How to overcome Procrastination with Human Design

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6 Steps to Overcome Procrastination

Why overcoming procrastination using traditional techniques is not enough?

Often times, we start working on our fears and shadows to address procrastination without going back to the basics.

Have you ever wondered why despite journaling on your fears and shadows for hours, you are still procrastinating?

The answer is simple and lies within human design basics.

It is because your energy is not designed to be available for EVERYTHING.

It is meant for special things.

Our energy is not meant for everything

Our life force energy is meant for things that you have the ability to not only bring to fruition, but also the ones that will end up taking you back to your signature of satisfaction, peace, surprise, and success.

This is why it is called co-creation.

Universe gives us an idea. We let our inner being decide if the idea is a good match for our life force energy. And then we take action.

Yes, fear and imbalances within your human design chart can lead to procrastination.

But there may be something bigger at play here.

Skipping correct decision making can lead to action that does not give you desirable results and takes you back to your not-self theme of frustration, bitterness, anger, and disappointment.

How can using your strategy and authority avoid bad decisions?

For example: As a manifesting generator, my strategy is to respond to something outside of myself and then inform. But if I ignore this strategy, and decide to take control and work on an idea the minute I get it, then couple of things may go wrong.

  1. I may not feel inspired to finish that task at all once the momentum dies down
  2. I may finish the task, but it will not result in good results.

In both these cases, the result will be going back to my not-self theme of frustration and anger.

So what did I do wrong here? I used my mind here instead of following my strategy and then using my sacral authority to make the decision to move forward with it.

In an ideal scenario, an idea will present itself to me.

For example:

  • I have an idea to create a planner. But I must follow my strategy before I take action, which is to wait to respond
  • In this scenario, I start seeing signs everywhere to create a planner. There are posts on facebook. Or angel numbers that I had asked for. Ads about planners. It is everywhere.
  • This is my cue to now respond to external cues using my sacral authority and ask it a yes/no question about whether I should create this planner.
    • If I get a clear yes, I start with the effort.
    • As a manifesting generator, there is an additional step called the “moment of truth”.
    • Right before, I engage in the act of creating the planner, I ask myself the question again.
    • If I get a clear yes, then I continue with it.
    • If I get a no or no response, I have to abandon it. No matter how much effort I put into researching it.
  • As a manifesting generator, I have the manifestor’s “speedy” energy. I get into a flow state when I follow this process. This is why I must inform people around me when I am working on this so that no one gets in my way and breaks my flow.
  • This is the only way to guarantee satisfying results.

Most often, we let our mind make decisions rather than our inner authority.

Our mind is no longer the decision-maker

During the age of chakras when we were still 7-centered being and our mind was the decision-making authority.

This is no longer the case. This decision maker is now your inner authority. In my case, my sacral authority.

But despite being a 9-centered being, we are using our minds to decide what we want to work on.

This does not work very well because our mind unfortunately makes decisions from a place of protection.

How Undefined/Open Centers make mind an unreliable authority

Undefined/Open centers are a huge source of learning.

But we can learn from the wrong sources, and these bad experiences get amplified even further through our openness.

The result: the mind picks up on it and tries to protect us. This fear is the place from which the mind makes decisions.

This is why it is SO important to make sure that your inner authority is aligned with your decision.

Because your inner authority comes from your definition. The definition is reliable.

So, is addressing your fears through personal development futile?

So yes, work through your fears by all means.

But before that come back to the basics and make sure your energy is aligned with it using your strategy and your authority.

And then dive deeper into your chart.

Why I use human design when I procrastinate?

Whether it’s creating something on my own or delegating, procrastination is something I tend to struggle with I have many tendencies within me that contribute to this procrastination.

I have let it shame me for the longest time.

Mainstream personal development would call this inconsistency. It was not until human design that I learned to accept this inconsistency as a gift.

Human design shows that through this inconsistency, I can actually pinpoint what is off and not put my energy towards a futile cause.

Steps to eliminate procrastination using human design

Step 1: Make sure you are in your signature theme

First, I make sure that I am starting with good energy – which is satisfaction for me.

