are in a stream, and life is taking you downstream, through the path of least resistance. When you are downstream, you are in flow, and that is when you get whatever it is that you desire.

However, if you try to go against the flow, it is harder and will take longer to manifest money into your life.

I used to have a business that I wanted so badly to work, but it just was not working, no matter what I did. I tried so much (too much actually), and eventually, I realized that I was going against my flow. Everything in my life was out of sorts when I was working on that business. It was like the Universe was saying No to me.

Now that I look back, I realize that it happened because I was out of integrity with that business. That is why I could not get into the flow state while I was working on it. A big reason was that I was trying to manifest success by betraying myself and not being true to who I was.

Are you pursuing a career or business goal that you are passionate about and are good at? You do not have to be the best – you can improve your skillset. But aligning to your unique strengths will give you an edge over others. You will begin to stay true to yourself and that truth will turn you into a powerful magnet for others. It will not drain you making it easier to stay in the flow because you are doing something that you love and are good at it.

Enjoying the journey and Daily Gratitude

This is probably the one life-changing thing for me in the “surrender” part of the process: I stopped putting deadlines on my desires and started being grateful for my current situation. I

had always wanted my own business since I had my first baby. I hated my job which was not allowing me to be there with my kids. This led to me putting deadlines on when I wanted my business to go live, which created resistance. I found that I was getting anxious and this business that was supposed to create freedom was actually taking time away from my kids.

However, over time, I have changed this mindset and chose to look at it differently. I am now so grateful for this job that is allowing me to be present with my kids. I am so grateful that it is giving me the means to pursue my dream business.

Not that this gratitude is not a bullet point in my journal or a sentence in my affirmations. Rather it is something that I am truly grateful for

Perspective is everything. And your outer world will always reflect your inner. I have found that ever since I have adopted an attitude of gratitude, things are different. I was moved from challenging projects to projects that provide me with more work-life balance. Everyone at work is nicer to me and I am very appreciated. Work is becoming less of an energy drain giving me more time to be present with my family and work on my business.

Gratitude for money is huge too – gratitude for money coming in, but also gratitude for the money that you are spending. For example: Thank you money for providing me with the means to buy dinner tonight. I am so grateful that I will not have to cook and will be able to play with the kids now.

Getting inspired actions

inspired action quote
Connect with your intuition for your action list

One of the biggest benefits of enjoying your current state (other than melting the resistance away) is that your intuition will become supercharged. You will get getting intuitive ideas.

I remember when I just started meditating and was disappointed because I could not hear my intuition. The problem was that I was not truly enjoying my current state, which is why there was too much resistance, and even while I was quieting my mind down, I was too attached and worrying about my future. These earlier actions will help you get less attached and will make it very easy to get inspired actions.

Inspired actions and nudges that you get through using your intuition intentionally are the best-kept secrets to getting the law of attraction to work for you.

Stage 3: Taking Inspired Actions

The action component is not the easiest for everyone. There is a common misconception in the spiritual community that you have to take the path of least resistance. It is true that you should be in the flow, but when you are inspired to take action, there is some effort required.

Taking any action is challenging because of inertia. We love to be left in the state we are in. Taking inspired actions will require you to get out of your comfort zone and do the thing.

Just last week, I was doing this money “work” and set a goal to manifest $30,000. After I went through the process, I said a prayer and meditated. In my meditation, I heard “stocks”. Immediately, I knew that I had to hire a CFP.

In our meeting this week, I found out that I had been sitting on $40,000 worth of RSUs from the job that I had no idea I had.

Now, here is the thing. I had to do the work. I had to gather all my financial accounts. I had to go through the process of finding someone good and setting up those meetings. I had to pay someone to do it for me.

Alternatively, if I did not have the means to pay someone, I would have to learn all this on my own. So the path that you take is up to you, but there is that action component. In my case, it was not huge, but there have been times where I have been called to create big things (Such as this website and my Youtube channel), which require daily work and actions.

Committing to an action plan

Once you get an inspired idea, create an action plan or a task list. Schedule it on your calendar and/or delegate it to someone else. Either way, make sure you do it right away. One of the big reasons why I struggled to manifest in the past was that I did not realize that Money loves speed.

This means that once you get an inspired idea, if you do not work on it right away, then it will not be as potent later. If you have read Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic, you will know that many people tend to get identical ideas at the same time. If you do not act on them, someone else will.

Embodying your future self

In the RSU manifestation that I just wrote about, I was operating from a state of my future self. The current me would have likely tried to manage stocks on my own. However, I embodying my future millionaire self, who likely would have hired the best to do this work. If I did this on my own, I may have manifested, but not such as huge amount – partially because I do not even know what RSUs are. This is why embodiment is the key to quantum leaps.

I personally use Chakras for embodiment, but you can use anything that you feel called to use. The intention is to not only visualize your future self but to get into the energy of your future self who has the success that you desire. Then you begin to take actions from that powerful energetic state. What would your version 2.0 do and how would they think? As you start operating from this mindset, your inner will reflect your outer and you will slowly change and in reality become your future self.

Law of compensation

law of compensation

Law of compensation states that you can manifest money when (1) what you offer is in demand (2) when you are providing the best value for your services.

I used to be a project manager in a very prestigious team within my work. The work that I did was good. However, there were other good people in my team who did the thing that I did. Due to this, my raises and my bonuses were mediocre.

Then I got a new job within a different group. I was of the very few project managers within that group. Not only that, others in the group did not have the same skills as I did. Due to this, my demand became high even though my skills were still the same. I started manifesting bigger opportunities and started getting huge bonuses and appreciation.

Now, something to keep in mind is that I got busy with my kids and business, and did not work on growing my job skills. Because of this, others within my team were “catching up” to my level. So the 2nd part of the law of compensation was not working in my favor – my value was not the best anymore.

Due to this, I realized that I had to start learning more things and increasing my knowledge base so that I could differentiate myself. I took it upon myself to increase my skill set and as I did that, I impressed my managers and was able to secure a big bonus and more reserved stock units aka more abundance.

With my business as well, I realized that I had to learn more technical things in order to become the best in this industry. Just action and mindset would not cut it, I had to continuously grow my skill set as well.

Being open to unlimited possibilities

unlimited possibilities
Try not to get too attached to the way you want your desire to come to you

I constantly hear people say that they really want to manifest money a certain way and quit jobs. And I fell in this school of thought for as long as I can remember. Eventually, I learned about this principle in one of the courses that I took. Money is money. It does not matter how it comes to you so long as it does. So if my job can provide me with the means, I should continue to do it. It does not mean that I cannot pursue my passion but this job is giving me the means to pursue it.

I am here writing this blog post and enjoying this process because it is my passion. But if I did not have the job that gave me the financial means to provide for my family, I probably would not be here working on this business. So in a way, until my business catches up to my work income, I choose to honor the job that is giving me the means to do so.

Many millionaires, billionaires invest in business ventures that are not their “soul purpose”. This is not to say that you should invest in something you are not passionate about. There has to be some element of passion, but it does not have to be a “soul mate” thing either. In my case, I love my job and I love the work that I do. Would I prefer to have a business instead? 100 percent. But I can live with my job until my business starts running the way I want it to.


I hope this has helped. These are the principles I have learned over the past 4 years of learning this material and successfully implementing it. The first time I truly manifested cash was within 4 days. So yes – you can manifest money instantly! As the money queen, Amanda Frances says your only limit is the one that you put on yourself.

You now have my most powerful tips to attract abundance and all of the things that you truly desire in your life. Some of these will take practice and effort, but it is so worth it. So create that vision board, get inspired, and take action today! You are a money magnet, I promise!


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