The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to the Human Design System

What is the Human Design System?

Human Design is a channeled body of knowledge that combines ancient and modern science along with western and eastern esoteric and empirical knowledge systems. On the practical level, It is a precise tool for providing life guidance and advancing the body’s consciousness and evolution through the study and application.

Human Design helps you to uncover what distinguishes your life energy from others. It provides unique gifts and insights into your psyche, techniques, and strategies for sound decision making, ultimately leading to a more relaxed and fulfilled lifestyle.

Human design provides you with a map of your highest potential along with the assurance that you are designed in a way that is completely unique to others. Rather than becoming someone else, it encourages you to embrace your uniqueness because that is the only way you will be able to live life in flow and become a magnet to all your desires.

Human Design shows you simple yet efficient solutions to improve your life and success on this world. Human design alleviates pain, stress, and resistance. It is your personalized decision-making tool for exploring options and making the correct judgment at the appropriate moment.

Is Human Design accurate?

Human Design is extremely accurate. I have yet to meet someone who does not resonate with their chart. Human Design requires your birth location, date and time for calculation.

Human Design System is a science that combines astrology, the Hindu-Brahmin Chakra system, Myers Briggs, I Ching, Kabbalah, and Quantum physics concepts. Your Human Design Chart, also known as a BodyGraph, is calculated using your birth date, time, and location to disclose your genetic design. I like to call Human Design modern astrology.

The history of human design

Alan Robert Krakower discovered human design under the pen name Ra Uru Hu in 1992.

Krakower had access to an unexpected mystical experience in January 1987, followed by an encounter with “a Voice,” an intellect far surpassing anything he had previously experienced. This experience lasted eight nights and days, throughout which he obtained the information, which is now popular as ” The Human Design System.”

Ra Uru Hu authored the Rave I Ching in 1989, following his experience with the Voice. It is the basis upon which Human Design is built and the key to unlocking the genetic code. The I Ching, or Book of Changes, is an ancient divination device that has been used for over three thousand years and is the earliest of the classic Chinese writings.

Human Design vs Traditional Chakra System

Most people who participate in a spiritual practice or tradition nowadays are at least somewhat familiar with the “7 Chakra” system. It is common to hear modern-day yoga teachers and meditators refer to it as a practice or a method of tuning into and working with one’s subtle energy point in the body.

According to the Human Design information imparted to Ra Uru Hu in the revelatory encounter, we humans acquired a transformation to our physical body in 1781. This mutation indicated an evolutionary shift within our species from 7-centered beings to 9-centered beings. You can find more information about human design vs the traditional chakra system here.

The process entailed a complicated internal reconfiguration of the human form that went beyond the simple addition of two energy centers. It was essentially a way of further enhancing human consciousness cognition.

As a 7-centered being, our mind was the decision-making authority. As a 9-centered being now, our mind is now considered to be the outer authority. This means that it is a great source of wisdom for others, but not ourselves.

What are the 5 Energy Types in Human Design?

The first step in Human Design is understanding your design is to identify your Energy Type. While no two Human Designs are precisely the same, each person exemplifies one of the five Energy Types which will be explained shortly.

According to Ra Uru Hu, even if your Human Design exploration begins and concludes with merely knowing your Energy Type, the entire direction of your life can still be aligned.


Manifestors Energy Type Bodygraph

Manifestor hates being told what to do in their life, and they need autonomy. They have the first glance about where things are heading, which is why they step into seclusion in between energy spurts and give themselves the space and time to appreciate what comes next to avoid burnout.

Manifestors’ true strategy is to follow their instinct because they will have peace in life when they abide by their design. Those who aren’t in sync start witnessing other people take over the initiatives that they are particularly passionate about and get enraged. Manifestors’ approach is to inform. In other words, they must effectively explain their life goals and requirements to others to remain in charge.


Generators Energy Type Bodygraph

Generators are nothing more than pure life energy in action. People can’t get enough of them while doing what they love. Their approach is to react, and by responding, they hope to achieve fulfillment and avoid dissatisfaction. They are, first and foremost, individuals who get things done. Finding things they are naturally excited about allows their energy to blossom and be expressed. As Generators discover and connect with their interests, their devotion will lead to mastery, success, and fulfillment. Their life’s work is usually spent honing which tasks best feed their energy.

Generators must heed what their gut tells them and respect their desires instead of saying “yes” to things they believe they should do.

Manifesting Generators

Manifesting Generator Energy Type Bodygraph

These are a combination of a Generator and a Manifestor. They’re like superhumans in terms of time when they live their life appropriately in this world! They do things at a lighting speed, but sometimes they have to course-correct because they like skipping steps and can make mistakes. This is normal and part of their non-linear learning curve. They not only can begin, as the Manifestor does, but they can also make it happen, as the Generator does. They must digest the Manifestor’s rage and educate others at critical junctures.

Manifesting Generators are often torn between wanting to hurry out the door, acting on their instincts, and waiting for their gut sensations to kick in. Every time the Manifesting Generator jumps into anything without waiting for a response, it will encounter opposition from the world.


