Cracking the Code to Human Design 6/2 Profile – Role Model Hermit

This blog is all about the profile 6/2 in human design, which is the role model hermit profile. Now the sixth line, which is the role model line, is going to be your conscious aspect. This means that you are aware of these characteristics within you. Whereas the second line, which is the hermit side is something you may or may not be aware of it depending on the inner awareness that you have, but people surely see this in you. This is how the world sees you. Those are the two important aspects when it comes to your human design profile.

Human Design Profile – What is it?

After energy type, strategy, and authority, your profile is one of the other important characteristics that you are here to embody. This is something that you do have control over because this expression is the way you are designed to show up as – you are here to show up in the world as the 6/2 role model hermit way. This is something that you can control because this is very natural to you – this is your true self. When you don’t show up as your profile is when you are being not self or your false self.

The shadow side of 6/2 Role Model Hermit

Role Model Hermits 6/2s have a tendency to act like Heretic Investigators 5/1s. This is a shadow aspect within them. Essentially, many 6/2s may find themselves trying to study a lot and getting all these certifications, trying to get rid of imposter syndrome that they feel. Here is where they start acting like line ones who have this inherent thirst for knowledge, but that is not what a 6/2 is here to be. They also have this tendency in their shadow to fix to become problem-fixers, must like a line 5 (heretic).

These two are not a 6/2 role model hermit characteristics. If you are a 6/2 profile and recognize these aspects within yourself, please understand that you may be living out of your not self because that is not how a 6/2 is designed to be

Now lets explore each line for the role model hermit one by one

Human Design Line 6 – The Role Model

With sixth line in your human design chart, which is the role model line, you are here to become that role model eventually. However, line six has a long journey ahead of them.

Three Phases for the Sixth Line Personality

First Stage: Birth to Saturn Return (~ Age 30) – Learning Through Experience

With line six, the first 30 years of your life are going to be full of trials and errors, and you will make many mistakes. Line six is going to act like the third line during the first 30 years because it is here to sample all the experiences and go through all these highs and lows in life and accumulate personal experiences. There’s a reason behind why this is happening to you. You’re going to bump into a many things. Not all of them are going to be good, and there will be many lows and highs.

There is a lesson to be learned in these lows. So that is something to keep in the back of your mind; Anytime, you feel discouraged as to why your life is so hard – please remember that because you’re acting like a line three in the first 30 years, there’s this tendency towards perfectionism within you where you want to go onto the next best thing and the next best thing. And in that pursuit, you are going to go low and then you’re going to come back high – this mutation is through which you’re going to learn that lesson, and that powerful insight is going to emerge. So there’s a lot of value and creativity here, but at the same time, it doesn’t look pretty all the time, especially when you’re on the lower end of it. You are going to feel this inherent melancholy within you, especially during the first 30 years of your life. It never truly goes away with line six. This melancholy comes about when you are in the bottom spiral.

You will also make and break bonds until you are 30 – whether it is in relationships or career.

Second Stage: Saturn Return (~ Age 30) to Chiron Return (~ Age 50) – On the Roof

Once you step into the line six you enter the second phase, which happens after your Saturn Return around the age 30, it gets better, but the melancholy does stay to an extent. For the first 30 years, a lot of bonds are made and broken. You’re going on to the next best thing and the next best thing.

What happens after age 30 is that 30 to 50 you go “on the roof”, which means that you become isolated from the world in a way. You really don’t care. You don’t care to be out with people, you don’t care for anything else. You just want to do your own thing. And here’s where you’re on the roof and the purpose of being on the roof is for you to take all these lessons, all these experiences that you went through in the first 30 years, and then you’re assimilate these lessons. You go through from becoming a participant to an objective observer of these experiences and start learning and embodying these lessons. So, now you’re trying to understand what it is like to be a role model because you have all these experiences and you’re assimilating it and you are trying to make sense of it.

During the second phase, you start realizing what it takes to be a role model, but you’re not there yet. You’re still assimilating. There’s still a little bit of hypocrisy during this stage because you know everything that needs to happen to be that role model, but you’re not fully there yet i.e. these lessons are not embodied within you yet. So that’s something to expect between 30 to 50. You start seeing people for who they are and the world for what it is, but this is without judgement – from a very objective lens. You feel isolated from the world because you are not in the “materialness” of it all – you are somewhat removed. This is the sage that is meditating in a cave, fully aware of the battle going on outside, but not caring to become a part of it.

