A Closer Look at Human Design Profile 1/3 Investigator Martyr

This blog will explore the Profile 1/3 Investigator Martyr in the Human Design chart

Firstly, what is a profile in Human Design?

Your profile depicts your unique qualities of how the world perceives you and how you perceive yourself. As you navigate through life, you’ll notice the different themes that will arise. It’s something you can expect for yourself. Your profile plays a significant role in determining the kind of life you’ll lead and experience in this lifetime. That’s what makes profiles so interesting.

Human Design Profile 1/3 video

Conscious and Unconscious Parts of the Profile 1/3 in Human Design chart

The 1/3 profile, specifically Line One in your profile, originates from your conscious side. As I discuss the first line in more detail, you’ll recognize these traits within yourself because it is your conscious line. You’re probably already aware of them. However, when it comes to the third Line energy, which is the second part of your 1/3 profile, that’s the unconscious aspect of you. It’s something you might become aware of through inner work. Otherwise, when I bring it to your attention, you’ll likely say, “Yes, that makes a lot of sense.”

Your unconscious side is how people see you, not necessarily how you see yourself. However, it will make a lot more sense when you have an awareness of it.

The shadow side of the Investigator Martyr profile

Investigator Martyrs 1/3 tend to act like Role Model Hermits 6/2s. This is a shadow, false self aspect within them. Essentially, many 1/3s feel that they need to reinvent the wheel and become a role model for others, but that is not what a 1/3 is here to be. You are here to build a foundation and become an expert at it, rather than a role model.

As a Profile 1/3, there can be a tendency to experience imposter syndrome. Also, with the BS radar you have, you can get caught up in being lied to.

Now let’s dive deep explore each line for the role model hermit one by one

Conscious Line 1 – Investigator

Line 1 Process in Human Design

The First line in Human Design is the foundational line upon which the i-ching hexagram sits. If you think of it in terms of a house, it serves as the foundation of the house. This theme is prevalent throughout your life; it defines who you are.

First Line Energy – Need for knowledge and deep understanding

The first line energy requires a strong foundation. Without a solid foundation, you will chase it your entire life, whether it’s in your work, relationships, or within society. Everywhere you go, that foundation is of utmost importance to you.
You are someone who wants to ensure that everything is solid and stable. If it’s not, you will feel insecure about it. You tend to reflect on aspects of your life where you’ve always felt insecure, unworthy, or lacked trust. If you dig deep into these feelings, chances are you didn’t have a secure foundation for those experiences.

The way you solidify these things is through learning. Learning is crucial for you. You are the type of person who on Wikipedia all the time, seeks information from different professors and teachers, all in a quest to accumulate vast knowledge to ensure your foundation is rock-solid. But it’s not just about external knowledge; there’s also a significant element of introspection. You embark on a journey of self-discovery, learning more about yourself to solidify your foundation, ultimately gaining a deeper understanding of yourself.
There’s also the part where you’re trying to understand other people, engaging in deep study. There will be times when you don’t feel secure in many aspects of your relationships with other people if you sense that the foundation is missing.

First Line Energy – Leadership style

The thing about authoritarians (i.e. authority figures) is that there can be two leadership styles that can come out of it. One is that you force to lead with bragging, where you’re saying, “Oh, come to me. I know this and I know that and I know that.” I know that when you’re operating out of that mindset, chances are that your foundation is still not solid, and there’s still work to be done there and the only way you can do this work is through deep learning. That is what you’re here to do and through trials and errors.

However, if you are at a place where you have this foundation, you almost embody this very modest energy to yourself where just by grounding yourself in the person that you are, you become magnetic to others. You seek aura. It seeks recognition. People start recognizing you for the expert that you are and for the authoritarian you are and they will come seeking your input and they will come asking for your advice and so on. People are going to come to you but only once they start recognizing the leader within you, that authority within you.