Projector Energy Type Bodygraph

Projectors can see things in this world the way others cannot—whether it’s reading into people, developing systems, or designing new ways of doing things, each Projector has a unique skill set. Because of their sensitivity and alertness, they have unique insights into how life works. They can identify the inherent qualities and abilities. When others realize and respect what Projectors have to give, they may grow into excellent tribal guides.

Projectors must learn to be highly selective in how they use their life energy. Exhaustion and animosity might result if projectors concentrate on the wrong individuals.


Reflector Energy Type Bodygraph

Reflectors are extremely rare. They have a protective and sampling aura. All their energy centers are undefined. Through the presence of their undefined centers, Reflector serve as a mirror for others. The Reflector reflects people’s perceptions of themselves and the group. They are the honest reflections of society, with the most wisdom potential. Their gift is that they make people feel seen.

Reflectors have very little of their own defined energy. Understanding that they operate differently than 99 percent of the rest of the world is the best place to start for a reflector. Their goal is to wait until a full moon cycle before making decisions to gain clarity, resulting in a life filled with more surprises and less disappointment.

What is Your Signature and Not Self Theme?

In Human Design, the signature is typically characterized as the energy sense each type gets when they are functioning in harmony — but it is also the gift they share with the other kinds around them.

The not-self theme describes when we allow our mind to take over and rule our lives rather than letting our inner authority make judgments.

The basic idea of the Human Design system is that you will feel your emotional signature by following your strategy and authority, otherwise, you will encounter your not-self theme.

What is Strategy?

Have you ever had an intuitive hit, and put all your energy into it, but when you launched it -*crickets*

This is the classic example of what happens when you do not follow your strategy.

Each type has a unique strategy – You strategy shows you the best way to use your energy that will lead you to a good outcome where the end results will be satisfaction, peace, success, or surprise. It is a way of filtering out the ideas that are good for you.

Your strategy is Step 1. Step 2 is engaging your authority.

Human design strategies

Generators – Wait to respond

Here we wait for an external sign before checking with authority. For Example: You get an idea to do something. You then see signs in your external reality that point you in that direction. This is your green light to check with your authority before you decide to engage in it.

Manifestors – Initiate and Inform

Manifestors are designed to initiate and check in with the authority the minute they get an idea. When manifestors get an idea that their authority is aligned with, there is also this state of flow that they are in. In order to make sure that they use that state of flow to make sure they complete the task, they should inform everyone around them about it so that no one interrupts that flow.

Example: A manifestor gets an idea to create a course. If the manifestor has a splenic authority. They do not need to wait for anything. They can initiate and check with the spleen right away. If Spleen gives the go ahead, they start working on that project as soon as they are done informing everyone around them.

Manifesting Generators – Wait to Respond and Inform

This is a hybrid of generators and manifestors. Like generators, they must wait to respond to something. Once they respond to it using their authority, they must inform everyone around them before starting. Because the manifesting generator moves so fast, they should check with their authority a few times before working on the thing. The final time they check is called the moment of truth, as Chetan Parkyn calls it. This is right beofeforebre you begin the work. If your authority says no, then you must abandon all your effort.

Projectors – Await the invitation

Projectors are the guides of this world, but with that their advice must be sought after for it to have an impact. Otherwise, it will be perceived as unsolicited and be ignored, and the energy invested in giving advice will be wasted. Not only that but it will lead the projector to experience its non-self theme of bitterness. Waiting for an invitation is the best way to avoid this.

Reflectors – Allow 28 days

With no fixed definition in their chart, reflectors do not have a reliable, consistent source of yes or no within them to guide them. Waiting for a moon cycle gives them that consistency because of the moon’s repeating, transitory influence in our lives.

What is Authority?

Your Human Design Authority is how you are programmed to make judgments. Not all of us are designed to listen to our hearts, or follow how our mind thinks; some need to wait for emotional clarity, some need to speak and hear, and others need to be in the appropriate atmosphere to tune in. We all are truly distinct individuals, and our Authority is how our body notifies us when choosing what it knows best.

List of human design authorities and descriptions

Emotional Authority

Emotional authority is found in the Solar Plexus. It is at the top of the hierarchy. As long as you have your emotional center defined, you have emotional authority. regardless of whether anything else is defined in the chart.

About half of us are emotionally defined, half of us are emotional authorities. When you have this authority, it is vital to have emotional clarity before making the right decisions. If you feel compelled to make the right choices immediately, experiment with delaying. Allow yourself at least 5 minutes to access simple choices, sleep on bigger ones, and allow yourself at least a week to conclude more important matters such as relationships and profession.

Sacral Authority

Generators will be the only sorts having Sacral authority (and Manifesting Generators). This is the gut feeling, the in-the-moment hell yes or hell no that so many are advised to pursue. Sacral creatures have been known to reply to things with Sacral noises and other grunts and moans – ah-huh for Yes and unh-un for No. They are often instructed from an early age to use their words rather than sounds, yet this is how they determine if something is good for them or not. These people have a unique way of knowing what is good for them or not, and how they may directly connect with the environment around them via Sacral reaction.

