A Complete Guide to Human Design Manifesting Generators

Human Design Manifesting Generators – Introduction

You have probably run your human design chart to find out you are manifesting generator and are wondering what this energy type is all about. This blog post is about all things Manifesting Generators in Human Design. We will go over everything that makes Manifesting Generators different from Generator, Projector, and Manifestor human design types – why are these so different and so special just like every other energy type.

I am a manifesting generator energy type myself, and often get annoyed when MGs get clumped with the Generator type in human design: Manifesting Generators Energy Types are their own breed. I hope that this blog takes care of all the questions you have around the manifesting generator type

Manifesting Generators are 34% of the world’s population. Originally, they were classified right under the generator type in human design. But over the years, people have started discovering how Manifesting Generators are quite different than pure generators. Depending on who you learn from, you don’t get the complete picture of the potential of an MG, and the things that they have to do differently than pure generators and pure manifestors because MG’s are a hybrid between generators and manifestors.

Manifesting generators - you are a hybrid

Manifesting Generators – Hybrid Nature and Speed

Manifesting generators are builders just like generators, but they are also known as express builders because they tend to do things a lot faster because they are a hybrid between generator and manifestor. A generator is a generator because of a defined sacral center. An MG has this, but along with that, a manifesting generator also has a motor center (sacral center, root center, solar plexus center, or heart/ego center) connected to the throat. This motor connection to the throat is a manifestor trait.

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This is why with MGs, you’re looking at a manifestor that is in the body of a generator because an MG has a generator aura, which is why it does have to use the same strategy as a generator with a slight nuance.

MGs has to do this multiple times, but once it gets through that initial hoop i.e. once it enters an action correctly, they can really go through things fast just like a manifestor energy type can. MG, like a manifestor, enters into a state of flow where it’s doing things fast, but that state of flow lasts longer than that of a manifestor. This is because MGs have a defined sacral center, which is the most powerful motor in the body, but a pure manifestor lacks this sacral energy.

Manifesting Generators and Being Multi-passionate:

Manifesting generators are considered to be multi-passionate and love multi-tasking; They usually have a lot of areas of passion. The reason for this is that their gift over here is to master time, and how to master something in a fast way – that is what MG is really good at.

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I’m a manifesting generator, and I usually have 3-4 projects going on at the same time. This actually fuels me. I need that change, and the freedom to be able to jump from one project to the other so that I can maintain the same amount of speed. In fact, what I’ve noticed is that if I’m just working on a single project then there can be a tendency to slow down out of boredom.

But if I have multiple projects, then I will be super-fast in one project. When I notice that I’m slowing down, or something is not holding my interest anymore, I jump to something else. I then express through that and again when I get tired of that, I go back to project 1. This may make you dizzy if you are not a manifesting generator, but if you are one, you will resonate with what I am saying.

The only caveat here is to make sure you are entering into things correctly (using your strategy and authority) – as long as that is the case then this is going to be your typical day. Jumping around and having more than one thing at the same time is completely okay for you. In fact, it is super important for you at times.

What does a defined sacral and throat mean for an MG

MG’s have a defined sacral. This means that you have a consistent, reliable source of life force energy. In addition to that, you have that motor center connected to your throat, which gives you the ability to do (aka manifest) things. This is what makes you a true doer just like a manifestor.

While the sacral center gives you the ability to generate energy, your throat center works differently. Throat center’s primary function is to communicate; Its secondary function is to act aka manifest. This is not manifestation as in the law of attraction, but rather it’s manifesting an idea (a non-physical thing) into material reality or matter. This is what MG’s can do differently when you compare them to a generator.

Signature & Not-Self Theme of a Manifesting Generator

Let’s talk about the signature and the not self-theme for a manifesting generator. Signature theme is your positive vibration, which is neutral in a good way. This is the vibration where you are being completely yourself. The signature theme of an MG is satisfaction and peace

The signature theme of satisfaction comes from the generator side, while peace comes from the manifestor side of you. You want to make sure that you stay in that vibration for as much as you can. This also includes work – for generators and manifesting generators, work is play. As long as work feels satisfying, and you’re feeling a sense of peace then that is great. And that is where you should be.

But if you find that you’re experiencing your not-self of theme of frustration and anger, this means that you are now in a vibrationally low place. This is what resistance will feel like for you – you will find yourself pushing and you’re hitting that point of frustration, or maybe you skip some steps and now realize that you shouldn’t have done this or perhaps, someone is not allowing you to do the things that you wanted to. This is when you hit that state of anger or frustration (your not-self theme).

This is a flag for you to realize that you are operating from your not-self. All of human design rests on this idea of discerning between self and not-self. Here is where you want to develop that awareness and say to yourself that this is not the right place for you and awareness that you need to get back into the energy of satisfaction and peace.

