Everything You Should Know About Human Design Projector

Projectors are energy type within human design. Projectors represent about 20% of the human population. Projectors are non-energy types, which means that they don't have consistent access to energy.

What is a Human Design Projector?

Projectors are energy type within human design. Projectors represent about 20% of the human population. Projectors are non-energy types, which means that they don’t have consistent access to energy.

This is because they don’t have a defined Sacral center. Sacral center is a consistent, reliable source of energy that generates life force energy within the person. With that absent, projectors don’t have access to this consistent sacral energy.

Projectors also don’t have access to short bursts of energy that manifestors have because they don’t have a motor center that is connected to their throat. This is why they’re considered to be non-energy types. Projectors are not supposed to work more than two to six hours a day.

Human Design Projector Aura

Projectors have a penetrating aura. They can see someone at a very deep and intimate level. In addition to this, they have multiple undefined centers, especially their sacral. Whenever you have an undefined center, you become an empath in that area and have the potential to gain wisdom in it.

Human Design Projector's aura

This helps projectors see other people (especially the ones with defined sacral centers i.e. generators or manifesting generators) very clearly once they gain wisdom in this area. They can see what the other needs, the right path for that person, and how to use their (sacral) energy correctly.

Human Design Projector energy and X-ray vision

The projector aura sees things clearly and that’s what makes them a great guide for others. Projectors are here to be these guides and mentors for the other energy types, to make sure that they’re using their energy in the best way possible for them.

How many hours should a Projector work?

Projectors are not designed to work more than two to six hours a day depending on the type of projector you are. This is not necessarily a bad thing because projectors are very good at being efficient and streamlining things, especially when they stay in their zone of genius. They’re not meant to be all over the place. They’re meant to find this one niche that they’re very good at and they find ways to be extremely efficient and streamlined in those areas.

Three types of Human Design Projector

There are three types of projectors depending on the amount of energy that you have. Every human design chart is going to have different energies compared to the others – some of it has to do with how many motor centers you have defined. Motor centers are the root center, sacral, emotional solar plexus, and the heart (ego/will) center. Whenever you have a defined center, it will be colored in your human design body graph.

Energy Projectors

If you have one or more defined motor centers in the human design body graph, that makes you an energy projector. This means that you have more energy than other projectors. 

While energy projectors have slightly more energy that other projectors, they are not considered energy types because the energy is not consistent and they cannot work as much as the other energy types.

Classic Projectors

The second type is known as a classic projector. Classic projectors do not any motor center defined, but they do have one or more defined centers under their throat (i.e except their head, ajna and throat).

Mental Projectors

The third type is known as a mental projector. Mental projectors do not have any of the inner centers defined. They could have defined throat center, defined ajna center, and/or defined head center, but other than that, they are not going to have any inner centers defined.

Mental projectors are quite rare. Only 2 percent of the human population are mental projectors, and they have very less energy to work with.

Human Design Projector Strategy

In Human Design, Strategy & Authority provide the decision making process for each energy type. For projectors, their strategy for big decisions in life such as career changes, or bonding with someone, moving somewhere, etc. require that they engage in their strategy that is known as ‘Waiting for an Invitation.’

You have to wait for a formal invitation from a person before you make a huge energetic investment in something or someone. Many projectors feel disempowered when they first learn about this strategy because they have been conditioned their entire life to initiate i.e. act like a manifestor. They have also been conditioned to work consistently like a generator. But projectorss don’t have that kind of energy.

Why should Projectors wait for invitation

Projectors and Human Design Strategy

There’re actually multiple reasons why projectors need an invitation for big decisions in your life.

  1. Projectors do have less energy to work with and this helps you conserve your resources. This is the first, very obvious, reason why you should be waiting for an invitation. If you just jump into it and invite yourself into something and the person does not appreciate it then you would have put in so much of your valuable energy into it just to not get recognized and appreciated. This can lead you towards your non-self theme, which is bitterness. You’re going to feel a sense of resentment as to why your ideas did not land the way you wanted them to, and that’s because you did not wait for an invitation. 

  2. The other reason why you should wait for an invitation is because of your penetrating aura and X-ray vision. You will find that there are times when you can give these deep insights to people who may not be ready for them yet – they could be unconscious, in denial, or just not ready for it yet. Waiting for an invitation ensures that your advice does not end up getting misconstrued as unsolicited.

  3. The third reason is that when you get a formal invitation and accept it, you get flooded by the investor’s transient energy. This means that you will have access to their energy resources. You will feel that surge of extra energy that is yours to do with whatever you want until that invitation expires.

Please note that “waiting for invitation” strategy only applies to big life events. For small things in life, you don’t need to wait for an invitation – you can just go for it. During these times, for small decisions, you should be engaging your authority, to make sure that it is a right fit for your energy.

