13 Things You Should Know about Human Design Manifestors

Manifestors are a very powerful energy type within the human design system; They are a shrinking population. It comprises of about 8 – 10% of the world’s population, which is a small amount. Nevertheless, they’re extremely powerful in how this energy type can do things differently from all other energy types.

Manifestors are the only human design energy type who can initiate on their own. They don’t need anyone else or anything else to initiate, which is quite different than the other energy types because, with the other energy types, they do have to wait.

For example, human design generators and manifesting generators must wait to respond. Projectors must wait for an invitation. Reflectors must wait for a cycle. However, only manifestors don’t have to wait. They can just initiate. They’re here to take us to new levels of consciousness, pushing the limits on what humanity can do.

A manifestor is called a manifestor because they can manifest things (or create things) out of nothing on their own. Once a manifestor decides, it happens. That is the power of manifestors.

Human Design Manifestors Explained

Manifestor’s Aura: Closed and repelling

Manifestors, your aura is closed and repelling and this is a good thing!

If you have ever heard of the saying that you can spot who a pioneer is because they have arrows on their back, this saying is true for the rest of us. However, for the manifestor energy types, this is not true.

Manifestors are meant to be pioneers. They’re here to bring those new ideas and their closed aura, which is repelling – this pushes those ideas forward into humanity and brings us to those new levels. Having said that, manifestors also do have a very repelling and closed aura about them. It can be a little bit of a letdown when you first hear of this but know that this repelling aura is a gift for you because, with this repelling aura, you can do a lot of things in a certain way that only a manifestor can.

Because of this repelling aura, you’re pushing your ideas into people, and you can get the collective to act or complete the ideas that you have started. Your closed aura helps you maintain the leadership position for a huge impact.

What is a manifestor here to do

The Manifestor energy is here to bring us to new levels, they’re here to push humanity to a new level. You’re here to be pioneers. You’re here to expand the collective.

Manifestors are independent by nature. They like to walk their own path. They don’t like being told how to live their own lives. They know exactly how to carve their own path. They are natural leaders. If you think about it in terms of hierarchy, back in the day, they were the Kings and the Queens, and they were the ones who gave out orders to everyone. The rest of the world – the doers and other advisors – were carrying out the orders of the king or the queen – so they are the initiators as the human design calls it.

Many perceive manifestors as lone wolves, but this is not true. Manifestors need social interaction just like all types, but they are not interdependent on other people – they need their independence.

What makes a manifestor a go-getter?

Manifestors are the only human design type that has a direct line to the universe and your higher self. Ideas come to you all the time that you have to take action. Not all of these ideas will be the right fit for you and that will be determined by your authority with manifestors. So you don’t have to wait for anything or anyone – the minute you get an idea (even though it is something that’s not existing in the physical world, even though it’s a non-physical thing even when) you are the only one who can take that idea and manifest it into the material reality because of the way you are designed and because of your defined throat center and how your defined throat is connected to one of the three motor centers, which gives you the ability to translate ideas into actions.

Human Design Manifestor Strategy: Inform and Initiate

In the human design type, strategy and authority are used for decision-making and action-taking. The Manifestor strategy is to inform and initiate. The reason why manifestors have to inform it is very much against the nature of most manifestors because of the conditioning.

One conditioning type would be: You don’t want to inform anyone because you feel like if you inform people then people are going to say no, and you don’t want to deal with that. This comes from the would of a manifestor child.

Manifestor children are conditioned perhaps more than any other human design energy type. This can also cause them to lose sight of the powerful human beings that they are and now they’re just waiting for someone else to tell them what to do. They’re acting like a generator, manifesting generator, or a projector and they feel angry because of it. Anger is the not-self theme of a manifestor in the human design system. This stems from all the anger (manifestor’s not self theme) that’s built up from childhood because of the conditioning you went through, and you were not allowed to just do whatever you please.

Why Manifestors must inform before they initiate?

The reason why all the manifestors must inform is that:

Defined Throat

All the manifestors have a motor center that is indirectly or directly connected to the throat center. This makes your throat defined (colored in your human design bodygraph). The quality of a defined throat is that you have to communicate first, which is the primary function of the throat, and then act second, which is the secondary function of the throat.