The tendency of a Manifesting Generator

Pushing Things

Just like a generator, an MG can keep working on things as long as it lights them up, but the problem comes in when an MG starts pushing things. This is because manifesting generators knows that it has that energy, and it can keep going. But just because we can doesn’t mean we should, because if something’s not going to light you up then chances are you are going to hit frustration fast. You can deplete your sacral center of its energy and it can degenerate fast from there.

Doing things fast and mastering time

One of the things that differentiate Manifesting Generators from Generators is that MGs do tend to make a lot of mistakes along the way because they are trying to figure out how to do something really fast. That’s the motive. We try all the different approaches – we don’t use a step-by-step linear approach, we will jump steps and we will go backward, we’ll go 10 pages ahead in order to master things and sometimes we realize that we shouldn’t have done that and we skipped an important step while doing that, and then we have to come back and of course-correct.

But this is okay because that is the process through which we get mastering time. Eventually, once we figure it out, we can give a very expressive way of doing things, a very fast way of doing things.

Tendency to initiate (wrongly)

Manifesting Generators have the tendency to initiate like a manifestor, especially with the connection to the throat. But this is not the correct way to enter things. The strategy (i.e. the way to enter into things) for manifesting generators is to wait to respond just like a generator. The reason for this is that an MG’s aura is the same as a generator – Manifesting Generators have an open and enveloping aura, while a manifestor has an outward pushing aura.

This is why then manifestors initiate, and when they throw an activity out there, people respond to that initiating energy in a certain way – the right people get onboarded and initiated. It has a certain impact that MG’s don’t. Because of its open and enveloping aura, MGs have to wait to respond to life just like the generator would.

Tendency to people please

We also have the tendency to people please. Once we finish something we were working on, we get a sense of satisfaction from it. And when other people like our work, we get satisfaction from it. This can turn into an unhealthy need for external validation.

We are not really here for that or people please, rather we’re here to just get satisfaction from our own work and not rely so much on input of those outside of us.

Losing interest in things fast

There is also a tendency to leap into things faster because we feel like a manifestor that is trapped inside a generator body. Because of this, we do have to abide by the rules of generator. We are a generator first. Try to stay away from the tendency to initiate because it is going to result in a lot of incomplete projects. You will hit your frustration and anger faster when you enter things in the wrong way.

Manifesting Generators tend to actually start things a lot more quickly because they have that connection to throat. You can really manifest, you can really act very rapidly. And then the realization hits that you are not lit up by this thing anymore and that it was just a shiny object.

Losing interest in things fast tends to happen when you’re entering into things in the wrong way.

Human Design Strategy of a Manifesting Generator

A Manifesting Generator’s strategy is to wait to respond and inform. This is to wait to respond to life outside of them. Ideas are non-physical things that want to be manifested into material reality. Non-physical ideas want to be physical, and manifesting generator is one of the best ways that it can happen. This is why ideas are attracted to MGs.

However, the key is not to initiate new ideas until your strategy and authority are in alignment. Human Design Strategy will inform you if this idea will result in satisfaction/peace for you. Authority will inform you if you have the sacral energy to manifest this idea.

Manifesting Generator Strategy is to wait to respond to physical life – but note that an idea is still non-physical. If you have an idea (as tempting as it is), you should not leap into action right away. What will happen is that once you get an idea, you may start seeing instances of it everywhere around you. You can also ask the universe to show you signs in your reality.

Sometimes you won’t even get an idea- you will just start seeing signs everywhere around you. This is what you respond to. There is also a misconception that we just need to respond to people – that is not true. We must respond to life – this could be sounds, people, signs, or things. As long as it is something in the external reality outside of you, you can respond to it.

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Manifesting Generators Strategy and Authority

When you start seeing these external signs again and again, check in to make sure that it is the right fit for you energetically. The second piece of strategy for a manifesting generator strategy is To Inform, Once you make a decision on whether you want to do this action or not.

It is advised for a manifesting generator to engage their strategy and authority multiple times, especially for big decisions to make sure it is truly the right thing for you. This is unlike a generator that only needs to do this once before they enter into something

Human Design Authority of an MG

Emotional (Solar Plexus) Authority (Emotional Manifesting Generator)

If you have an emotional authority, you have to get to a place of emotional neutrality i.e let the emotional wave pass before you make a decision. However, emotional authorities don’t work by themselves. Once you get to the emotionally neutral place, you have to engage your secondary authority – which for an MG would be their sacral. Therefore, regardless of what your authority is as a manifesting generator, in the end, you do have to engage your sacral, and you have to ask your sacral a yes/no question and use that sacral response to make your decision.

