What You Should Know about Human Design Generators

Introduction to Human Design Generators

Generator is an energy type in the human design system. This is the most dominant energy type followed by manifesting generators. 35% of the human population are generators.

This is why other energy types feel the immense pressure of working continuously – something that is not in their design (barring manifesting generators). Apart from manifesting generators, non-energy types are conditioned to behave like generators.

They can get overwhelmed in doing so because they don’t generate the same amount of energy as generators do. Generators generate lifeforce energy through their sacral center consistently. That’s the reason why they are called generators.

All About Human Design Generators

Defined Sacral Energy Center in Human Design Generators

Sacral center is the source of consistent life force energy within generators. Out of the 4 motor centers in our body, sacral center is the most powerful center when it comes to generating this energy

This is because all the other energy centers operate in waves or on/off pulses. For example, root center works as an on/off pressure pulse. Ego center is also inconsistent and needs rest to reset its willpower. Solar plexus (emotional) center operates in waves, in highs and lows.

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Sacral beings should do work that lights you up

Sacral center is the only center that generates consistent energy with a caveat – you have to be doing work that lights you up i.e. you’re engaging in pleasure and play and doing things you love. Prize is in the process is the perfect saying for generators.

If you’re doing something you love, you will not feel like you’re working because work becomes play for you and you can keep going. Defined sacral centers beings have this urge within them – a constant buzz through which generators always want to do things.

Even when they’re tired, there is a tendency to keep pushing because they know they can do it. Even when it is no longer fun. This is when sacral energy starts to degenerate. This is why it is important to realize that just because you can do it doesn’t mean you should. Unless and until something is lighting you up, you should not be in a state of “doing”.

What if the task I am lit up by is now tiring me?

With a task that is seemingly lighting you up, you could get tired of doing the same thing. You may want to do something else in that moment. You may have to go engage in a pleasurable activity. Indulging in guilty pleasures is recommended for sacral beings. Pushing through is not recommended because that forces your sacral to do things that are not fun anymore, and then you can really deplete it if you do not use its generative capacity correctly.

This is also what will give you that burnt out, exhausted feeling. The amazing thing about the sacral center is that when you really allow it to engage in play and fun, you can do things at a really fast pace.

Signature Theme and Not-Self Theme of a Human Design Generator

Your signature theme is the highest vibrating energy that you can be at this is the energy when you are fully opening your self up to everything amazing and everything miraculous for generators, this frequency that satisfaction, this is when you know that you are in alignment with your generator energy type. And you want to strive to be in this energy for as long as you can.

The non-self theme for the generator is frustration. When you are in the energy of frustration, you know that you are steering away from your generator energy type, and you want to be aware of it because this is the point where you could be making the wrong decisions. When it comes to doing things or making decisions, make sure you’re not in you’re not self because you’re not going to get the correct answers at that moment.

Not Self Theme of Generator

Ideally, you want to be in your signature theme. When you’re doing anything, whether you’re making decisions, whether you’re taking action, that is when you’re going to get your best results. You’re going to find yourself in a state of flow, and you’ll have the ability to do things at such a rapid rate. But you do have to wait for your body to feel that sense of satisfaction when you’re in the process

How a Generator should take action

Generator’s Strategy and Authority

Strategy is the way you are designed to enter into things correctly i.e. taking action or entering a new project/relationship etc. Something that leaves others and all as to how fast you can do something but that’s the thing, generators really have to learn how to be patient and work on things that light them up. The other piece of generator is that apart from that, they cannot initiate. If you know anything about manifestors there, another energy type of human design manifestors used to be at the top of the hierarchy.

They were the Kings and the Queens and the people who used to give out the orders and generators were the doers. They were the builders used to carry out the orders that consistently give access to energy within them. So over time, generators were suppressed and there’s always this constant need for generators to be that way. And to want to initiate like a manifester, being a manifestor is a generator’s dream because they have so much potential to take action. They just want to take the action. They just want to initiate, but generators are not designed to be that way. What happens is that when you take action on the wrong things, when you just initiate things without using your strategy which is waiting to respond, when you just initiate actions like a manifestor then you will not be using your energy in the correct way.

You will end up depleting your energy much faster and may end up quitting that project. Persistence, which is one of the sacral center traits will not be there if you decide to leap into the wrong action that you are not supposed to do. The way you engage in the right activity is by using your strategy and your authority.

Generator Strategy – Wait to respond correctly

Generator’s strategy is to Wait to respond. This is because the generator’s aura functions as enveloping and open. When we relax into our type and stay in the signature theme, we become a magnet to everything because of this aura. The right things appear in our external periphery that we can then respond to.

This also means that ideas will come to us. Things will come to us. People will come to us. Life starts getting attracted to us. A note with regards to ideas and inspirations: if you know of the law of perpetual transportation, which states that ideas are non-physical, and they want to be converted into physical things. Generators are one of the best ways this can happen apart from manifestors, who have a direct line in doing so.

But manifestor aura is different than generator aura. While a manifestor can take that raw idea, turn it into physical reality, and push it outword to the right people. Generators don’t have that kind of an aura and is therefore not able to push their ideas outword in the same way a Manifestor can. Therefore many ideas a generator has even when converted into a physical thing may fizz out.

Generators have an intermediate step because an idea is still a non-physical form. That non-physical form wants to be converted into physical then we become a magnet to everything. We have to make sure that we’re only responding to the life that is around us which is the physical things that are around us.

