How to Manifest with Human Design


How I started connecting to my intuition

Despite having something in my design that made meditation extremely hard for me, I stuck to it.

I mastered meditation using the right tools and started connecting to intuitive guidance at a very deep level.

When I did, I started getting all kinds of intuitive hits and downloads.

Intuition did not work 100% of the time

The problem?

There were too many. More than I could cover.

This left many incomplete projects.

And the finished projects were a hit or miss – some worked amazingly well and others – not so much.

How energy healing and chakras can work hand in hand with human design

I started getting into energy healing and energizing my root chakra, which worked like a miracle.

The problem was that I had to do it every single day.

And I could not understand why.

This is when I discovered human design, which answered why my certain chakras worked differently than others.

How the law of attraction and intuition work with Human Design

Human design also helped me understand that it is not my job to give form to every intuitive download I get

That I have a say in it – that I am an active co-creator.

This is the missing step in the manifestation process – decision making – which comes from following your strategy and authority.

Human design fills in the details that the Manifestation process leaves out

The Sacred Decision Making Guide

New to human design? Run your human design bodygraph here:

Learn how to use your strategy and authority through the free Sacred Decision-Making Guide

sacred decision making guide to use human design strategy and authority

Human Design Reading

If you are interested in learning more about your unique design and how to embody it then book a human design reading with me today.

Free Guide - Sacred Decision Making

Master the art of Sacred Decision Making using your Human Design Type, Strategy, and Authority with this 17 page guide.

sacred decision making guide on ipad

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