You do have to communicate before you act. That is the rule. And that is one of the biggest reasons why you are required to inform even though it is not very natural for you. Manifestors are independent and want to do their own thing. You don’t need anyone else on board or someone else validating you for you to do something.

It is not second nature for you to go and inform people because you don’t like asking for permission. But here is the distinction. You are not asking for permission, you’re just informing people of what you’re doing so that is something to keep in mind.

Know that if someone is making you feel ashamed or guilty or resistant then they’re just not the right fit for you. They’re operating out of their not-self and therefore you should not get bothered by it and that should not affect you at all. You should still continue. You are just informing them as a courtesy.

To use your creative energy and flow to its highest potential

Dear Manifestors - Ride the wave of your inspired action as fast as you can.  Let it fuel your actions. Don't sit on them (unless you are in the middle of your emotional wave) - This is the divine using you as a channel to move humanity forward

The second reason why we do the informing is that anyone who’s in your way will get out of the way with manifestors. What happens is that once you get that origin, once you make a decision on taking an action, you kind of get into this flow of creative energy.

It is such a powerful flow with which you can literally manifest these non-physical things into material reality, and it happens so fast because you’re in this flow. This flow will not last forever, you don’t want anyone breaking your flow.

For example, you got this urge to write a book, your authority agrees to write a book and you initiate the process of writing the book and now people around you likely don’t know.

The result – You are in your flow and working on your inspiration, but others don’t know that. They are going to call you, stop by, or disturb you that is going to break your flow. This is why it is crucial that before you start an action, make sure you’re informing everyone who is in your life. Just make a list of everyone who’s in your life who may be impacted by you staying in this flow state and let them know that: Hey, something came up and I will not be able to come, or I’ll be unavailable for a few days.

As manifestors, you get short bursts of energy because of the undefined sacral center. Sacral center is the only motor that provides a consistent flow of energy. And manifestors don’t have a defined sacral center, which is why your energy is going to be in short bursts. There are other motor centers such as the root center, the ego/heart center, and the emotional solar plexus – however, they operate in pulses and waves – sacral is the only one that is consistent. This is why you do need to do the informing because that energy will run out, and then you will be left with not finishing the task. This will eventually trigger your not-self theme, which is that of anger.

Human Design Manifestor Aura

The third reason why you should be doing the informing is your aura. Manifestor aura is outward and repelling. It literally pushes out. When you inform people, the wrong people are going to get repelled by it. This is Great. You do not want those people in your life while you are taking the action.

The right people will love the idea and may ask to get onboarded on this project of yours. When your short burst of energy is over, and when you are done riding your flow, these other people – the doers, the generators, everyone else will be able to take that task and move it on to the next phase. Generators would see this as something they can respond to. Projectors and Reflectors will sense the energetic invitation through which you can invite or initiate them.

Manifestor Human Design Authority

The second part of taking action through decision-making comes with your inner authority. Most of us have been conditioned to make decisions using our minds – the human design system tells us how this is not the right way to make decisions. The right decision-making can only be done through your personal inner authority.

Things happen differently for a manifestor. The manifestor energy type has a direct line from the university – you get all these nudges and these crazy ideas. as new as they are, once your authority agrees with it, you can move forward with it. This is why your authority becomes very important here because not all ideas will be the right fit for you. This is what your authority will help you determine

Human Design teaches us that your inner authority comes from your defined centers. You cannot make decisions from your undefined centers, which are the white centers on your human design chart. This is also the reason why manifestors can be met with so much resistance is that they could act out of all these undefined centers and make the wrong decision.

Manifestors can have different types of authorities depending on which center is defined.

Emotional Manifestors and Secondary Authority

If you have an emotional center defined then you’re going to have an emotional authority. In this case, you have to make sure that you don’t make decisions out of an emotional higher, emotionally low place. It is very important to come back to a neutral place before you make decisions. This is so hard for a manifestor because when you get that urge, you want to initiate right away. But this is where you have to cultivate the practice of becoming patient and riding out that emotional wave before you initiate and take that action.