Invitations are not permanent and have an expiration. When someone invites you into something and then you accept that invitation, and you enter that initiative, you have this surge of energy within you that you’re getting from this person who invited you. Howover be sure to check in with yourself – If you find that you are in your not-self theme more than usual and you feel that loss of energy within you, then there’s a chance that that invitation has expired. This a cue for you to step out of that arrangement because the invitation does not seem to be there anymore.

Human Design Projector Inner Authority Variations

Your human design inner authority will tell you if this task/project is energetically the right fit for you. It is your decision-making mechanism

Emotional Projectors – As an emotional projector, you will have your emotional center defined i.e. you have an emotional inner authority. This means you should wait for your emotional wave to pass and gain clarity before you make a decision.

Splenic projectors – As a splenic projector, you will have your spleen center defined. This makes your spleen center your inner authority. This means that you should pay attention to your “in the moment”/gut response before you make a decision

Ego-projected projectors – As an ego-projected projector, you will have your ego center defined. This makes your ego center your inner authority. This means that your selfish desires are going to be the right thing for you and everyone else around you.

Self-Projected projectors – As a self-projected projector, you should make decisions that are in alignment with your identity and your direction in life

No inner authority – Mental projectors have no inner authority if they just have ajna, head or throat centers defined (also known as sounding board authority or environmental authority). You should be in a good environment when you make decisions. In addition, use others as sounding boards to hear yourself talk before you make a decision.

What can a Projector do while they are waiting for that invitation

  1. Learning/Knowledge gathering is not considered to be part of three to four hours. You can choose to learn, and read things during your free time. Projectors are designed to be geniuses in their areas of expertise.

  2. You can still “do” small things without invitation as long as you’re not expending a lot of energy in it. Small things such as posting things on social media etc. is OK.

  3. Ask for a formal invitation when you sense an energetic invitation. For example, if you’re around people who don’t know a lot about human design, it is weird for someone to invite you for your advice. When they talk about the problems that are frustrating or angering them, you can jump in and ask for an invitation – “Hey, do you mind if I offer you a solution for it?”

  4. One very important thing for projectors to keep in mind is that your aura is different. The projector aura is unique and penetrating. People recognize what you are, especially when you stay in your zone of genius and silently wait in the power of their aura. As long as you’re showcasing your zone of genius, all you have to do is stay in your aura. Let your aura do the talking. Silently wait for an invitation and the invitations will come. Your aura will push people into making these invitations for you.

Decision-Making Process for a Human Design Projector

Here is your process as a projector.

For anything small, you do not have to wait for an invitation. If it requires minimal or no energy resources, do not wait for an invitation. Just check in with your authority, make sure it’s the right fit for your energy.

For big decisions, you do have to wait for a formal invitation. Even if you feel that energetic invitation, you have to ask for a formal invitation before you dive into the situation. This strategy only applies to big life decisions, such as moves, and a new job, a new business, things along those lines, a call to bond with someone; but these are the times when you want to engage in this strategy and then your authority.

Keep in mind that, especially from an emotional authority, you do want to sleep on your decision. You don’t want to say yes right away, because you can’t. There’s no truth in the now for any emotional center defined. 

Projector’s Signature Theme

The signature theme of Projectors is success. Signature theme representations the vibrational frequency when you are being you – completely authentic to who you are and not operating out of conditioning.

When you are in your signature theme, you will notice invitations start coming to you. For projectors, your signature theme is that of success. A projector loves nothing more than being recognized. This does not mean that in order for you to stay in that success team you have to always be doing things for people.

That sense of success will feel like success in being recognized – “Wow! Now I’m recognized. This is amazing.” It’s happiness for their success. It’s your success. It’s success all around.

Projector’s Not-Self (False Self) Theme

The Not self theme of a projector is bitterness or resentment. You will recognize this feeling when you give out helpful advice that is misconstrued as unsolicited. Or, when you give out advice when that invitation may have already expired. It gives you the sense of – “Wow! I just put all my energy into giving you the best advice of your life, and you don’t even want to see it. You’re not seeing me, and this is crazy and I resent you because of it.” There’s a sense of bitterness. 

For a projector, when you feel that energy of bitterness, try to connect back to that energy of your signature theme i.e. success. Recognize the powerful aura that you hold as a projector When in your not-self theme, other people may see you as being pushy, and many times this stems from that lack of invitation.

I did mention for small things in life, you can proceed without an invitation. However, while giving feedback or advice to someone may seem small, it does not fit into this category. There’s a difference between doing things on your own versus giving advice to other people. When you’re in this area of giving input to someone else or giving advice to someone else, (whether you’re a projector or any other energy type), you have to wait for an invitation.

You can’t just dive into it, because it is not going to be well received. This is the rule of the throat center that you must wait to be invited. Even as a manifesting generator, I can’t just go around offering my advice. I have to ask for an invitation or make sure that there’s an energetic invitation or room for me to do so. 

