Can Someone with a Defined Ajna Center meditate?


Ajna center in human design is the center of conceptualization. It is akin to the processor of a CPU.

If you have a defined Ajna, you are non stop processing things around you.

You have a way with processes and sequences. You love researching and organizing things and concepts.

You love solving questions and mysteries.

But sometimes the pressure to solve can lead to worry and anxiety.

Remember, the Ajna is a projected center, which means that you

My Defined Ajna

I struggled with my defined Ajna for a really long time. Especially when it came to meditation. Even if I meditated, I did not “hear” any intuition that everyone talked about.

I did not know about human design back then, but I knew that my mind was non-stop. Now I know why. This is a result for defined Ajna.

There is a myth that it is impossible for a defined Ajna person to meditate. This is not true.
Yes it takes more effort and the right tools, but once we learn how to meet that silence, the results are fascinating.

My Defined Ajna people yes you can meditate

It will result in magical insights and epiphanies that can directly be tied to the intuitive power of 3rd Eye Chakra in our subtle body system.

You will start having the eureka and penny drop moments.

Become aware when your thinking loop turns into worry and anxiety, and in general turns into your not-self theme.

This is the time to absolutely turn to silence.

Many gifts of defined Ajna emerge in a state of silence

So, what is the right meditation for someone with a defined Ajna.

The trick is sticking to it and looking for the right tools that work for you.

Guided meditations are not the best for a defined Ajna center. This is because a defined Ajna center is processing inspiration and information non-stop. They will easily start processing the words and analyzing the “how” in the guided meditation, rather than just be.

Guided meditations are not the best for a defined ajna center

Mantra meditations are great for someone with Defined Ajna Chakra. Mantra meditations will help you get to the Alpha level of your brain. To learn more about this, check out my effortless meditator’s cheatsheet

Once you are comfortable with it, you can move past the Alpha level by combining Mantras with Brainwave entrainment to access deeper brainwave states and more powerful insights.

Check out my top meditations list. This is something I created, when I was not that familiar with my human design. If you are someone who has a Defined Ajna, it will benefit you.


A word about undefined Ajna Center

You are someone with an open mind. It is normal for you to feel uncertain about things, but know that there is power in uncertainty for there is no certainty in life. As my mentor put it, you could be absolutely sure about something years back and realize that you were completely wrong in that assessment.

This is your wisdom and something to be celebrated.
If you are around someone with a defined Ajna, the worry loop will start within you as well. Be aware of the outside influences that are causing it in you. Your design is not meant to handle too much worrying.

A word about 3rd Eye/Ajna Chakra

Within chakras, this is the chakra of intuition. Keep in mind that chakras are intensely complex. Human Design represents a layer of it, but it is not the chakra in itself.

One of the important things to know is that there was a human emphasis on opening up the pineal gland to access information. While this is still true, it is more important to stay grounded in your body to make sure that the right insights are coming to you. It is also important to only use this center to help others upon invitation.

Wrap up

Your human design is essential to figuring out the tools that work for you vs the ones that don’t.

Stop spending time and money on strategies and tools that are not good for your design. The results will be temporary, at best.

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