With emotional authority, an emotional manifestor will ride out that emotional wave, and get into a neutral place. But with an emotional manifestor, once you do this, you do have to tap into a secondary authority to make that decision depending on what center is defined in your human design chart. For example: If your emotional center and your spleen is defined, then once you hit that emotionally neutral place, you should then consult with your spleen about what feels right for you at the moment. This is when you take that action. If you feel good about it, you go for it. If you don’t then you do not go for it.

The Sacred Decision-Making Cheat Sheet

Of course, you could have any other authority too, you could have Ego Manifested authority, for example. It depends on where your authority is. That is something you will be able to see on your body graph. To dive deeper into this, download the Sacred Decision Making Cheatsheet for human design.

Sacred Decision Making Guide Pages

The Human Design Manifestor Process

Let’s talk about the process through which you take the action. So for example, you get an idea or you get an arch and now that you got an idea, you say you then consult your authority, whatever that is you get an agreement on whether it makes sense for you or not to take this action and then make a list of all the people who are getting affected by this decision of yours personally, professionally, anywhere you inform them and you initiate the action and do while you’re initiating the action. Very important for you to stay in that flow and just write out that as soon as you can because know that that burst of energy is going to go away.

So, yeah, don’t take that for granted. Don’t do other things at the time and just abide by that, just stay with that flow state and get the work done. And if you can’t get it done, don’t feel bad about it. Know that your energy comes in burst and don’t feel guilty about the fact that your energy has gone away. It is very natural for you. You can always get someone else to do it if you feel uninspired by it.

Tendencies and Defined Throat in Human Design Manifestors

With manifestors you have a defined throat, a defined through that function of a defined throat is that you can communicate. And the secondary action of a throat is that you can act. So, with the throat, however, with a defined throat, you do have to communicate before you act. So that is something to keep in mind because you have the motor center and because you could get an idea and you have the urge to do this idea.

Keep in mind that, you should not be just acting before communicating because that defies what the throat center is about and it’s not a very healthy expression of your throat center and human design. Your throat center is just not to communicate it but also to act and that is the one thing that you should keep in mind.

Some of the common areas of conditioning for manifestors is that you feel like a kind of have been suppressed your entire life, you may feel the tendency to ask for validation or ask for permission and know that that is not in your nature.

You should never be doing that. You should just be informing and you should not feel shame or guilt because right in manifestors they do because of the repelling or other people who do get repelled by it. But know that one of the big things too for manifestors to understand is the quality of their throat center has a lot of different voices and a lot of different qualities of action that can come through it and everything.

Every throat center is different depending on where you are connected. So say, for example, if your throat center is connected to your ego center then a lot of your communication is going to be around on a lot of your action is going to be around me. I, myself, it’s all rooted in self and to someone else to someone who’s not the right person for you, it can feel a little like they may think that you are self-absorbed and you’re all about yourself.

And just because they think of it that way, you do not have to dull your light because of that other person as long as you’re following a strategy and authority. And as long as you are making sure that the timing is right, This is the way you express yourself, This is who you are. You are supposed to be talking from that ego space.

So yes, others may come to you and give you that feedback but that is not something you should feel guilt, shame, or anger about. The same goes for any other centers, you could have your G center connected to your throat in which case all your communication and actions are going to be a lot around like your identity and your drive.

And that is again, people are going to have an issue. If it connects to the splenic center, it’s going to be very spontaneous, in the moment, and people may not like it. So, but that’s okay. That’s their problem knowing where your waste and your actions are coming from it will assure you of who you truly are and that you are coming from your authentic, true self, as long as you’re abiding by your strategy and authority.

Manifestor Human Design Signature Theme and Not-Self Theme

Things Manifestors should avoid - vNot using inspiration to fuel your actions as soon as you are emotionally clear, Not delegating, Taking action on inspirations from not-self, Not informing others

Manifestors signature theme is peace. Peace is your ultimate highest vibration that you can be at so that is the vibration that you want to ideally stay in all the time. Your not-self theme is that of anger.

