Traditional Human Design + Chakras and Vibrational Upgrades

This was a long time coming

I was scared..of human design

Because it is so guarded

And because there are all these “restrictions” and “rules” around it

I was afraid of saying something that was not “in the book”

I was scared that I had to embody it as-is fully – that there was no room for expansion

And finally the life-changing transformation

The decision I made in the space of no fear

I have given myself the permission to use it as a body of knowledge

And understanding that like everything, it evolves.

My Human Design Experiment

Let’s roll back the clock a bit. I remember everyone raving about human design and manifestation.

About human design being *the* thing that sped up manifestation

The buzz was real, and I decided to give it a go.

Here’s the scene laid out by the experts:

“Follow your strategy and authority, and you will find riches – that’s the only thing you need to do”, I was told.
And so it started. I stopped listening to my intuition. I stopped my manifestation and energetic practices.

However, days went by, and – not only did I NOT manifest my financial goals, I felt the negatives and melancholy and the lows that I did not anticipate.
It’s safe to say – it did not go the way I had hoped

But here’s the golden nugget I took away:

Sometimes, the ‘shortcut’ ends up being the long route.
The pivot that allowed me to see the beauty and individuality of all the different modalities I was using, including human design

My Energy Healing Journey

There was a time when I did not believe in energy healing and vibrational scales.

I started learning Reiki as a hail mary for my colicky newborn.

And that decision changed my life and made me open to new possibilities that I never saw coming

I started feeling energy tangibly.

Over time and with psychic training, I started seeing and hearing energy too.

I started using this intelligent information for energetic upgrades, but the most unexpected part was that I started getting intuitive downloads and clarity

Downloads that forced me to look at human design in a new light and to use it as a tool for vibrational upgrades, rather than just awareness

But I was scared of the information that I was channeling

Scared of the human design “police”

Scared of people calling my work a new-age interpretation

And so I started doing it undercover without ruffling any feathers

And over time with incremental upgrades came a time where I said F it. I am ready. I have to experiment with this publicly and share it

How to transform your destiny by vibrationally upgrading your human design using Chakra and Energy Work

You can use human design for prosperity
But not by itself
It is through using methods and modalities that would complement its teachings

When I went back to my Chakra work and Manifestation and started adding in my Human Design Knowledge, I noticed it worked better

My not-self tendencies in human design and my Chakra demons (Fear, Guilt, Shame etc.) did not surface as much. If they did, I had a deep awareness of it.

It showed how to expand the aura of my design and attract things to me.

Abraham Hicks said “Our universe and our consciousness keep expanding”

With this, so will human design and our individual perspectives on it

As someone with 50% of my circuits in individual circuitry

I am here to bring that mutation and transformation and empower you to do the same

I hate taking human design and parroting it to others the way it is

It makes me feel inauthentic 

To up level, I have to take Human Design, this body of knowledge to a new level

To use the prosperity codes within the Chakra system and use them to provide vibrational upgrades to your human design

To embody this next level map and step into it

And to become the human that lights this fucking world up

It is not about mere sales – it is about creating a legacy

It is about taking the bigger and bolder steps. It is about stepping into our power

Eliminate Your Fear and Become the Leader who is here to change the world

We all feel fear. The full-time job is to eliminate that fear and upgrade ourselves vibrationally.

Because it is through our vibrations, we empower others to do the same.

It is to tell the fear to go screw itself and acting despite it.

It is to radically follow our intuition and become that transformational agent that changes life

Not just make sales and create funnels and quick courses that fill our pockets.

It is to LEAD..to go back to the why

Why we started all this..before the pandemic, before the algorithms, before the strategy

1:1 Mini Session for Your Elevation

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In this session, I will go over your human design and chakra-based prosperity codes. Let’s figure out what is blocking you so that I can help you stay fear-free and accountable on your journey. and


Love xoxo


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