First Line B.S. Meter

People with 1/3 profile in human design have a “B.S. meter”; they possess intuitive awareness and can discern when something lacks stability or solidity. This is especially true in personal matters, within your personal life and relationships. You can easily detect insincerity and recognize when something isn’t right with either the other person or the relationship itself.

Unconscious Third Line Energy – Martyr

The Third Line of your profile is that of a martyr. The term “martyr” here doesn’t imply self-sacrifice or suffering for a cause, but rather signifies that you learn through trial and error; you’re an experiential learner. You often have to stumble and fall, and through these falls, rise again. Each time you do, you create a new experience and seek the next big thing in life, and then the next, and the next.

Unfortunately, this path is not straightforward. You’ll encounter numerous challenges because you’re required to jump through hoops, almost as if, from a collective perspective, you’re doing the work for the rest of us.

You embark on a quest to discover the next best thing, and along the way, you may stumble, but you’ll emerge with a better understanding, realizing that what you’ve encountered wasn’t the best way, but you now know a better way. And that’s something you not only do for yourself, but you do it for the collective, and that’s what gives you the martyr aspect.

Pessimism, Melancholy, and Mutation in the third line

The Third Line typically has inherent pessimism where life may seem very hard because you often have to struggle through it. You might wonder why you always find yourself in these challenging scenarios. However, this is a defining aspect for you. Line Three is a highly mutative, and there’s an intrinsic melancholy associated with it i.e. you will go through periods of sadness and melancholy where everything feels melancholic and futile. This melancholy is simply a part of the creative process. It’s necessary because until you experience the low points, you won’t be able to rise higher. You have to descend into the ashes to emerge like a phoenix, ultimately doing the work for the collective. So, with Line Threes, there is this inherent melancholy, but it plays a vital role in your evolution.

Understanding Melancholy in the third line

I’m someone who, through my circuitry, has a lot of melancholy in my chart, and the interesting thing about this melancholy aspect is that there are times when you’ll just feel melancholic as if nothing in life makes sense. You might wonder why life unfolds this way and why certain things seem to happen repeatedly. However, if you simply endure these moments without holding onto pessimism too tightly, if you allow them to pass by either listening to music or doing something that makes you happy, you’ll notice that once it passes, you’ll come out on the other side with entirely new creative insights and impulses. It’s a process of trial and error, but remember, trials and errors don’t necessarily mean you have to fall down.

Downward Spiral of the third line

It means you get to rise, and in fact, you are required to rise up. If you are just staying stuck, then you’re living in the shadow side of your Line Three, and that’s not what you want. You do want to learn from it. You are meant to be an experiential learner, and you are meant to bring that personal experience out to benefit the rest of the collective. Now, understand that this Line Three is an unconscious part of you, so you may not have been aware of it. But as I explain it now, it probably makes sense to you why your life has unfolded the way it has. It’s because you were designed to be this way. You have a personal destiny to fulfill here on Earth.

Profile 1/3 in Human Design chart

One of the things to keep in mind for Profile 1/3s is that you tend to be very open in terms of how you absorb things. You’re very open. You like taking in all these different inputs of knowledge and so on to make sure that you’re building a very secure foundation and that you have everything anyone can need in order to be an expert.

profile 1/3 in human design overview -  Needs more study and will feel insecure despite that Internal BS radar - you can tell when something is off You seek perfection and will seek to solidify anything that does not feel “secure” You will become less accepting of external views over time You will experience melancholy from time to time, but this also brings in immense creativity. You are a trendsetter and breaks apart the old to bring in the new Take time to become an expert in your craft through study and experiences 1/3 profile @energeticswithpoonam HUMAN DESIGN PROFILES

You become less absorbing over time

But the more knowledge you accumulate the more solid is the foundation gets, and there’ll be a point where you get to a rich knowledge base where you say, “Yes, this is it. I’m good. I’m good now. I know what my foundation is.”

And the first hint to know that you have reached that foundation is that you start becoming less open and you start realizing that you have everything that you need now to have that foundation. And now you’re not going to be as flexible, you’re not going to be as open to taking the inputs from the rest of the people, and that’s where you become the expert of the field and you are the authoritarian in the field.