Splenic Authority

If your authority is Splenic, you lack a definite sacral or emotional solar plexus and are thus either a Manifestor or a Projector. The Spleen is the center of anxieties, intuition, and health, and unlike some of the other authorities, the Spleen speaks to you once and then goes on.

Our minds are full of questions and worries that may easily cause you to second-guess your Spleen’s silent, in-the-moment reaction. If you have this power and you access the questioning part of your brain, you will lose your opportunity to make that choice in that moment. Having this authority means that your thinking must take a back seat.

Ego Authority

If you have Ego manifested authority, your heart center is connected to your throat, with no sacral, emotional, or splenic connections. This authority is about articulating your decision verbally – this is how your authority is expressed. What you blurt out in the moment is your truth.

As with all authorities, it is critical to get out of your brain and into your authority; you will not discover the answers you seek in your head. When you have this power, you are a Manifestor; thus, don’t attempt to control what comes out of you mouth; instead, listen to it. Your Ego will tell you the truth.

Another authority is The Ego projected authority. Having this means that, you are a Projector, and your Heart Center is linked to your G Center.

When making a decision, be selfish and ask yourself if there is anything in it for you? What is your desire? When you stick to your approach, you have the potential to change and lead.

Self Projected Authority (G-Center Authority)

If you are a self-projected projector, your G-Center is connected to your throat, and you need to hear yourself speak out loud to make choices. This is a projected authority, which means that it should be used only in an invitation to something.

G-center is all about identity and your direction in life. What brings you enjoyment and pleasure will drive how your authority makes decisions. The questions to ask yourself are: Will this make me happy? Is this the right direction for me? You must have safe individuals in your community that you can bounce ideas to listen to what you’re saying. It’s critical to surround yourself with safe individuals who respect your limits and recognize that all you need is a secure area to express yourself. That is how you make the best choices for yourself. You may even talk out loud to your phone and record or write; anything that gets things out of your head will help you decide what is best for you.

No Inner Authority (Environment or Mental Authority)

Mental authority implies that you have no definition below the throat. Your surroundings are significant to you because you have so much openness. By analyzing their environment and making sure it’s correct for them and feels right for their body, mental authority makes the best decisions for themselves.

Because you have your Ajna linked to your neck as the sole definition in your design, be careful not to get caught up in the mental trip. The mind is strong and wants to question everything, so immerse yourself in the surroundings to clarify the best options for you.

You can use your advisers as a sounding board to hear yourself talk out loud about a decision.

Lunar Cycle Authority

Reflectors are Lunar authority type since they lack defined centers. Depending on the transits and the people they surround themselves with, Reflectors feel like different energy types on each day. This is why they must contemplate and observe their decisions throughout the moon cycle pass to make the best decision. Moon transits each of the 64 gates around the Mandala every 28 days, which gives them a reliable and repeatable pattern.

During a Lunar Cycle of 28 days, the transiting energy will enable the Reflector to experience and taste all six other authorities. By gathering knowledge from each authority, they will be able to make the best option for themselves.

Environment is extremely important for reflectors.

Of course, if the choice is small, it is unrealistic to wait 28 days to pick where you will have dinner tonight, for example, but simply understanding how significant your surroundings are may help you make such judgments.

What is Deconditioning in Human Design?

Once you get an awareness of your human design, the next step is to effectively decondition yourself. This means that since we were born, we have taken on external conditioning – to be a certain way and to do things a certain way. We have been conditioned to use our minds, rather than our inner authority to decision-making processes.

Deconditioning involves letting go of that conditioning by following your human design i.e. your strategy and authority. A Projector, Manifesting Generator, or Generator, who is always trying to initiate is operating from their not-self i.e. from their mind rather than their strategy and inner authority.

Deconditioning can be done just through mindfulness and awareness. As a manifesting generator, I am here to find ways of doing things faster and more effectively. For this reason, I recommend Reiki Human Design Deconditioning Infusions. These powerful deconditioning tools will help you decondition effortlessly and in no time.

How do I calculate my Human Design chart?

The Human Design chart or BodyGraph is calculated according to your birth information including birth time, location and date. The location is only used to know about the correct time zone.

The bodygraph will give you information about your type, authority, and other information.

How to get a reading & what you’ll need

If you are interested in getting a reading of your human design with me, then click here to book a human design reading session with me.

What you learn during the human design reading

After getting the reading, you will embark on the journey to self-discovery. The shame and guilt clouding your true self will fade away, and you will come face to face with your authentic reality by moving on a unique path while exploring the world. Moreover, you will acquire the greatest gift of unobstructed power to make accurate judgments and know exactly how to move forward. You will have insight into using your energy, authority, and strategy in the most efficient way possible.

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Image bodygraphs and some descriptions within these graphics are from @theauramarket templates on Instagram.

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