How I found my soul purpose with human design

Is there such a thing as finding soul purpose with human design?

Yes, there is, and not only that but it is the most powerful purpose activations that you will come across.

Comfort Zone, Natural Gifts, and Soul Purpose

People talk about comfort zones and why it is necessary to cross over it to live a life of your wildest desires.
While this is true, there are a few sides to it.
It is very important not to get stagnant and comfortable.
But it is also crucial to cross over by harnessing your gifts and abilities.
Rather than pushing yourself to do something that you were not designed for

When I was 20, I wanted to become a tissue engineer.
I also managed to get an externship at a prestigious company to improve my lab skills.

These were the worst 3 months of my life.
I was forcing myself to do something I was never designed for.
I have always been a cerebral person – for as long as I have known.
Doing manual experiments in the lab was draining.
I made more mistakes than I can count, was physically and mentally exhausted, and it never got better.

Conscious Sun in Human Design Chart

Luckily my mentor guided me in the right direction, and here I am.
I have my conscious sun in Gate 24, which makes me a great analyst.

If you do not know where your conscious sun is, you will find it on the top right square of your human design chart.

snapshot on human design bodygraph with circle around the conscious sun, which the number (gate) in the top right square
Conscious Sun placement in human design bodygraph

It is something I did in the corporate world.
It is something I do now, but the direction has changed.

Is it exciting or draining?

If you are doing something that you don’t wake up excited about.
Chances are, it is not your one true calling.
You have certain skills that only you can express in a very unique way.

It is time to pay attention to those and bring them to light
And the next phase is learning how to monetize them so that work can be play.

It is also important to realize that monetization is not always going to feel exciting.

I meant lets be real – this is work, effort, and discipline

Consuming content is easy, but creating it. That is a whole different ball game.

I am here writing this blog post at 7 am, waiting for my kids to wake up any minute.

I could easily have been in my bed relaxing.

Monetization does require work, BUT when aligned with your gifts and passion, it becomes way easier.

It becomes of high service. It fuels your Why.

How does this affect your energy type?

As different human design types, we have different energy levels.
However, even Manifestors, Generators, and MGs will feel like nonenergy types when they are stuck in a soul-sucking job or business.
Projectors and Reflectors, when you are not in an area of your core expression, it will be more draining. You will get less invitations and initiations. With these missing, you miss out on the transient energy you get when you are invited into a process. You don’t stand out.

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Finding Soul Purpose with Human Design

Purpose is something that is always within us.
But we cannot see it.
Human Design will help you look at your chart to validate your purpose for you.
It will get you to a point of – wow, that was my purpose all along? And I get to monetize it?

Even as someone who discovered a huge part of my purpose early on, I still struggled.
During low moments, there were times when I questioned it.
I questioned it when the direction in my life changed from corporate growth to personal and spiritual growth.
I took 3 courses to figure out my purpose and they led me down to 3 very wrong rabbit holes.
The reason for this is that most purpose courses make you look at purpose from a conscious perspective.
It makes you look at your gifts and talents from that lens.

Human design, on the other hand, looks at both conscious and unconscious sides.
It also tells you what you are good at and what likely will not bring you success.
When I put these pieces together, I had that aha moment.
And human design finally validated my purpose for me – which I always had an understanding of deep within my soul.

You are worthy and meant for so much more

You are designed to do something special that only you can do
You do have a calling.
And that calling is a part of your destiny.
What’s more, is that you can find ways to monetize it.
And become rich doing what you were here to do.

I realized quite early on in life that I do not ever want to work on something that does not make me happy.
Life is too short for that.
It is also too short to settle for anything less than your wildest dreams.
Buddha once said – do not compromise yourself, you are all you have got.
So I am going to ask you that question.
Are you compromising yourself?

Find your Purpose with human design

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If you are curious about your purpose, human design can help.

The thing I love about human design is that it helps you find a tangible purpose – something that you can monetize.

If you are interested in learning how to find your purpose, download the Free Soul Gifts by Design Cheatsheet


Free Cheatsheet - Soul Gifts by Design

Unlock your purpose and gifts with human design using the Free Soul Gifts by Design Cheatsheet

When I first started learning about human design, I was told to surrender to my design and follow my strategy and authority exclusively. So, I abandoned all other teachings and immersed myself in the experiment. While the highs were great, the lows were utterly debilitating. They said I had to embrace my melancholy, but doing so only made things worse. They claimed I was meant to experience the full emotional spectrum, yet life felt unbearable. They said to embrace my lack of productivity, my business suffered. After months without improvement, I finally snapped. During meditation, I received a download about incorporating my energy clearing methods with human design. When I tried it, everything shifted. What would have kept me in a rut for days passed in minutes. I became more productive, gained more free time, followed divine intuition, and easily shifted into the lighter side of my design. As a human design coach, I believe human design is an excellent awareness tool. However, how you use that awareness is up to you. Every human design element has its frequency bands - highs, lows, and in-betweens. I’m creating a human design energy clearing tool to help you do the same. If you’re struggling with living your design in a way that still moves your life forward, this will be immensely helpful. DM/Comment “prosperity” and I’ll send it over. . . . . #humandesignprofile #humandesignsystem #humandesigneducation #humandesignreflector #humandesignreading #presentmomentreminder #humandesignanalyst #manifestationbabes #humandesigndaily #greatrising #humandesignworld #soulspurpose #soulpurposeguidance #soulpurposecoach #yoursoulpurpose #humandesignprojector #humandesigngenerator #energycoach #innertruth #soulsjourney #healingwork #consciousnesscreatesreality #innerfreedom #awakeningbody #intuitiveempath #heartcentred #infinitebeing #manifestingenerator #innerauthority #heartbliss
Have you ever struggled with trying to make yourself “appear” humble, or alternatively, completely getting triggered by someone who lacks humility? If you are nodding, the cause for this is your Ego/Heart Center in Human Design. I have a defined ego center, and so does my daughter.  The other day I told her, “sweetheart, do you know you are really amazing at this?”.  And her reply to me was: “Oh yeah, I know I am.”  Right away I felt triggered.  Why? Because despite being a defined ego, I have been conditioned to “act humble” and not show off. Ego center is the most conditioned center out there. On both fronts: defined and undefined Defined Egos feel the need to hide who they are Undefined Egos feel the need to push to prove themselves to others it’s time for some real talk… because these things? The things you THINK that matter really don’t. 🎤 MIC DROP 🎤 This *might* come as a shock to you, but humility and minimizing yourself is not a good thing. This is the conditioning field of “not feeling enough” that comes from 70% of the world that has an undefined ego center. So what REALLY matters? ♥️ If you have a defined ego center, understand that you will naturally feel worthy and secure. Just because the world tries to suppress you, don’t let others shame you for your sense of “enough-ness” and worthiness. ♥️ If you have an undefined ego center, understand that your self-esteem is not dependent on proving yourself or being better than someone else. This is you trying to seek external validation. Until you feel enough internally, you will never feel enough externally.  Remember, you are enough as you are. . . . . . #egocenter #knowyourself  #soulpreneur #personalpower #powerofnow #soulpath  #worthiness #soulpurposecoach #divineenergy  #energyclearing    #humandesigneducation #humandesignworld #humandesignmanifestinggenerator #humandesignprojectors  #spiritualbusiness  #humandesigngenerator #humandesignreflector #followyourintuition #manifestationbabes #humandesignreading #humandesignlife #humandesign #humandesignanalyst #lifepurpose #yoursoulpurpose #soulpurpose #humandesigngates #careerpath #lifepurpose   #divinelight
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