Step 2: Check with your strategy and authority

Next, I check with my strategy and authority before doing anything – especially something big. Following your strategy and authority ensures that you have the energy for this task. For the energy types (manifestors, generators, and manifesting generators), it will put you in a state of flow that will help you do your work faster. For projectors, you will get a surge of energy from the investor – the person who is making the invitation. I use Reiki Deconditioning Infusions every night to make the process. of deconditioning easier for me.

reiki deconditioning infusion on tablet

To learn more about your strategy and authority, download the Sacred Decision Making Guide.

Human Design Strategy by type
Human Design Authorities

Step 3: The Root Center Pressure

People with an undefined root do not naturally feel external pressure to get things done – they can sit on tasks for days.

If I still feel uninspired, I check in to make sure I am feeling that pressure from my root center. As an undefined root center, this can get challenging. This is when I borrow this energy from people around me with a defined root or open myself up to positive conditioning using things such as hypnosis as long as my strategy and authority are in alignment with it.

Human Design Root Center

Step 4: Identify the Fears, Themes, and Shadows in your centers, circuits, and gates.

There are still times when despite all of this, I do not want to do anything. This is my cue to check if there is something else within me that is causing this. All the definitions and gates within you have a lower frequency and a higher frequency (its full potential). There is always that back and forth between the momentum we feel when we first get an idea and riding that wave of inspiration, and then getting stuck into old patterns and fears – some that we are conscious of and others that are more creeping underneath the surface, When I am procrastinating, I first address fear by looking at the shadows and other tendencies of my centers and gates. The ones that feel the heaviest (after checking with authority) are the ones I start working on.

Causes for inconsistency and procrastination by human design

  1. Are you in your not-self theme? Your only priority here should be to go back to your signature theme. Any actions that you take in not-self will not yield the best results.
  2. Are you following your strategy and authority before taking action? If not, you may end up not having enough energy to see the task through to completion.
  3. Do you have any abstract channels? This can lead to shiny object syndrome when you are in not-self
  4. Do you have a defined (colored-in) emotional solar plexus? This can lead to nervousness and periods of lows that you have to sleep on.
  5. Do you have any individual channels? This can contribute to periods of melancholy, where you don’t feel like doing anything.
  6. Do you have an undefined root center? If yes, you will struggle with procrastination and the lack of drive to move forward in life?
  7. Do you have an undefined ego center? If yes, you will struggle with motivating and pushing yourself to keep commitments.
  8. Do you have an undefined sacral center? If yes, your energy of “doing” will not be consistent. You will have less energy than those around you
  9. Do you have any format channels (any of the 3 channels that connect root center to sacral center)? If yes, there is a tendency to get depressed.
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Step 5: Borrow energy where needed

If the cause is an undefined center then you can borrow this energy using energy work or by being in others’ aura who have this trait defined

  1. Undefined root center – I do energy work and hypnosis to activate my root center.
  2. Undefined ego center – You can do energy work and/or listen to motivational speakers to temporarily borrow the energy
  3. Undefined sacral center – It is important. to understand that you are here to be an advisor or an evaluator. It is not your job to “do” things. However, if you still need to borrow the sacral energy, you can do so using energy work or by being in the aura of others

Step 6: If the cause is low frequency then you can wait out the wave or shift through it faster using other techniques

  1. Abstract channels – if you have any abstract channels or gates, it is very important to make sure you are only starting a new cycle when your strategy and authority are in alignment with it. Otherwise, there is a tendency to keep repeating the same cycle over and over again.
  2. Defined (colored-in) emotional solar plexus – Keep a journal to keep track of your lows. Use this time to sleep on it.
  3. Individual channels – Listen to music and understand that melancholy is very normal for you. There is powerful creativity waiting for you at the end of it. I also use energy work if I find myself spiraling in melancholy.

The tool is not important – you can coach yourself, journal, use EFT, meditate, do energy clearing, or brainwave entrainment – the most effective tool is the one that works for you without resistance. The important part is the intensity of the fear should go away for the time being. It should not trigger or overwhelm you. The light side of the center/circuit/gate should become more relevant to you after the process.

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