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Human Design is a wildly accurate system that has been compared to modern astrology. Through your human design, you can learn exactly how you are wired energetically at both conscious and unconscious levels. I have yet to meet someone who does not resonate with their human design.

Human design can be applied to many areas of your life, such as business, nutrition, parenting, intuition, and so much more.

I came across human design in 2018 and immediately felt excited when I learned about it. But I let my mind override it. I kept exploring it but never from the perspective of becoming a teacher in it. Again, it went back to my conditioned mind let me talk myself out of it.

Our mind tends to do that – use our conditioning and wiring to talk us out of doing things or doing things the hard way. And this is exactly where Human Design is helpful. It teaches you to make decisions out of the wisdom of your inner authority, i.e. the intelligence of your body, instead of relying on your mental plane.

Understanding Common Challenges Faced by Entrepreneurs:

As I started getting deeper into my human design experiment and using its principles to guide my business, things started shifting for me in a cleaner way. It transformed me from the person who was obsessed with goals and manic manifesting into a more relaxed, receptive person. I learned what my purpose was, introduced ease and balance in my life, started working smarter, and ended up creating more profits in my business without sacrificing my personal life

As entrepreneurs, we can experience many challenges in our day-to-day life

  • Feeling disconnected from purpose
  • Struggling with work-life balance
  • Decision-making dilemmas
  • Time and Energy Management
  • Sustainable Energy Management
  • Making more sales
  • Branding and Content creation
  • Overcoming limiting beliefs and resistance

Knowledge of your human design can help in all these different areas of your business when used correctly

Introducing Human Design:

Human Design is a synthesis of modalities such as i-Ching, Chakras, Kaballah, and Astrology. Ra Uru Hu founded this system when he received a cellular download about this system. To learn more about human design basics, check out this blog post

To pull your human design chart, use a human design calculator that is a simple Google search

  • Type in your birth information (birth date, birth time, birth location)
  • And you will find your human design chartThe chart can feel complex and overwhelming but with the assistance of an experienced human design reader, you will be able to navigate it easily and apply it to your every day life and business. This complexity is worth it

The Potential of Human Design for Business Owners:

I use Human Design in my own business, life, and parenting, and it has changed my life completely. As someone who felt that life was happening to me, I found immense awareness within human design. I found my shadows, my patterns, and my gifts, and understood why I reacted and experienced life differently than others. Understanding your unique energy through Human Design can fundamentally transform how you approach your business, aligning your strategy with your natural energy patterns for sustainable success.

Finding Purpose with human design

I first learned how to use human design to find my purpose. I learned that as a Manifesting Generator, I was designed to be multipassionate.

As I dove deeper into my chart, I also learned that while I was designed to be multipassionate, I was here to gain mastery in an area. That was my soul lesson. I was here to help other entrepreneurs start their businesses and inspire them to embody this new way of being so that they could have their desires in an energetically aligned way.

Not only this, I was here be a role model for others in this area and lead by example.

Your energy type, profile, and incarnation cross in human design will give you big clues around your purpose.

You can learn more about finding your purpose using human design here. Understanding your human design is a powerful step in the broader journey of personal growth, encouraging you to remain open to change and adaptable in your pursuit of a fulfilling career and lifestyle.

Finding work-life balance and time/energy management using human design

Different energy types in human design have different energetic capacities, highlighting the importance of understanding your energy type in human design for achieving work-life balance and optimizing productivity.

For example, Generators and Manifesting Generators can work for hours on end, provided they engage in tasks that excite them and align with their love for the process. This alignment with their human design energy type principles ensures they maintain their energetic reserves and avoid fatigue.

Manifestors, another energy type, experience fluctuating energy levels, cycling between rest and activity. This inconsistency with traditional work schedules underscores the significance of recognizing one’s energy type human design to find suitable work environments that honor their natural energy flow.

Projectors possess a unique energetic capacity that varies significantly among individuals. Their energy type human design can range from energy projectors, with defined motor centers, to mental projectors, with no defined centers below the throat, each requiring different strategies for managing energy and work-life balance.

Reflectors, with no defined energy centers, experience the most fluctuating energy levels, influenced by lunar cycles. Understanding their energy type human design is crucial for them to navigate their energy fluctuations and structure their work and life for optimal balance.