Because of this, once you get an idea then you can not just initiate it because your aura is different, you are open and enveloping. You have to wait for physical forms of people, signs, or things to come into your periphery, through which then you can now respond using your human design authority (emotional or sacral) and then decide if you want to take that action or not.

The Process of leaping into action

  • The process would work as you getting an idea or you don’t have to get an idea. That’s optional
  • Once you get an idea, you will see signs outside of you in your external reality. This. could be people, things, signs, sounds, etc. The Key is it must be something physical and not mental.
  • That is what you now have to respond to using your human design authority

Generator Authority in Human Design- Emotional or Sacral

You can either have an emotional authority (emotional Generator), or a sacral authority (Pure Generator) as a Generator.

Emotional Authority (EMOTIONAL GENERATORS)

If you have emotional authority i.e. your emotional solar plexus defined, you are not designed to make decisions in the now. You must ride out your emotional way and get to a place of emotional neutrality before you make that decision.

Once you get to that place of neutrality, engage your sacral, which is your secondary authority to get sacral sounds: “ah-huh” (Yes) or “uhn-uh” (No)

Sacral Authority (PURE GENERATORS)

If you have a sacral authority, you can ask your sacral a yes/no question directly and look for the answer that comes in the same sacral sounds/grunts: “ah-huh” (Yes) or “uhn-uh” (No)

Where people really get hung up because they try to answer it in a yes/no verbal way or with questions such as: If I am excited about this, it must be right.

Sacral center is one of the most primal forms of energy. Back in the day, when we could not talk, when we were still animals, the sacral center mirrored our throats because we responded in grunts, groans, and sounds. We couldn’t form language or words, which is why it is important to respond with grunts. Refrain from vocalizing yes-no verbal answers because you will not know if it’s coming from your mind or if it is really coming from your sacral.

The quality of your sacral sound also differs based on which center your Sacral is connected to. If you it is connected to your spleen, you will feel that “Yes” in your body.

What generators have to get over

People Pleasing and Guilt for saying no

Generators have that open and enveloping aura, which means people feel comfortable asking them to do things for them. But Generators forget that they have the ability to say no. They have been saying yes to tasks that don’t light them up their entire life. This is a big part of their deconditioning process. The prize is in the process, not in the other person liking what you created for them. The latter comes from a need of external validation – a form of conditioning.

Generator and available aura

What happens if no one asks?

You will get asked! Not-self Generators tend to operate out of a fear-based question when they first come across human design – what if no one asks and therefore they now have nothing to respond to. This cannot happen as long as you are in your signature theme. When you are feeling satisfaction, your aura will not allow it to happen as long as you are in. You are a magnet for such asks – remember, it does not have to be an invitation for you like a projector. It could be anything. You are responding to things 24/7.

Staying in your signature theme of Satisfaction

As long as you are in that satisfaction frequency, ideas will be magnetized to you, and if the idea is a right fit for you then you will start seeing signs outside of you. If you go into your not-self then the mind will take over. The ideas will start coming from a conditioned place and you may end up responding to them from a place of not-self as well. The key is to be passive and let life work for you rather than the other way around.

Patience and Not quitting because of frustrations from hitting plateaus

Generators are here to master certain things in life. The thing about this master is that it happens over time. There are challenges along the way and then there is a point where the generator hits a plateau. This is a sacral tendency that affects only generators (not manifesting generators). When you hit the plateau, there is a tendency to get frustrated easily.

It is important to realize that this is very natural. This is the way in which you get the mastery – so the gift comes in understanding that this frustration is just a part of your life that means that you are at the plateau. So engage in an act that is satisfying. There’s nothing that you can do in order to go above it except for staying the course and not giving up.

You just have to be patient with it and not quit. Generators quit when they’re at the plateau, which is why they’re kind of labeled as quitters. but you just really kind of have to stay consistent with that and push through it. And eventually, you will be rewarded. Again, this only applies to things that you know you did not initiate and things that you actually waited to respond to, and things that you did get a green light from your authority for.

Generators, mastery, and plateaus

So that’s when you can go by this. But of course, if you are going to pursue things by initiating and forcing them and by not listening to your sacral then there’s a good amount of chance that your energy is not really built for it and you are going to quit prematurely.

Deconditioning in Generators

Human Design will give you an awareness of who you were designed to be. But chances are you are not operating according to your true design. This is a difference between knowing and living your design. The latter is called deconditioning – it is shedding all the different levels of conditioning that you have taken on in this lifetime. It is what is keeping you from your infinite self.

I often hear Generators say – well if I am supposed to be a Generator, why am I not getting things to respond to? Is there something wrong with my aura? The answer is in deconditioning. Unless and until you live according to your type, you will not be able to help yourself and keep “doing, doing, doing”, rather than relaxing into your strategy and authority. Or even if you get asked, you will not be able to recognize it.

Deconditioning can be done just through mindfulness and awareness. As a manifesting generator, I am here to bring shortcuts into the world. For this reason, I recommend Reiki Human Design Deconditioning Infusions. These powerful deconditioning tools will help you decondition effortlessly.


Wrap up

Generators make it easy for others to come and ask them. You are here to build – however the type of building you do – physical or mental would depend on other aspects within your chart.

Famous Generators include Robin Williams, Oprah Winfrey, Albert Einstein, Coco Chanel, Neil Armstrong,

Human Design Reading for Generators

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