Are you using Self Help as an excuse to procrastinate?

Self Help is everywhere these days. There are gurus advocating towards reading 1 book every week. Find out why that may not be as good as you think.

I have found that Self Help by itself is not enough because a lot of “self help” is based around consumption rather than action.

So yes, self-help can be powerful if it translates into action – not just short term action, but to the point where action becomes habit.

That is why I have never agreed with things such as read a self help book every month or listen to podcasts every day.

There is no judgement here.

Because I have been there
and I have done that

and it can get so addicting

but it is time to recognize that all this is is intellectual entertainment.

Knowledge never goes to waste.

So by all means, consume.

but regard that as nothing more than knowledge that you know have in your arsenal

Recognize that this knowledge does not automatically translate into self evolution until you implement it

It is just another cork in your cork collection like that college degree that you worked hard to get but never used at that job.

The biggest thing that changed me in this area was to find no more than 1 mentor in each area of my life that I want to change.

I listen to them when I feel out of sorts in that area – no more than 15-20 minutes.

If I feel that I am hearing them but not listening to them then that typically means there is some misalignment within me

And I need to do a few things to get out of that space

I pull out journal
or meditate
or do affirmations, hypnosis, or use brainwave tools.

But I “work” on myself, rather than consume material.

If you are in a space where you are consuming more than you are creating, it may be time to reflect on why that may be.

Are you perhaps distracting yourself from your goal?

Start connecting with your why.

Pull out that journal and list all the reasons why you may be doing this.

As you journal, you will feel your energy shift, and you will be able to get yourself into a more productive state.

If you still feel that you are still not there then there is a chance that it may be a deeply-rooted confidence issue and there are more powerful tools that help with that as well – this does not mean consuming other people’s stuff but rather focusing on how you can move that energy within you (hopefully on a more semi-permanent level)

With strategy and selective self-help, the right mindset tools, and an effort to connect with your goals every day, there is nothing you cannot accomplish.

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