All these different energetic capacities, as defined by one’s energy type human design, play a critical role in determining how to find work-life balance for yourself and structure your business to work with you, rather than against you.

The Decision-Making Process

Human Design’s biggest gift is the system to make decisions, which is different for every energy type. If you are someone who is overwhelmed with your workload, feels overwhelmed or burnt out by the amount they have on their plate, and sometimes even tends to leave things incomplete or never presses start then this is going to be hugely beneficial for you.

In human design, this is known as following your strategy and authority and letting these two elements guide your decision-making. Understanding your emotional authority is crucial for those who need to wait out the emotional wave before making decisions, ensuring choices are made with clarity and not in the heat of the moment. Similarly, recognizing your sacral authority can guide you to listen to your gut feelings and physical responses for decision-making, using yes/no questions to access inner guidance. Each energy type has a different strategy.

In the world of business, we are told to be go-getters and do the thing. Yet, our energy types are different, and the way others react to it is different. Our aura is our non-verbal communication and what attracts other people to us. Depending on your aura, which is dependent on your energy type, most of us are not designed to initiate directly.

Your strategy is what determines the right way for your to enter something. When you utilize this to start something new, you will start seeing improved results and increased electromagnetic connections in your business.

You can learn more about using your strategy and authority to make decisions here.

small decisions

Overcoming limiting beliefs and resistance

Human Design can be used to find limiting beliefs and resistance too. These are the things that stop you from taking action, going all in, or making big moves in your business.

  • Example – if you feel anxious in your business right now, the culprit can be found in your Ajna center. If you feel nervous and stop yourself from taking action because it that, it is likely your emotional Solar Plexus. If you feel fear then Spleen center is to blame here.
  • If you suddenly find yourself in downward spiral, it is likely that you are in an emotional low wave or experiencing melancholy
  • Your shadows – you have something that is known as gates in your human design. Every gate has different frequency bands. You will find yourself spiraling in and out of the shadow and gifts of this gate. Recognizing this will help you understand when you are operating from your shadow.This awareness is what will help you come out of your shadows and lows faster. Most of us blame ourselves for it and stay stuck in the rut. You come out of the entrepreneurial highs and lows much faster when you start becoming the observer and seeing all these lows as chemistry or part of your design, rather than making it personal and about you. Example – when you have your monthly menstrual cycle, you know you are going to be low energetically. You don’t blame yourself for not being able to do everything around the house. You take it easy. This is exactly the awareness that human design will provide you. There are days of downtime and days where you have a lot of energy, and to use this to your advantage. Because when you don’t, you will stay in those lows for much longer than needed.

Practical Applications and Tools – Electromagnetic Client Attraction

The biggest advantage of using human design in your business is electromagnetic client attraction. When you start accepting who you are and start living according to your human design, something powerful happens. This includes understanding the importance of aligning with your energy type, such as following your gut instincts if you’re a Generator, to make business decisions that lead to sustainable success and maintain consistent energy levels. This is known as the deconditioning process in human design. With deconditioning, you stop making conditioned decisions and become more of who you are. When you become you, others becoming more attracted to you. This is not just a random person, but your fractal i.e. people who are here to get your interpretation on things.

This is why we sometimes feel pulled to people who are not so “popular” in our space, but yet we want to learn from them because they explain this thing better than the bestselling author.


Whether you’re feeling disconnected from your purpose, struggling with work-life balance, or facing decision-making dilemmas, Human Design offers a roadmap for navigating these challenges with grace and ease. By embracing the principles of Human Design and applying them to your business and life, you can create a business that not only thrives but also brings you joy, fulfillment, and abundance.

If you’re ready to unlock your business potential and embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment, consider diving deeper into the wisdom of Human Design with a personalized reading. Our experienced Human Design experts are here to guide you every step of the way, offering insights, support, and guidance as you align with your true purpose and create the business of your dreams.

Human Design Reading for Your Business

Are you ready to harness the power of Human Design and unlock your fullest potential in your life and business? Schedule your personalized reading today and embark on a transformative journey of growth, success, and fulfillment. Your business and your life will thank you for it.


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