Bonds made and broken

Because of your BS radar, relationships can be somewhat challenging for you. It’s difficult to place trust in people because you have a strong sense of discernment. Unfortunately, until you actively work on developing that foundation, sustaining relationships can prove to be quite challenging. This is a key aspect of your first-line energy.

One of the other things to keep in mind, especially in terms of relationships, is that there tends to be this deep insecurity because like I said, there’s this BS. meter. You know when something’s wrong and you know when something’s off. And there’s this whole thing of, as a line three, you know that there’s a next best thing. It’s always a quest to find what does not work to find what does work.

Know that you don’t have to jump into different relationships to make that happen. You can stay in the same relationship. As long as there’s this solid trust, this foundation between you and your partner, it can happen. Just know that there will be times when you do have to take a break. You have to be in the energy of your aura to regroup yourself and then come back to the person that you’re with, rather than just completely breaking up with the person and going on to the next best thing.

There are other alternatives out there that you can use, which is that you can break a bond temporarily to build a stronger bond, so to speak. With that, that is my high-level summary for Profile 1/3

Compatibility for Profile 1/3

Please note that other elements play into compatibility than just your profile. However, you will notice that Profile 1/3 “clicks” with the following profiles the most:

1/3s ideal matches: 1/3s and 4/6s.

1/3s also get along really well with: 3/5, 3/6, 5/1s, and 6/3s

The 1/3 Profile Life Purpose by Human Design type

In human design, your incarnation cross holds big clues about your purpose – but this is the highest expression – your haute couture costume that you may or may not step into. Profiles also hold powerful clues to the costume you are here to wear in this lifetime. This is one of the things that you have to get right and when you do, your incarnation cross emerges automatically

Manifestor Profile 1/3

As a Manifestor with a 1/3 profile, you are here to innovate and deep need to be a pioneer. You innovate by deeply studying the new idea you are trying to bring about and perfecting it through trial and error

Generator Profile 1/3

As a Generator with a 1/3 profile and someone with a defined sacral center, you are here to master a process by studying it in depth and perfecting it through trial and error

Manifesting Generator Profile 1/3

As a Manifesting Generator with a 1/3 profile and someone with a defined sacral center, you are here to master the fastest way of doing something by studying it in depth and through experiences, trial, and errors.

Beyoncé is a 1/3 Manifesting Generator.

Projector Profile 1/3

As a Projector with a 1/3 profile, you are here to guide defined sacral centers and help them use their energy most efficiently upon recognition. As a non-energy type, you are here to guide others in a process by studying it in depth and perfecting it through trial and error

Princess Diana was a 1/3 Projector

Reflector Profile 1/3

As a Reflector with a 1/3 profile, you are here to reflect and create awareness of the status quo. You are here to evaluate others in a process by studying it in depth and perfecting it through trial and error

Life Purpose of a 1/3 Profile

Profile from a purpose and life path standpoint in a human design chart in a costume you are here to step into. As you start living by your profile (and type, strategy, and inner authority), which is the correct way for you, your purpose will automatically come to you.

1/3 is a personal profile, which means that you are here to be the Research and Development department for the rest of us. You are here to go through your experiments, investigate, do deep research, and bring the findings to the profiles that can help externalize and influence others. You are here to take the work for the personal profiles and bring it out into the world. You are the “research and development” department within human design profiles.

To learn more about how to find your purpose using your own unique human design system, click here

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Wrap Up

As a profile 1/3, you may find that you tend self-criticism and imposter syndrome because of the insecurity you feel. Profile 1/3 is a lower trigram profile, which means that it is highly personal and concerned with itself. It does not care much for outside interactions (although, this can change if you have a split in your definition or have a tribal circuitry). This profile can be pessimistic and melancholic and therefore it is important to focus on making sure you don’t stay in that rut for a long time.

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