Conditioning in a Human Design Projector

The need to work all the time

This conditioning to work all the time comes from living in a world full of generators. Deconditioning involves recognizing that the number of hours worked does not equal to the impact that you can make. You are not here to be the worker bee, but you are here to be that consultant, that guide, that mentor.

The need to initiate things

There is also a tendency to initiate and/or push things like a manifester would. We have always been told to make things happen and initiate. That is conditioning that projectors have to release. Projectors have to get comfortable with silent waiting for their invitations. Projectors tend to sometimes look for that external validation/recognition because deep down they know the insights that they have are life-changing and therefore proceed with providing that unsolicited feedback that is seldom recognized.

The best thing for you to do is showcase your zone of genius and let people see your worth and recognize you for your zone of genius and they will flock to you.

The need to help others in all areas of life

Projectors have a zone of genius. You can identify this by recognizing the areas where people will come to you for advice. You’re designed to niche down. So, refrain from offering advice for areas that are not your zone of genius.

Deconditioning can be done just through mindfulness and awareness. As a manifesting generator, I am here to bring shortcuts into the world. For this reason, I recommend Reiki Human Design Deconditioning Infusions. These powerful deconditioning tools will help you decondition effortlessly.

Life Purpose of a Projector

Life Purpose of a Projector
Projectors and life purpose

A projector is here to provide guidance and counsel others. Your purpose comes from the impact you make, rather than the effort you put into something. You do not need to add 10 things to make your offer or yourself valuable. Go in-depth for a topic, rather than spread things out.

Your mantra: The less I do, the more I make.

Human Design has the ability to point you toward a purpose that you can monetize. Soul Activation and Monetization will guide you to your exact soul purpose and how to monetize it.

Famous Human Design Projectors

Some famous Projectors are Nelson Mandela, Princess Diana, Taylor Swift, Barack Obama, and Brad Pitt

Wrap Up

Your type, your strategy, and your authority are the three cornerstones of your human design. You don’t have to dive deep into your human design. You could, if you want, but even if you don’t want to, as long as you master these three, they will give you everything that you’re looking for.

Imagine living in that sense of success every single day. It’s the best thing ever. For me, as a manifesting generator, living in that energy of satisfaction and peace is that holy grail to me.

You do have to come back to strategy and authority time and time again. I do have a cheat sheet that helps you figure out your strategy and authority at a more detailed level and that cheat sheet is called the Sacred Decision-Making Guide. Be sure to download a copy today.

Human Design Reading for Projectors

Are you ready to dive deep into the magic of your own soul’s blueprint?

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This 70+ page Human Design report will be your personalized compass for navigating life’s twists and turns, illuminating your strengths, and helping you align with your divine purpose.

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  1. OH MY GOSH!!!! Poonam!!! Girl!! This makes sooooo much sense and I am very grateful for you and for finding you. When I say this describes me and how I am perfectly…WOW is all I can say. I want to schedule a reading from you but I need to look at my budget and see where I have extra funds for a reading. I found your manifesting root chakra class on Udemy and here I am. I really feel a relief because I honestly thought something was wrong with me and how I am. This made the world of difference explaining who I am and how I am. Wow. You are so very amazing. I cannot say thank you enough. Have a wonderful day and I will contact you for a reading as soon as I can. Thank you 🙂

  2. To all other Mental projectors. You are not abnormal. I have spent most of my life wondering why there is nobody out there who does or can understand me. I have run parallel to the rest of the world not being connected to it.
    I have felt the mental and physical isolation, painfully.

    Then I studied Astrology and more recently I have bumped into ‘Human Design’
    Phew! Thank you to both subjects and never consider them to be the same thing. Both will give deep insights into you and why you operate the way you do.
    My thanks to Poonam (lovely name). I am given to understand it means ‘Full Moon’ How cute is this?

    1. Thanks so much – it does mean full moon night 🙂 and apologies for the late approval..I am dealing with sick kids in the house. With regards to mental projectors, I feel for unaware mental projectors because they do not have a reflector’s aura to protect them from conditioning and taking in the energies. As Ra said, mental projectors are here to be the leader at the front of the pack, but it can be so challenging.

      1. Please tell me why your children are sick and I will give you the ‘natural’ way of bringing them back to health, without tablets/pills/ sprays from the chemist.I mean a natural remedy that does actually work.
        If you wish to comm personally you have ny e-mail address.

        Being a mental projector and having Sun (ego and drive) and Moon (emotion) in Aquarius (the crazy one) is very, very challenging but now I know more about MP in Human Design I am feeling quite smug and much more comfortable as I am also within 2 % of the worlds population according to HD..
        Now I know why I am different to the 98% and it has changed my perspective of myself. I like myself today.


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