How energy work helped me remove my money blocks

There was a time when I didn’t like wearing jewelry.

When my husband and I started dating, he would buy it for me.

I would be OK with it until I realized that what he bought me was real, not fake.

And then I wouldn’t want to wear it anymore

Because it felt tacky and not good.

I also did not buy designer bags

I would buy cheap cloth bags.

I actually liked the cheaper stuff

But what was odd about it is that I felt uncomfortable and tacky in the pricier stuff. I would go out of my way not to wear it.

I liked how it looked on others.

But when I saw myself in the mirror with “expensive” things.

It felt tacky and wrong.

And here was the root of my unconscious money ceiling.

Why I stayed at the same income level for many years.

My problem was 

“I don’t need expensive things. For what? I am comfortable where I am. What is the point?” 

In my open solar plexus, which was conditioned to make others happy because I found happiness in their happiness, I took on this way of being.

Cheap is what makes my parents happy. Cheap is good. I love cheap. I look better in cheap.

Subconscious translation: Money is a finite resource. We cannot “waste” money on expensive things. Otherwise, money will run out and there is no way we can make more money than what we are used to.

It has been about two years later where I have worked on myself through the awareness of my human design and energetics like it’s a full time job.

Anytime I notice something funky, I go into my energy field, find the block and clear it.

I did not realize when the shift happened, but it recently did.

We took a vacation to Cancun last month

And as I was packing, I realized that I don’t like my old cloth bags anymore

I don’t like wearing fake jewelry anymore.

I don’t like my non-designer sunglasses anymore

I cannot believe that I liked it at one point.

It has nothing to do with the cost

But I want the quality; I finally see the quality and appreciate it

I have energetically upgraded myself where there is no room for things that are not quality in my life

What’s more is that I am expecting close to an extra $20k in my bank account the next two weeks – half of it expected, half unexpected. 

When you open yourself to higher levels of income, you open yourself to guidance and opportunities that allow for those higher levels of income to enter your life. You change your financial thermostat.

Sometimes these money ceilings are so deep and unconsciously embedded within us that we do not even realize that we had them in the first place.

I am a trained intuitive and energy healer, in addition to a human design reader

Human Design is not the only modality I use. I love Human Design as an awareness tool, but it is energy work and intuition that are my go-to upgrade and alignment tools for money work.

I am opening a brand new Money Energy-clearing sessions

In this high-touch, 1:1 energy-clearing session with me, I will psychically tune into your energy, pick the money blocks that have been stopping you from moving forward, and clear them from your energy field.

Be warned – this is not your warm-and-fuzzy clearing.

I translate energy and awareness as they come to me and clear it. 

This is an energetic reset that will open you up to higher frequencies of abundance and massive upgrades.

My goal is to make sure you get to your goals.

Get ready for massive changes and increased money flow. 

Introductory prices go up shortly 🙂

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