How I found Human Design

If you're not familiar with it, human design is a system that looks at how we are designed and how we interact with the world. Human Design shows us our gifts and challenges and helps us to understand how we are designed to do this. I found human design by accident years back but did not do much with that information. This time around, I felt called to get deeper into it.

For the longest time, being in alignment was my obsession.

By alignment, I meant vibrational alignment – making sure that I am always in a high vibrational state to magnetize my desires to me.

But that always felt like work because it was stuff that I HAD to do to feel a certain way.

Lately I have been experimenting with human design.
I can’t even begin to tell you how much it has shifted my world.

How much I have come to realize that I do not need to do 2 hours of rituals to feel a certain way.

All I have to do is go back to my human design signature, which is the most natural positive state to me by my design.

When I do that, life becomes easy. Alignment does not feel like work – it feels like fun.

It does not feel like I am on a hamster wheel – constantly doing things, burnt out, exhausted by the end of the day, and drained of my life force energy

I had my best month last month with my blog. What I realized was that I was still not happy.

I would make myself get to that state, but there was something missing. This is because I did not feel truly satisfied.

That is when I realized that something was off.

This was not why I had started my business in the first place.

I then came across human design – started reading all the books on it and am going through a certification on it right now.

I feel as if my life has changed.

I am in this state of utter peace and satisfaction – like I have never felt before.

It feels so good.

It feels like being in a perpetual state of flow – as if I am riding an unending wave. Effortless.

Have you experimented with human design? Comment below with your type.

If you are new to the human design world, you can get a free human design bodygraph here.

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