Third Stage: Chiron Return (~ Age 50 + ) – Role Model Phase/Coming Off the Roof

It is during your Chiron Return i.e. around the age 50 that when you come off the roof and now the sixth line is ready to become the role model with true wisdom. You know what it’s like to be a role model. You are the role model, and when people see you as a role model, it inspires them to become that role model themselves.

You’re here to be that wise sage that people look up to and you’re here to dispel your guidance to everyone else. You’re here to be that powerful teacher. That is line six for you. You start off as being a pessimist, and towards the end, you are this hopeful optimist. You’re here to give hope to the world. You’re here that role model who practices what they preach.

Human Design Line 2 – The Hermit

The Second Line is the hermit energy within you, that is a natural. A hermit is a natural. As the name suggests, hermits like being in isolation. Isolation is what drives your creativity. You are creative, but you need isolation to bring that creativity out from within you. You cannot have other people’s aura around you a lot. You are going to need time on your own.

I’m a 6/2; I have kids, I have a husband – and so, I need to step away even for a few minutes. I’ll just go run into the sunroom in my house and I’ll just sit over there by myself because I need that alone time. I need that isolation for myself. You would be doing yourself a disservice if you don’t take this time for yourself because you absolutely need it. Being out in the nature is another thing that’s going to help you a lot.

Now with line two, the second line is a natural, which means that you have this inherent genius within you. The one thing with line two is that you are not here to act like a line one. You’re not here to accumulate all the knowledge in the world. That’s not what you’re here to do.

But rather, you’re here to learn from one or two sources and then master your own process. You are going to have your own process of mastery, and you’re just here to take that time in isolation and master that whole process without outside influences. You are going to figure out that whole process on your own and become a natural at it with line two.

Line 2 Projected field

Line two is projected, which means that people see you for the genius that you are or for the genius that you’re not. You have natural gifts. In addition, there’s this innocence about you. They can see that – but this is a projection. You may or may not be good at this thing, but others try to bring it out of you because they can sense that within you.

  • Positive Projections that are false: I have had managers tell me about the things that I was good at all the time – but these are not the things that I was necessarily good at or cared to be good in – they would call me out trying to bring out this “genius” from within me, but I had to decline – because I did not feel comfortable with those career options.

  • Positive Projections that are true: I had also been recognized for my genius in certain areas that I have been very good at – these projections were actually true – they were my natural gifts. And I was called out to create/provide more of these things. I was happy to indulge because I felt comfortable doing it – it felt natural to me

  • Negative Projections that are true: When I am confused, it shows on my face – others can tell that I am confused.

  • Negative Projections that are false: However, I have also had times where the projection was negative and people assumed false things about it. This is the nature of the projected field.

The hermit energy is such that there is a projection field – it’s a projected line, which means that you will be recognized. You shouldn’t be initiating and going out with your expertise, offering things to people. Because it is a projected line, it needs to be recognized.

People will be able to recognize that within you because line twos have the sense of innocence where people can often tell if they’re good at something or not. They recognize that genius in them. And then they get called. You will get many calls because you’re good at this thing. But it takes a while to become that good at something because for you, the measure of being good at something is just by learning something, but rather by you becoming a natural at it. You are such a natural in this area that people are in awe as to how natural this is for you and why it is not that natural and effortless for someone else.

That is going to be a measure for you as to whether you are ready to take upon this task or not. That’s the line two for you and you are always going to need that isolation.

The 6/2 Profile Line in Human Design

6/2 profile human design characteristics woman with circles around her

Between ages 30 to 50 and because you’re a 6/2 line, that need for isolation is going to increase because line six will also have this hermit energy to it during the second phase, where you just want to be disconnected from the world.