So that is something that is going to be a flag to you that will help you understand that you are not being yourself right now. Your not-self theme indicates that you are making decisions from one of the open centers within you aka something that is not consistent for you aka your false self. and you’re not listening to your manifestor strategy and authority. One of the things you want to keep doing is staying in that peaceful vibration. That is your home. That is your place. That is what amazing things will happen. Do not initiate things from your not-self themes.

So for example, the ideas that you get when you’re in a state of your not-self theme aka anger, are not the ideas you want to initiate. When you are in your signature theme of peace, those are the ideas that are going to work better than other manifestors.

Human design Manifestor Life Purpose

Manifestors are here to be innovators. They are here to take divinely channeled innovative ideas, turn them into reality by initiating these projects and onboarding other types that can help complete these tasks, and finally by bringing these concepts to the rest of the collective. Only Manifestors can have this kind of impact. It is truly a gift. Ra Uru Hu, the founder of human design was a manifestor as well. There are many that believe that his energy type was perhaps a big factor in the voice choosing him to be a bearer of this knowledge.

To learn more about finding your purpose using human design, check out my free mini course – Purpose to Profits

Purpose to profits hero human design

Celebrity Manifestors

Some of the famous manifestors are Ra Uru Hu, Vladimir Putin, Jennifer Aniston, Joe Vitale, Johnny Depp, Maya Angelou.

Deconditioning in Manifestors

Human Design will give you an awareness of who you were designed to be. But chances are you are not operating according to your true design. This is a difference between knowing and living your design. The latter is called deconditioning – it is shedding all the different levels of conditioning that you have taken on in this lifetime. It is what is keeping you from your infinite self.

I often hear Manifestors say – well if I am supposed to be a Manifestor, why is my intuition not working? Where are my divine ideas? The answer is in deconditioning. Unless and until you live according to your type, you will not get them. Or even if you get them you will not recognize them.

Deconditioning can be done just through mindfulness and awareness. As a manifesting generator, I am here to bring shortcuts into the world. For this reason, I recommend Reiki Human Design Deconditioning Infusions. These powerful deconditioning tools will help you decondition effortlessly.

reiki deconditioning infusion on tablet
Reiki Infusions for Manifestors

Wrap up

There is a misconception that a manifestor is a lone wolf – this is not true. Most manifestors crave social interactions as well, and if they follow their own strategy of giving people a heads-up before they disappear, people will not perceive them as flaky and manifestors will not burn bridges.

Famous manifestors include Ra Uru Hu, Vladimir Putin, Monica Bellucci, Johnny Depp, Pierre Cardin, Adolf Hitler, and Jennifer Aniston.

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6 thoughts on “13 Things You Should Know about Human Design Manifestors”

  1. Hi there,
    this is a wonderful article on my energy type. I am a manifestor that has lost my creative spark and flow from many years now. There’s been teeny tiny sparks here and there, but I feel more like a lighter that just won’t ignite. What should a manifestor do to get that creative connection back?

    Thank you!
    Michelle 🙂

    1. Thanks! Creativity has more to do with certain gates and channels that one has activated in their design. Were you living with or around certain people when you were more creative? That is one of the big reasons why that feeling of “missing” something can come up.

  2. My name is Lisa
    I am a manifestor. I found out only recently that this is who I am designed as.
    Since I was young I craved to know how the whole multiverses came about and who are the other humanoids or extraterrestrials that also exist.

    I know deep in my subconscious that we humans make everything much more complicated,
    we need to have a more simpler way of thinking to solve our world issues such as world peace and solve world wide hunger .
    I want to share with the world some ideas I have .
    The greed in society has caused many blocks to create a more cleaner environment and eco friendly society.
    This “architecture” of who I really am now makes sense .
    I want to inform others how to accomplish ideas to help our world as a whole .

    I thank you
    Lisa Frankel

  3. Alexandra Lövholm

    I am a very emotional being.
    I am a manifestor with defined Channels between both solar plexus and heart.
    I also have defined “mind” both Anja and head.
    It’s making me the least a very stubborn-minded creature.
    How can I win against myself and get in alignment ?

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