Sacral Authority (Pure Manifesting Generator)

For Pure MGs, you can ask your sacral right a binary yes/no question and check for the response. It will either come out as unh-unh (No) or uh-huh (yes). This tells you what’s right for you at the moment and if you have the sacral energy for this decision. It responds in grunts and groans. This is the sound that you want to vocalize out loud so that you can hear it. Refrain from doing this internally as there is a chance that it could be coming from your mind rather than from your sacral.

The quality of the sacral response is dependent on the center it is connected to. A connection to spleen indicates if the decisions is good for your overall health or not

MGs have a motor center connected to the throat, and therefore there is this tendency to just leap into things very fast. When the sacral says “yes”, the throat just wants to start acting. This is the reason why it is recommended to engage your sacral a few times before you commit to something, especially if your sacral center is connected to the throat center directly.

Let the cue to respond appear multiple times and ask yes/no question multiple times before you make a big decision. If you have a defined emotional center, be sure you are are in a place of clarity

If you keep getting “ah-ha”, this action is the right one for you. As an MG, you will arrive at a final moment – a moment right before which you leap into the arena of massive action and will start investing a massive sacral energy. Chetan Parkyn calls this “the moment of truth”. Here is where you ask the final yes/no question before you enter this action.

While it is frustrating to jump through all these hoops, the great thing about a manifesting generator is that, unlike a generator that has to keep asking yes/no questions at every turn even after entering something correctly, MGs don’t have to do that. Once an MG enters something correctly, they their manifestor energy takes over

The second part of the strategy is “To Inform” – the reason why you inform is a little different than the manifestor. Once you decide to move forward with something, you will find yourself in a state of flow during which you can get a lot done. Things happen in an easier and efficient way. In order to honor your flow and so that no one breaks it, it is prudent to let to let everyone around you that you’re going to be busy and will be gone for a while.

What does having a defined throat center mean for an MG

The primary function of a defined throat is to communicate, and its secondary function is to act i.e. to manifest. It is important that you always communicate before you act. This is another reason why “informing” is a part of your strategy. However, if the intent of your communication is to offer insight or advice to another, you must always wait for an invitation first. This is true for all the energy types.

The style of your communication will also differ on the center your throat is connected to. This is important to understand so that you can start getting comfortable with your communication style (even if it triggers others). For example, if you have your throat center that is connected to the Ego Heart Center, your communication style is going to be very self-centered – It will be all about me, me, me. While this can be off-putting for some, it is important to come to terms with it. This is going to be the most natural for you and the people who are right for you will be attracted to this style.

Paying attention to where exactly your throat is connected that can help you massively in warding off any insecurities around yourself. Again, with a defined throat. please check with your S&A before you do offer insights (it is best to wait for invitation) because otherwise it could be taken the wrong way.

Life Purpose of a Manifesting Generator

A manifesting generator is here to be an express builder. Doing and creating things that light you up are crucial for an MG – otherwise they could lose interest in things fast. Due to the multipassionate nature of an MG, it is recommended to keep a slightly broader niche that you can play under. I am an MG, and you will find multiple different things on my website. This is intentional. However, it is also extremely important to honor your S&A and to take a look at your underlying circuitry before you enter anything new.

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However I have certain other aspects in my bodygraph (such as my Chiron in Gate 16 and abstract gates) due to which I have now started focusing on mastery rather than keeping things at surface level.

Human Design has the ability to point you toward your purpose that you can monetize. Soul Activation and Monetization will guide you to your exact soul purpose and how to monetize it.

Deconditioning for Manifesting Generators

Deconditioning is a process through which you release layers of conditioning that you have taken on in this lifetime and the previous ones. While human design is a great awareness tool and tells you all the things you are “supposed” to do as a Manifesting Generator – the reality is we cannot help ourselves. It is hard to just sit and wait to respond and not initiate.

When things start feeling frantic and desperate, we start going into our not-self theme. This is the most vulnerable period for us because the mind can easily intervene and start speaking to us through our undefined centers. This leads to us making the wrong decisions.

Deconditioning is the process through which we start becoming witnesses and recognizing what is going on. That yes, it feels frantic and this is my mind talking.

Manifesting Generators, despite having the most amount of energy struggle with this. You tend to invest your energy in the wrong places and the cycle of frustration/anger is never ending. I highly recommend the Reiki Deconditioning Infusions to accelerate the deconditioning process and break this cycle.

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Famous Manifesting Generators

Some famous manifesting generators are Beyoncé, Hillary Clinton, Mother Teresa, Donald Trump, Katy Perry, Tony Robbins, Angelina Jolie, and David Beckham

Human Design Reading for Manifesting Generators

If you are interested in learning more about your unique design and how to embody it then purchase your human design primer today.


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