As a 6/2, the first 30 years of your life are going to be a little crazy. And then between 30 to 50, you are here to assimilate everything that you learn and become an expert at it. The way you do that is by going in isolation and becoming a natural at it. You’re here to become that role model. You’re not here to be a hypocrite and just not walk the talk

You’re here to do what you say is supposed to be done. You’re here to become that role model and your line two is really going to help you understand how exactly to be the role model that the world needs.

The 6/2 Profile Compatability

Please note that there are other elements that play into compatibility than just your profile. However, you will notice that you “click” with the following profiles the most:

6/2s are most romantically compatible with: fellow 6/2s and 3/5s.

6/2s also get along really well with: 2/4s, 4/6s and 6/3s.

The 6/2 Profile Line with different energy types

6/2 Manifestor

6/2 manifestor is here to innovate and be a pioneer. You innovate by becoming a role model in the new change you are trying to bring about and by becoming a natural at it.

6/2 Generator

As a 6/2 Generator and someone with a defined sacral center, you are here to perfect a process and become a role model in it through your 6/2 journey.

Matthew McConaughey is a 6/2 Generator. One of his quotes “Joy is always in process. It’s under construction. It is in constant approach. Alive and well in the doing of what we’re fashioned to do.” will tell you of his generator type who has perfected his process by finding joy in what he does

6/2 Manifesting Generator

As a 6/2 Generator and someone with a defined sacral center, you are here to find the fastest way to do something and become a role model in that mastery through your 6/2 journey.

Bruce Lee was a 6/2 Manifesting Generator. Bruce Lee was regarded as being the fastest human to ever live, and his kicks reached superhuman speed levels.

6/2 Projector

As a 6/2 Projector, you are here to guide defined sacral centers and help them use their energy in the most efficient way upon recognition. You do this by becoming a role model in this and it comes very naturally to you.

Barack Obama is a 6/2 Projector who tried to initiate his healthcare reforms during his presidency without invitation and without being called upon. This caused a huge pushback throughout the nation.

6/2 Reflector

As a 6/2 Reflector, you are here to reflect and create awareness of the status quo. You do this by becoming a role model in the thing that comes very naturally to you.

Life Purpose of a 6/2 Profile

Profile from a purpose and career paths standpoint in human design in a costume you are here to step into. As you start living in accordance with your profile (and type, strategy, and inner authority), which is the correct way for you, your purpose will automatically come to you.

6/2 is a transpersonal profile, which means that you have the ability to influence strangers. You are here to take the work for the personal profiles and bring it out into the world. You are the “marketing” department within profiles.

If you are 6/2 under the age 30, please know that things will change for you. You can absolutely see success under the age 30 – especially because your line 6 acts like line 3. Third line is the material line. However, there will be a need to move away from it after age 30. You will break certain bonds and embark onto a whole new way of living and seeing.

Ra often said that that if Line 6 would teach everything they knew, they would never make any money. For the line 6 to be successful after the age 30, they have to come back out from their isolation at some point and into the world. You have to remember what line 3 felt like (resilience, adaptability, trials and errors etc.) in addition to your Sixth line characteristics to make money because that is the way of the material world.

To learn more about how to find your purpose using your own unique human design system, click here

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  1. Poonam… I’ve recently been exploring HD as a means to support my mission coming to light (ie; me!) and of all those I’ve encountered recently, ( 4 or 5) your approach and explanation resonated the most. I’ve just signed up to a couple of your free courses. However your explanation of me as a 6/2 and Man/Gen hit home and I now have a very BIG mission that I feel ill equipped (sense of self in isolation – surprise surprise ) to deliver and again, surprise, surprise, it’s about bringing forward the new Heart-led ROLE MODELS as leaders and wayshowers for our new higher frequency (5D+) experience on earth (www.heartledhumanity.com is the overarching mission)… so I look forward to exploring more of this with you. I’m currently in my 60’s so overdue to leave my cave. Great to have your clear explanation as a backdrop affirmation of my drive to do what I’m doing – walking my talk as a New Earth leader: wayshower and guide supporting Humanity transition from the old 3D world to the new, 5D+ version (new venture called Sacred Bridge Walkers about to be tested/piloted supporting the creation and emergence of the new embodied 5D+ Wayshowers, as leaders and guides to their tribe AND Humanity as role models across ALL areas of society. Much love to you with your valuable contribution x

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