9 Things You Need To Know about Undefined Centers in Human Design

What are the white centers in a human design bodygraph? 

Undefined centers are the centers that are not colored-in in your human design chart.

These are the areas that are not consistent to you because you are a consumer rather than a creator of that energy.
This means that other people who have this center defined can create this energy.
You on the other hand get to borrow that energy from them and use it.

This also means that you are not fixed in how you express these areas, because you will feel very different when you are alone.

But these will become “defined” for you when you come in contact with a person or a transit, and you will start to express it the way they would.

What do I need to know about the undefined centers

The ultimate gift of an undefined center comes in the wisdom to be gained.
That is the potential. But before that potential comes acceptance and self-love for the person that you are born to be.

Things to Accept if you have an Undefined Center

Human Designed Undefined Centers with Key Learnings and Self Acceptance

Undefined Centers – Key Learnings and Self Acceptance

Undefined Head Center

When undefined, we feel the pressure to pick on other people’s ideas and inspirations and trying to think about them. We can also get frustrated that we do not have original ideas – most of our ideas are a mix of things that we have picked up along the way. Your Mantra for this – I let go of the need to have completely original inspirations

Undefined Ajna Center

When undefined, we can feel pressure to feel certain about things in life and have answers to everything. Your Mantra for this – It is OK to be uncertain. Truth is never singular. It is all perspectives.

Undefined Throat Center

When undefined, we can feel the need to talk ceaselessly to get attention. Wisdom comes in learning that attracting attention requires you to stay silent and be in your power. Your Mantra for this – I do not need to talk to get attention.

Undefined G-center

When undefined, we can feel the need the be consistent as a person, rather than our natural fluid nature. You are designed to wear and try on different costumes in this lifetime. Your Mantra for this – I am different with different people and that is OK

Undefined Ego/Heart Center

When undefined, there is this innate lack of self-worth and the need to prove yourself to everyone for everything. This can push you to make promises that you will ultimately not be able to keep. Your mantra for this – I do not need to prove myself to anyone

Undefined Spleen Center

When undefined, there is a tendency to want to feel safe. This leads to holding onto people and things that are not good for you. You are not designed to be spontaneous in life like others. Your mantra for this – It is OK for me not to be spontaneous like others

Undefined Emotional Solar Plexus Center

When undefined, you are an emotional empath taking on other people’s emotions. There is a tendency to not confront people or act in a way around people to make them feel better so that you feel better through their emotions. Your Mantra for this – It is not my responsibility to make someone else feel better.

Undefined Sacral Center

When undefined, you not have consistent life force energy to do things. You do not have the necessary energy resources. This means that you are not designed to work as hard as others. Your gift is in initiating ideas and delegating (manifestors) guiding others (projectors), and reflecting/holding space for others (reflectors). Your Mantra for this – It is OK for me not to work as much as others around me. My success is not proportional to my work effort

Undefined Root Center

When undefined, you do not have consistent access to the pressure needed to move things forward. You could sit on incomplete projects and would not feel the drive to do anything about it. Your mantra for this – It is OK to feel no pressure or drive when I am alone. I can choose to enjoy the present moment or to borrow this energy when I need it.

Be mindful of when you are trying to be someone that you are not designed to be

We are often pressured to be these do-ers that most of us are not designed to be. There is where learning about your design can help. That energy that you are wasting in turning yourself into the person that you are not is futile. It is temporary at best.

That temporary boost helps in some situations, but what matters is doing it intentionally with the understanding that you are the consumer and it is time for you to borrow that energy from outside.

We incarnated in this lifetime and chose this life for ourselves.
If you have many undefined centers, you may perceive it as a limitation.
Please don’t.
This is what your soul chose for this lifetime.
To operate under these boundaries, to learn the wisdom.

My husband has an undefined Ajna – and he has shown me the importance of perspectives and how important it is to be open-minded and accepting of someone else’s reality and opinions.

I have an undefined root and he has a defined one. I continue to show him through my actions why it is not important to rush in life. That is OK to sit still, take a breather, and enjoy the moment.

The ultimate potential of undefined centers

Undefined areas are the areas we are here to learn and eventually gain wisdom around.

But once we attain the wisdom, we are here to show both the undefined and the defined centers how to use these energies correctly.

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Soul Purpose with Human Design

Undefined centers are where we eventually develop wisdom and there is profit potential that lies in these centers. On the other hand, definitions in your chart will provide you with the consistency that you can use to help others. There are also aspects in your human design chart that will show you your soul purpose and how to attract the people you are designed to attract.

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